Crown RDA Clone Review


Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Crown RDA clone. I was so excited to get this one that I couldn’t wait for FT to get a hold of it and I had to pick it up on eBay. I went with the one made by Yeahsmo, and it costed me about $45.

This is basically a pretty standard dripper with a few twists. First of all, it has parallel airholes with versatile airflow control. After using it for a while, I have found that I really enjoy it best with both airholes open to the largest setting, even when I’m running a single coil.

Second, it has a unique design that allows you to change the outer sleeve. The kit I have came with copper, stainless and brass sleeves. This is a PERFECT way to match your atty up with your mod, while keeping your copper and brass away from the actual inside of the atomizer – a must for those who are concerned about certain metals coming in contact with their juice.

It’s also kind of like having 3 different atomizers in one.

It features a pretty standard 3 post setup with flathead screws and very nice large holes in the posts for super easy building. In addition, it has a nice deep drip well.

Here’s what it looks like out of the package:


What I DIDN’T like about the Crown

There isn’t a ton I didn’t like about this piece, but there are a couple minor things.

Primarily, the outer sleeve sticks pretty hard onto the inner part of the atomizer, and at times it can be fairly difficult to adjust the airflow. It’s also kind of a bitch to remove, although you can do it without any tools.

The top cap also sticks on to the atomizer deck really firmly. Normally this is a good thing, but in this case it’s almost a little excessive. I have to usually use a pliers to loosen it up a little before I can pop it off. Not a huge deal, but it could be a problem if you were out and about and needed to remove the top cap for some reason.

For an atty this price, I also really would have liked to see a copper connection. From what I can tell, the connection on this device is either chromed brass or stainless. It doesn’t seem to effect performance, but it would have been nice anyway.

What I DID like about the Crown

The look and feel of it is awesome. I love the way the outer sleeves work, and they actually make adjustable airflow look cool.

The adjustable airflow itself is really nice. In fact, this device alone is really turning me on to opposite airholes on RDAs. I mostly only have ever used them on Genesis atties before, but I love the airflow on this piece.

The holes in the posts are nice and big, perfect for using thick kanthal, twisted kanthal, flat kanthal or parallel coils.

The drip tip that comes with it is actually incredibly nice. It’s short and wide bore with some grooves. The only reason I wasn’t using it in the picture above is because I swapped it for a wide bore copper tip in order to match with my copper nemesis.

The diameter seems to be right on for a really consistent fit on my copper nemesis, and overall I really like the size of this piece.

The lid at the very top screws on to keep everything nice and snug, which is a plus.

It has a nice, deep drip well that can hold quite a bit of juice.

Who is it good for?

I primarily got this piece because I wanted a copper atty to use with my copper Nemesis, and at the time this was one of the only ones that was easily available for a halfway decent price. There have since been a couple more copper atties  that have hit the market, but I really like the look and feel of this one. Not only that, but I plan on switching up to my brass Stingray this week, and I can easily pop on the brass sleeve to get a consistent look with that.

So this one is really great if you care about having a nice looking mod/atty combination.

In terms of functionality, it’s great if you like building with thicker wires like I mentioned above. It can easily support multiple coil builds and has lots of airflow options.

So really this is a very versatile device in terms of appearance and functionality, perfect for more advanced vapers.

I would say it is good for beginners too, because it really is easy to build on, but if you are newer to RDAs you might want to start with something much less expensive on to practice with first. No point in jumping in on this thing for $44 when you can get a perfectly functional RDA for under $10 – unless of course you have money to burn.

Where to buy?

Right now the easiest place to get them is ebay. You can start your search here. I strongly recommend getting the kit with 3 different sleeves, even if you have to pay significantly more. Additionally, I can vouch for the Yeahsmo version, so that is a good one to look for. I would expect these to be available on FT in the next month or two.

Do I use it?

I use this thing constantly. It has been my primary atty since the first day I got it and I don’t plan on letting up anytime soon. The versatility of the look and feel, and the ability to use wider coils make this one a no-brainer. I can’t see any reason this one would be leaving my rotation anytime soon other than it getting lost or stolen.

My Ideal Setup

I’ve been crushing it using a single parallel coil build with 28 gauge kanthal on a Copper Nemesis keeping both the airholes open to their largest setting.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Overall this piece is rock solid, so I don’t have any major concerns at all in terms of quality. The primary thing I would have liked to have seen is a copper contact. Secondarily, it would be nice if the sleeve and top cap were a little easier to manipulate, but then again I would rather have it be too tight as opposed to too loose. These are both minor issues, and the quality is basically excellent on this piece.

Performance.  There’s really nothing negative I can say about the performance, other than again, I would have liked to see a copper or silver contact. That said, this thing doesn’t seem to be suffering any kind of performance loss with the current materials. Additionally, the setup I mentioned above is simply the hardest hitting setup I have ever built/used. Period.

Ease of Use.  Outside of the cap and sleeve being a little tight, this device is SUPER easy to use. The post holes really make it incredibly simple to build just about anything you could possibly want, and the airflow is easily adjustable to accommodate.

Appearance. This definitely has to be one of the best looking atomizers I have ever owned. A lot of times atties are just plain ugly and it’s up to the mod and the drip tip to bring up the appearance of your rig, but in this case the Crown really shines. It looks great on just about anything you could imagine putting it on.

Price. Right now you really need to spend $40 – $50 to get the right kit with the 3 sleeves. They do have some cheaper options but they don’t come with all the sleeves, which is the best part of the atty. So for that price, it’s just OK for me. I feel like I’m getting my money’s worth out of it, but there are definitely a lot of cheaper options that will perform similarly, so this one isn’t the greatest deal in the world – yet. I’m pretty sure these clones will get picked up by FT soon and should become dramatically cheaper – AND, I could easily see them selling individual sleeves. I already have seen a black version and I would love to get a hold of a black sleeve at some point.

Overall. I really like this piece – a lot. It basically has everything you need in terms of both style and function. It will look great with any mod you pair it with. You can run all kinds of crazy coil builds on it. I mean what more could you really want? The only real issue I see at the moment is that they aren’t super easy to get a hold of, but I don’t expect that to last very long and I will most likely be first in line to pick up another one as soon as the right deal comes along. For now, this is definitely one of, if not my favorite RDA.

Highly Recommend.

Crown RDA Clone Review
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