The Vapor Co – Jeff Grande Cubano Cigar Review


Ok, we’ve reached the end of Tobacco Week and now it’s time to see if I saved the best for last. It wouldn’t be a great tobacco week without a Cuban tobacco in the mix and this week I’ve got Jeff Grande Cubano Cigar from The Vapor Co. Here’s what they say about it:

Vape like a “Big Boss” with the Jefe Grande Cubano Cigar Flavor from Shark Juice Premium E-Liquid. If you are truly a cigar lover then I will personally asure you that you will love this flavor.

I’ve got it at 24mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has a reddish brown color and smells bold and peppery in the bottle.

It pretty much tastes just like it smells. I’ve reviewed a couple other Cuban vapes before, and the primary thing they have in common, in my opinion, is a very pronounced peppery taste – like somewhere between black pepper and a green pepper. It’s a really nice and unique taste, but it can be fairly strong.

The Bottom Line

Taste. There is no doubt this juice has a Cuban feel to it. As I mentioned above, it is very rich and peppery. The flavors aren’t murky at all and come out crystal clear, and they are actually really quite good. In fact, this is the best Cuban tobacco I have vaped so far. It’s a strong flavor, so it’s one of those where you kind of either love it or hate it. I was never too crazy for it, but after vaping this juice I am really starting to warm up to it. Another great thing about this juice is that the flavor is perfectly even across the entire vape – all the way down to the smell in the bottle.

True to Description. I have to say, this one is about as close as it gets. It definitely has a strong cuban flavor to it, and not only that, it is very well done – perfectly crisp and clear.

Throat Hit. This juice packs a hell of a punch at 24mg. Absolutely no problems at all with the throat hit!

Quality of Vape. I tried this juice a while back and wasn’t super impressed with it. However now in the context of tobacco week, I am really glad I included it again, because it is really enhanced my appreciation for it. In a week where I’ve had a handful of very light tobacco vapes, a couple very strong NETs and a couple sweet ones, this juice is a really nice change of pace. It has really good, strong flavor – and at the same time isn’t as overtly strong as any of the NETs I’ve tried this week. It has markedly more flavor than the light tobaccos I’ve tried this week and it really tastes like it’s supposed to taste. So overall, I have found this one to be a pleasant surprise and kind of a nice in-between juice. It’s still very strong and tastes like tobacco, but isn’t as raw as a NET. The throat hit is through the roof on this juice and the vapor is totally solid. All around, it’s a very nice vape.

Overall. If you’ve ever been curious about vaping Cuban tobacco, this is a great juice to try. For one thing, you can get a bottle of it for $2 right now, which is simply an excellent price. For another thing, this is easily the best quality Cuban vape I’ve had to date. I will tell you right now that it is a pronounced flavor and it’s not going to be for everyone, but I have really come to like it. Definitely worth a look if you are curious!


Check it out here:

The Vapor Co – Jeff Grande Cubano Cigar Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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