Aqua Rebuildable Atomizer Clone Review


This is a review that is a long time overdue. I’ve had my Aqua for a long time now and have really had a good opportunity to try out a lot of different builds and get a good feel for it.

The Aqua is a rebuildable atomizer. It is probably most similar to a Kayfun or other various Kayfun style devices. It has a tank, surrounded by an inner chamber with an atomizer at the bottom/inside the tank.

It is unique in that it is designed specifically for dual coil builds and won’t really function correctly unless you build dual coils. It has a slightly smaller diameter than a standard RDA, and is far more narrow than a Kayfun. It has semi-adjustable airflow – it features 3 small airholes at the bottom and you can screw the tank cylinder over it to slightly adjust the airflow, or basically lock the tank so nothing gets through.

What I DIDN’T like about the Aqua

The biggest drawback with the Aqua is that you have to run dual coils. I personally don’t prefer dual coils, but I have had many successful dual coil builds – so it’s not a huge deal, but it wouldn’t be my preference. I have tried single coil builds in the Aqua and not had a ton of success.

There is almost always some gurgling after you fill the tank – much more so than with a Kayfun or other similar devices. It’s pretty easy to remove the excess by either vaping it off or blowing it out, but it can be an annoyance nonetheless.

I have had leaking issues from time to time. This is probably more of an issue with the build than the device itself, but I do think it is a little more finicky in that area than other similar RBAs.

Another issue is that the Aqua does tend to burn through juice very quickly, and it has a relatively small tank capacity. Now I don’t really mind a smaller tank, but some people do, and if filling up a tank is something you find yourself not having a lot of time for, this may be an issue for you.

What I DID like about the Aqua

I love the look and feel of the Aqua. The Kayfun has always seemed very clunky to me, and the Aqua is very sleek and clean looking.

I really like the fact that you can screw down the tank cylinder and lock the airholes, preventing juice from leaking out if it’s in your pocket or something.

The airflow on the Aqua seems really well done. Not everyone likes the airflow on a Kayfun and I think the Aqua has a more open airflow setup that really works well.

It’s easy to coil. It’s really not easier/harder than a Kayfun, which also happens to be very easy to coil.

I really prefer the stainless tank to glass. I have had tons of atomizers with glass or plastic tanks and they bring with them a myriad of issues that you simply don’t have to worry about with a solid steel tank.

Who is it good for?

The Aqua is great if you already have experience with a Kayfun. It has a very similar setup process. It can be a little difficult to get dialed in perfectly, so I probably wouldn’t suggest it to anyone who hasn’t coiled a Kayfun before, but if you’re willing to spend a little time monkeying around with it to get it dialed in, there’s a great payoff.

I think this is a particularly nice option for anyone who thinks the draw on the Kayfun is too light. I think the Aqua has a much more open airflow, and is also slightly customizable.

Where to buy?

Get the Aqua Clone for $15 shipped here on Fasttech.

Do I use it?

I’m not a big tank guy to begin with, but I have to say that I find myself reaching for the Aqua a lot more than Kayfuns whenever I get the itch to use a tank. Overall it’s a great piece and if I had less options available here I would probably use it pretty frequently.

My ideal setup

My favorite way to run this is a very simple setup with dual 32 gauge microcoils with 10 wraps, wrapped on 1/16 drill bit.  This breaks down to about a 1.5 ohm build. Because of the thin kanthal, the coils heat up super fast delivering a smooth hit with a ton of vapor and really excellent flavor.

Here’s how mine looks:


I like running it between 15 and 20 watts on a DNA device.

You can check out the full tutorial on setting up your Aqua here. 

The Bottom Line

Quality. There’s nothing bad I can say about the quality of this piece. It is well built, all the o-rings work well and the only leaking is usually do to user error. For the price, it’s an excellent quality piece, and I would say better than a typical Kayfun clone.

Performance.  I get a nice warm hit that has superb flavor production and puts out a hell of a cloud. I find the flavor in particular is really excellent on the Aqua, especially compared to a Kayfun. The dual coils really help improve the intensity of the vape, yet it still goes down smooth. It’s as good as you will ever get on any kind of tank setup.

Ease of Use. The Aqua is pretty easy to use if you are already an experienced rebuilder. If you’re new to this style of atomizer, it will likely take you some trial and error. The most critical part of coiling an Aqua is getting the wick just right – particularly in the channels, so that you don’t have too much juice flowing into the chamber, and also so that you aren’t getting enough juice. Once you find the sweet spot, it is pretty easy to work with. It is also very easy to fill, which is a big plus.

Appearance. I really have never cared much for the way Kayfuns look. The Aqua is a lot more sleek and high-end looking. The one downside is that it is only 21mm, and most mechanical mods are 22mm, so you won’t have a flush fit in most cases. Personally, I prefer the Aqua on a variable wattage device, so it doesn’t make much difference to me.

Price. When I bought mine it was over $20. Now Fasttech is offering the same model for only $15, which in my opinion is a hell of a good deal. It’s a really well made piece with no real issues, so if you’re looking for a reliable tank, this is the way to go.

Overall. I really like the Aqua a lot. Out of all the Kayfun style atomizers I have tried, this one is the one I have enjoyed using the most. Even though I am not a huge fan of dual coils, I really love them on this device. I  really like the stainless steel tank rather than some kind of crappy plastic or glass, and I have found that a solid 1.5 ohm build will work great even on a mech mod. All around, if you’re looking for a dependable tank system for a reasonable price, the Aqua is a great choice.

Aqua Rebuildable Atomizer Clone Review
Ease of Use

One comment on “Aqua Rebuildable Atomizer Clone Review

  1. lynnette says:

    Great article! I just got my Aqua a couple weeks ago. It’s a pretty good atty. Wicking is definitely important and can ruin the build easily if not done quite right. Also tank size is a issue. Otherwise it’s a pretty good atty! Great flavor, great vapor. I wouldn’t say it’s a kayfun killer but it’s definitely worth buying and having in your collection.

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