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From about January through March, I was almost to the point where I thought DNA devices might have completely ruined mechanical mods for me with their ease of use and excellent performance. Luckily, I have picked up some really good mechs recently, and have been thoroughly enjoying using them in tandem with VW devices.

Next up on the chopping block is the Copper Nemesis clone – I am reviewing this particular one from Fasttech which you can get for about $25.

I love mods with copper contacts already, and I had been badly wanting to try out a full copper mod. This one was the first one that I found for under $30, and I already quite liked the original Nemesis clone I reviewed a while back, so I jumped on this one right away.

After using the Panzer heavily for the past couple weeks and really liking it, I wasn’t sure if I would be able to enjoy the Nemesis the way I used to when I didn’t have as many fancy mods to choose from.

This Copper Nemesis clone basically functions the same as your regular Nemesis – it also comes with all the tubes so you can run whatever size batteries you want, and even throw a kick on it if you like. For $25 it is a very nice, complete kit with a lot of functionality and versatility.

What I DIDN’T like about the Copper Nemesis

The biggest complaint I have by far, is that the positive pin is a wee bit short. I haven’t come across any atty that I wasn’t able to fire on it YET, but I have read of people having some issues with various atomizers fitting on it.

The engravings are a little light-  mine almost seem like they have partially rubbed off. I don’t mind it at all – I really didn’t care that much for the engravings to begin with, and I actually think they look kind of cool when they are all faded out.

The two main tubes don’t seem like they quite fit together tight enough for me. Again, not a huge deal and I wasn’t a big fan of the big seam in the middle of the two tubes to begin with, so it’s a minor aesthetic issue anyway.

As much as I love the look, it’s a bitch finding copper atomizers and drip tips to match. I really don’t like the look of running a stainless or chromed brass RDA or tank on top of this beauty.

What I DID like about the Copper Nemesis

First and foremost, the setup I have with the Copper Nemesis right now is the hardest hitting setup I have ever had. More on the actual setup later. Really though, this mod definitely doesn’t appear to be suffering from any voltage drop. I get perfect, clean hits every time.

The button has some very minor crunching to it, but it actually functions practically flawless, and not only that, it doesn’t seem to work itself out of position nearly as much as the one on my original Nemesis does.

The locking ring also has been working FAR better than the one on my previous Nemesis did. I was always having trouble with it getting stuck in place on one end or the other, and I haven’t had a single issue with this one. It actually makes it extremely convenient for taking on the go.

The overall look and feel is excellent. I love the all copper style, and it seems to tarnish a lot more gracefully than brass mechs do.

The price point is also a really big plus for this one. Considering this mod is cheaper than quite a few other similar clones on the market right now, it is extremely high in quality and the performance is second to none.

Who is it good for?

If you already have a Nemesis clone and like it, then you should definitely try this one before spending a ton on a new mech. This mod has all the great features of the Nemesis with the additional quality and performance benefits from the all-copper construction.

If you’ve never tried a mech before, this is also another great one to consider. It will probably take you 15 minutes to get the correct tubes in place and get everything customized to your battery, but once you do that you are golden.

Most importantly, regardless of what your current inventory looks like, if you’ve been wanting to try a copper mech – this is the one to try.

Where to buy?

I got mine here on Fasttech for about $25.

Do I use it?

I’ve been using this thing like crazy ever since I set it up. The performance is as good as any other device I own, and I think the look and feel is fantastic, so this one fits right into my lineup. Additionally, because it’s all copper, I plan to keep this one around for using copper atomizers on for a complete look and feel.

My ideal setup

I’ve been running a Crown RDA with a copper sleeve on here almost exclusively – primarily because I haven’t gotten any other copper RDAs in yet. I also use a short, wide bore copper drip tip.

My Crown setup is a single parallel coil with 28 gauge kanthal at around .6 ohms. I keep the largest airhole open on the Crown. This particular configuration is as good as anything I have ever vaped, EVER.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Everything is pure copper. All the threads work great – even better than on my original Nemesis. The button works great – I haven’t even bothered to switch to magnets even though I have some. The locking ring works amazingly well. Everything is basically spot on with this atty. The only minor issue is that the positive pin may be a tad too short to fit on some atomizers. Other than that this thing is top notch.

Performance. One of these days I am going to break down and get a tank-o-meter to actually measure voltage drop, but so far I have just been going by how mods compare against other mods. This one performs brilliantly. I honestly can’t imagine an 18650 mech performing much better than this. The setup I have right now is simply the hardest hitting I have ever had on any device.

Ease of Use. Like the original Nemesis, it comes with all the tubes screwed on, so you will have to take a little time to get the tubes configured to your liking. Once you actually do it, you never have to worry about it, so it’s not a huge deal, but you can’t just pop in your battery and screw on an atty and start vaping right out of the box. You will need to take a few moments to mess with everything and get it configured to your specific battery and atomizer.

Appearance. I personally love the look of this mod. The only thing I wish is that there was a single 18650 copper tube for it, rather than having 2 smaller tubes with a seam in the middle. That said, it’s a really minor issue, and this thing looks great overall – particularly if you can pair it with a copper atty and drip tip.

Price. Normally, I almost think $25 is high for a mech given the prices and options available these days, but this one is totally worth it. You get all the tubes you could ever need in a pure solid copper construction, along with copper contacts. The quality and the performance are there – plus this will also work with the 3D and Dome atomizers, and the Nemesis switch magnets.

Overall. I truly wasn’t expecting to be blown away by this mod, especially after using the Panzer pretty heavily for a couple weeks. Boy was I surprised when I tried this one. As much as I like the Panzer, the copper Nemesis weighs only about half as much – if you don’t have a super bulky atomizer on it, you can actually easily leave it standing upright even with the locking ring unlocked – which surprisingly came in very handy for me. The Panzer actually really made me appreciate the compactness of the nemesis and I much prefer taking this one out with me, whereas I would most commonly only really use the Panzer when I’m at my desk.

Additionally, the performance of this piece is absolutely through the roof. I plan on doing a review of the Crown RDA really soon and also a parallel coil tutorial showing exactly how I got all of this set up – because really this is the best setup I have ever had – including anything I’ve ever done on a VW device.

This is a fantastic piece overall, and absolutely worth it if you are interested in venturing into the world of solid copper mods. I highly recommend it.

Copper Nemesis Review
Ease of Use

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  1. John McGregor says:

    Fantastic breakdown! I just bought this today due to having issues with other mods not performing to par, especially if they have stainless steel firing pins. At first I was skeptical thinking that the guy selling it was just out to make a buck or two but since I trust him and his opinion I went for it. So far I have not had any issues as described, the plus side of this is it is great and is consistent! I love it, granted this is my 3rd mod so far, so I am hoping I dont go out and buy another.

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