Seduce Juice: Genesis Review


Today I’ve got Genesis from Seduce Juice. Here’s what they say about it:

Sweet n’ Sour citrus with Mango and subtle hints of Absinthe. 

I’ve got it at 24mg in a 50/50 blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an opaque pink color to it and smells like orange in the bottle.

The flavor of Genesis is really quite unique. I was first surprised by the pronounced citrus flavor that is threaded throughout the entire vape. It has a noticeable orange flavor to it and quite a bit of tartness from the citrus. I didn’t realize there was mango in it until I read the description, but now that I know it is there, I can pick up the mango notes as well. The whole vape is also blanketed with an absinthe tone that really takes it in an interesting direction. This is one of the most unique flavors I have ever tried and it is quite refreshing and delicious.

The Bottom Line

Taste.  This is one of the most interesting tasting juices I have ever vaped. It has a strong orange tone on the inhale – fresh, fruity and crisp. The exhale contains more orange with subtle notes of mango and has a quite noticeable absinthe quality to it. The flavors mingle together very well to create a very unique tasting vape. The flavor is nice and full and it doesn’t vape dry at all. The zest from the citrus will cling to your palate and leave a refreshing taste in your mouth.

True to Description. The flavors are absolutely all there, and you can individually pick them out quite easily. The only thing I would note is that they say the absinthe is subtle, and it is true that it isn’t super strong, but it is quite a bit stronger than I have had in other vapes where the absinthe was “subtle”. So you definitely get a full dosage of absinthe – for some that is a good thing, and others not so much, however I think the way the absinthe mixes with the orange is really what makes this vape unique, and I believe they have the right amount of it in there.

Throat Hit. Throat hit is great at 24mg. Simple as that. You could probably bump this down to 18 pretty easily without any great performance drop.

Quality of Vape. The freshness of this vape is what really puts it over the top for me. The citrus makes it taste extremely crisp and refreshing, and the way that it mixes with the absinthe creates a flavor that is extremely unique and tasty. The flavor is well balanced, not too sweet and not too dry. The performance is equally good with a powerful throat hit at 24mg and nice vapor production.

Overall. This is really a very nice vape all around. After trying over 300 different ejuices, the thing I look for the most these days is originality, and this juice is loaded with it. The citrus and absinthe combination in this vape creates a flavor that is really quite special, and even as a person who doesn’t totally love absinthe, I have to say that this flavor is perfectly executed to the point where probably just about anyone could appreciate it. Great all around juice, and definitely if you are a fan of Absinthe, you need to try this.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here:

Seduce Juice: Genesis Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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