EC Blend: Dragon’s Tear Review


Today I’ve got an interesting take on a strawberry vape with ECBlend’s Dragon’s Tear. Here’s what they say about it:

ECBlend’s Strawberry version of Dragon’s Blood.  “Oh! So Creamy!”®  

I’ve got it at 18mg in a 60% PG blend with extra flavor.

First Impressions

This juice has an opaque orange color to it and smells strongly of strawberry in the bottle.

Immediately when I took my first puff, I had to double check to make sure this wasn’t a similar juice from their Dragon Series I tried a couple months back and really liked. It turns out this is not the same, and the juice I was thinking of was Dragon’s Crown. DC also has a strong strawberry presence to it, and I think these two juices are both very similar. They also both share kind of an unusual “zest” on the inhale that I can’t quite put my finger on, but it is very tasty.

The Bottom Line

Taste. This is a VERY nice strawberry vape. I vape tons of strawberry flavors, and it seems like strawberry is one of the most likely flavors to end up being very underwhelming. This particular one is quite the contrary. As I mentioned above, it has a really interesting zesty quality on the inhale. The only other juice I’ve found that shares it is Dragon’s Crown. Beyond that, this juice is absolutely bursting with strawberry flavor, and rather than your typical boring candy-like strawberry, this strawberry tastes juicy, fresh and has a little bit of zing to it. Overall it’s a very nice tasting strawberry vape in a world where there are so many average ones.

True to Description. I would say this is pretty close. It absolutely is packed with strawberry flavor, so in that aspect it’s spot on. As with their other Dragon Series juices, they are touted as being very creamy. That is really not my experience. I don’t find this vape particularly creamy at all, although it is quite smooth.

Throat Hit. The throat hit is great at 18mg. I’ve been running this in a Gaia RDA with a 2.7 ohm coil cranked up to 30 watts and it hits incredibly well and puts out an excellent cloud. I would say the configuration on this one at 60% PG is spot on.

Quality of Vape. This is a great overall quality vape. The flavor is full, and for a relatively boring flavor profile, it has a lot of zest and interesting notes in it to keep you occupied. There’s no dryness at all, and the flavor stays perfectly consistent throughout the vape. The throat hit and vapor are both spot on, making this an excellent all around vape.

Overall. For me, this one is so similar to Dragon’s Crown that you could really take your pick between the two. They are both great juices. I really like the fact that they took one of the most misused flavors in ejuice and made it into something that tastes great and has some unique personality to it. This is an excellent vape for strawberry lovers.


Check it out here:

EC Blend: Dragon’s Tear Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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