Space Jam – Starship 1 Review #2


I have only ever done this so far with 1 or 2 other juices, but this is actually my second review of Starship 1. The first time I reviewed it was during Custard Week last winter. At the time, I was reviewing it in the context of Custard Week, and as a custard, I didn’t feel like this compared well with some of the other juices I rated during that week.

Then I received another bottle of it in my Zodist box, based on the profile I filled out with them. I tried it again, this time not in the context of tasting it as a custard, and I liked it so much I decided to give it another go. As part of writing this review, I didn’t look at my previous review or ratings at all – and I certainly don’t have any recollection of what they were, so I can give this one a complete and accurate rundown without it being influenced by my previous thoughts.

Here’s what they say about it (from Elevated Vaping Website):

Starship is a vanilla custard topped with fresh kiwi with a slightly sweet undertone. Let’s just start by saying that the fresh kiwi in this juice is absolutely amazing! We at Elevated Vaping are huge fans of the taste of kiwi, and Space Jam has created a delectable concoction with this juice. The vanilla custard is not too sweet, and it doesn’t bite at the back of the throat, which is really nice. Many times we see that the vanilla custard is a little too saturated, which tends to have a weird burn in the back, but that is not the case with Starship. The vanilla custard is sweet and smooth and rolls off of the tongue. 

First Impressions

This juice has a red color to it and smells sweet, fruity and creamy in the bottle. I have it at 18mg in a house blend.

The only thing I really remember about the first time I tried this juice is that I paid full price for the bottle to get it into the Custard Week lineup and I wasn’t particularly impressed with it at the time.

This time, I had a completely different experience. I am running this in an Aqua with dual 32 gauge microcoils at 1.5 ohms powered at between 15 and 20 watts on Cana. The flavor is very impressive. Out of all the juices I have tried so far, I felt this one had the most succulent and in-your-face flavor. Oddly enough, I really picked up a lot of the custard this time around, and it has changed my opinion of this juice as a custard vape as well. Stargate1 has a super strong and juicy fruity presence on the inhale, but the smooth creaminess of the custard takes over in full effect on the exhale mellowing the vape out and creating a very nice finish.

The throat hit was quite excellent, even in an Aqua running at much less power than I normally test juices on when I am running an RDA at high wattage. Vapor production is thick and dense and it will leave a very nice scent in the air afterwards.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste of this juice is excellent. It has a super-strong fruity presence to it. Up until I read the description today, I thought this was more of a strawberry flavor, but I read descriptions from a couple different vendors and the only fruit they mentioned was kiwi. I think it tastes far more like strawberry than kiwi, but not in a bad way. The juicy, fruity inhale is balanced perfectly with a very smooth creamy custard finish on the backend that really completes the vape nicely. I’m noticing that it leaves an aftertaste in my mouth that most closely reminds me of caramel corn – somewhat unusual but definitely not a bad thing at all.

True to Description. The only somewhat negative thing I can say about this juice is that I really don’t think it tastes much like kiwi. Now, to be fair I have tried a handful of kiwi vapes and I have never found one that really screamed kiwi at me, so I think it is more of an issue of kiwi being a tough flavor to pin down in an ejuice. Regardless of what I said before in my last review, I actually really like the custard component here. One thing with custards is they can often be clouded by odd undertones in the flavor at some point throughout the duration of the vape. In this case, there are not issues like that at all. The custard comes off smooth, creamy and surprisingly accurate. What is really impressive is how well the custard flavor cuts through the strength of the fruit notes and balances out the vape perfectly.

Throat Hit. I seem to recall not liking the throat hit that much the first time I tried this juice, and if I remember correctly I was vaping it at 12mg rather than 18. Now that I have tried it at 18, I can say confidently that the throat hit is wonderfully satisfying and I have had absolutely no problems with it – even running it in my lower-powered aqua setup as opposed to a high wattage RDA.

Quality of Vape. This vape basically has everything you could want. It has excellent flavor that is strong to the point of being juicy, and perfectly well balanced so that you don’t get worn out on it after vaping it for a while. The throat hit and vapor production are both top notch, and it is fairly accurate if you don’t get too anal about the kiwi flavor. All around this one is pretty much a no brainer for anyone who vapes fruit flavors.

Overall. I’m really glad I gave this juice another go because I have been very happy with it both as a custard, and in general. The throat hit was absolutely spot on, and the flavor really makes an impression that not a lot of juices do. If you like fruit vapes, this is bordering on being a must-try.

Space Jam – Starship 1 Review #2
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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