Shark Juice: Thunder Chicken Review


Today I’ve got an interesting one from The Vapor Co. I don’t often see a lot of green vapes, but this is definitely one of them. Right now their site is down, so I have no idea about the description on this one.

Based on what I am tasting, it’s some kind of weed flavored vape.

I’ve got it at 24mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an electric green color in the bottle and smells like fake mary jane.

It’s kind of your typical fake-weed-flavored-vape. Nothing super special about it, it vapes kind of dry and tastes basically like every other fake weed out there with a slight twist that I will get into more below. The overall flavor is not great, and it doesn’t burn particularly well. The throat hit is OK, but fairly weak for a extra high nic juice, and the vapor production is about average.

The Bottom Line

Taste. It’s not exactly the worst tasting vape ever, but it’s no prize pig either. It starts off tasting EXACTLY like every other fake weed vape out there. The twist with this one is it seems to have a little spice to it. I detect a small amount of clove running across the inhale through the exhale, and it even leaves a little tingling sensation on the tip of the tongue just like cloves often do. Unfortunately the clove doesn’t really help a ton as this vape doesn’t taste great and burns very dry.

True to Description. No description, so it’s somewhat tough to say. As a weed vape, put it in the mix with ever other fake weed vape out there and take your pick. Nothing special at all about it in that regard.

Throat Hit. For a 24mg vape, this has a really disappointing throat hit. I am thinking it is likely because it just doesn’t burn well at all. I have had a couple other 24mg juices from these guys that didn’t hit well either, and this is pretty much the only place I have ever found extra high nic juices that don’t have a strong throat hit.

Quality of Vape. Boy, where to start… The flavor isn’t particularly good. As a weed vape, there’s nothing special about it. The subtle spice from the clove is interesting, but it doesn’t really elevate the vape and almost makes it even more awkward. Performance-wise, this juice has a ton of issues. Most notably, it burns really dry. Also, the throat hit is awful. The vapor production is OK, but it’s kind of irrelevant given the circumstances. All around, this one is a stinker.

Overall. I would pretty much avoid this one. As much as weed flavored vapes seem like a good idea, they have all ended in disappointment on some level for me. Not only is the flavor not great on this one, but the performance is abysmal making this one a total non-starter. There are plenty of better juices out there than this one. Avoid.

Not Recommended.

Shark Juice: Thunder Chicken Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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