Alpha Vape: Sweet Tooth Review


Today I’ve got Sweet Tooth from Alpha Vape – a new vendor for me. Here’s what they say about it:

An amazing vanilla graham cracker cookie

I’ve got it at an unknown nic level in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an orange color and smells sweet and sugary in the bottle.

I really wasn’t super blown away by the flavor. In fact, I first tried this on a wick that previously had a different juice on it and the flavor from Sweet Tooth wasn’t enough to push past the remnants of the previous flavor. It’s very light and sweet. It has subtle hints of graham and vanilla but overall comes off as kind of a sweet sugary jumble of flavor. The throat hit is not particularly good. I have no idea what the actual nic level is supposed to be, but it seems low based on how it is hitting.

The Bottom Line

Taste.   I just finished polishing off a bottle of Deadly Sin, which has a very similar flavor profile to this juice. The difference between the two is that the flavor comes off much lighter with this juice. I get a nice hint of graham, some vanilla and some butter, however it comes off quite light. I taste the flavor more on the aftertaste than I do during the actual vape. The inhale doesn’t carry a lot of flavor, and has a slight sweetness to it. The exhale carries hints of graham with a vanilla finish – all very light.

True to Description. The flavors are mostly there, but it takes some work to pick them all up. Compare that to Deadly Sin where the flavor is super thick and up-front, and this one is severely lacking.

Throat Hit. There’s really not much of a throat hit at all to this juice. It’s very light and hits like a low nic juice. Since I don’t know exactly what nic level this is supposed to be, I can’t say for sure but I will assume it’s low nic.

Quality of Vape. It’s an OK vape. For a juice that is supposed to be a higher-end juice, I thought it was way too light and the flavor didn’t come through nearly as well as it should. I’ve had other similar flavors to this recently that come across much more rich and full flavored. I didn’t really get much from this one to justify paying a premium for it.

Not Recommended.

You can pick this up from a variety of online companies as well as many brick and mortar locations.

Alpha Vape: Sweet Tooth Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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