4Nine Mechanical Mod 1:1 Clone: $21 Shipped


This is a mod I have been really excited about. Unlike pretty much every other mechanical mod, the 4nine doesn’t have a 510 connection on the top, rather you screw your atomizer into the mech so that the battery makes a direct connection with the pin on your atty.

This is perfect for you voltage drop junkies out there. It’s available with tubes for 18350, 18500 and 18650. These are available in Copper, Brass and Stainless. I personally really like the look of the stainless so that’s what I went with, however I may have to pick up copper and brass if all goes well!

Click Here to buy for $21 with free international shipping.


5 comments on “4Nine Mechanical Mod 1:1 Clone: $21 Shipped

  1. Andrew (Drew) Burman says:

    Besides the elm and tree of life, the nemesis and the 3-D, the paps with the mixed senio, and the 4Nine and the Stillare (these are just some of the ones I posess). know of any others ? I just bought the overdose mod and atty combo (saved19 cents buying them as a kit), and the silver embossed king with the signet star (3 pos. and 3 neg. posts). I don’t know if I do it for the fun, the collectibility, or I’m just addicted (thats definite – I drip at 18. I see people dripping at 2-4mg and almost hitting the deck). Got off the subject. Mods that fit attys hybrid style – anything else come to mind? Good performance too is obviously important. Thanks for your time.
    Drew Burman (subscriber)

    • sam says:

      There are a couple new ones I am going to be trying soon the lbaloi and the dreadnaught (26650). Both are hybrid drippers. The Lbaloi just came out in 18650 and looks good to me.

  2. michael says:

    Are there and tutorials on the elm rda on how to screw the coils on the post or can you tell me the best way and what’s the best brand and size coils to put on this clone

    • sam says:

      No unfortunately i haven’t had a chance to run with the Elm yet so I can’t really say but I will try to get to that one sooner than later.

  3. Phoenix says:

    I would buy any quality 4nine… that being said, my prefs are
    1) Copper
    2) Brass
    3) SS

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