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Out of all the atomizers that have come out this year, the Stillare was probably the one I was anticipating the most.  I have had this little guy for about 2 months now, and during that time it has been my most used RDA – not a small feat considering I am primarily an RDA user and I have a mountain of them that need to be tested and reviewed.

The Stillare clone is simple, efficient and hits like a champ every time. It’s your typical 3 post RDA. It has a cyclops-style airhole that is very customizable. You can open it all the way up for crazy vapor production and a super airy draw, or close it nearly all the way for a tighter, more intense draw. Unlike most RDAs, the top cap sits all the way on top of the rest of the atomizer, extending all the way down to the base. Most RDAs usually have a lip preventing the top cap to extend all the way down. The design is simple and elegant and the price is amazing at under $10.

What I DIDN’T like about the Stillare Clone

The biggest beef I had with this piece, honestly, is that it didn’t come with the Stillare drip tip. Now the tip it does come with is not bad at all, in fact I actually use it quite a bit, but on another device. However, I really like the look of the Stillare tip and I think it would have been a better touch.

I’m still on the fence about the top cap extending down to the base of the atomizer. So far this has worked really well for me, however it does seem like if you overfilled it with juice, it could seep down into whatever device you have it installed on, which could potentially cause problems. That said, it hasn’t caused any problems for me so far, and it actually seems to help quite a bit in terms of keeping the cap snug.

That I DID like about the Stillare Clone

The airflow is the absolute best thing about this piece. The hole seems to be perfectly positioned to where your coil will naturally sit so that you really get exactly the right amount of air on it whenever you take a draw. I have compared this to other similar dual adjustable airflow atomizers like the TOBH and it honestly isn’t even close.

The look and feel of it is just awesome. It’s a very simple design, but it really looks excellent. The art is well done, and the airhole actually seems to help the whole thing “pop”. I love running this on a stainless mech and it also looks great on a Cana.

Performance-wise, this is about as good as it gets for me. I run a super simple single microcoil setup on mine and it hits like an absolute beast.  This may be aided in small part to the brass contact at the bottom,which I am a fan of.

Out of all the RDAs I have ever owned that are fairly standard design, the top cap on this one stays more firm than any other. Not only that but the airflow stays in place brilliantly well and I have never had an issue with it. In fact, I have probably only ever had to adjust it a couple of times total in the 2 months I have heavily been using it.

Who is it good for?

While it’s great for any skill level, this is really an excellent starter RDA. It’s super easy to build on and puts out amazing performance. The airhole is super versatile and will really let you run the gamut of different airflow to dial in exactly what works best for you. There’s very little maintenance needed, and it looks great on a variety of devices.

Where to buy?

Click Here to buy for $8 with free international shipping.

Do I use it?

This has easily been my most used atomizer of the year so far. I use it on a daily basis. I have taken it on several camping trips, and also use it regularly when I am out disc golfing. I love the fact that the top cap stays firmly in place, so it’s great for putting in my pocket, and for the same reasons I also really appreciate that the airflow stays in place. Plus I love the look of it and I think it looks awesome on a variety of different devices I use from Mech to APV.

My ideal setup

Call me simple, but I have been using the same coil I initially built on this thing way back when I first got it – a single 0.8 ohm microcoil made with 28 gauge kanthal wrapped on a 1/16 drill bit. I’ve only had to replace the cotton 1 or 2 times in the entire 2 months I’ve been using it.

I like to keep the airflow about 1/3 open on both sides. I have had it wider for short times just to test it out, but it works damn near perfect the way I have it, so I simply haven’t had a lot of need to tinker with it.

The Bottom Line

Quality. This is a very sturdy piece. The o-rings are great, it has a brass contact, and the top cap and airflow stay in place perfectly. There’s really not much more I could even ask for.

Performance. It hits like a beast. Even with my simplistic single-coil setup, I get awesome hits every time with all kinds of different juices. The airholes seem to be perfectly aligned with where the coil naturally sits, and I think that is a big contributor. Even when you have the draw set to be more airy, it always feels right.

Ease of Use. I had mine up and running in under 2 minutes and I am still using the same coil after 2 months. You’re not going to find an easier RDA to work with out there.

Appearance. I personally really like the appearance of this piece. The shape is great and I love the raw stainless look. I think it especially looks great on my Cana mod. It also seems to do well with a variety of different drip tips.

Price. For under $10 this is probably the best atomizer you can buy. If you only had $10 to spend and needed an atomizer that would be your all-day-vape for a very long time, there is nothing else I would even consider recommending.

Overall. This is just a fantastic all around piece. I think the strongest point is the airflow. Not only does it make sense, but it seems to be absolutely perfectly positioned to give you the best possible hit every time. It’s also so easy to work with, and such great quality for the price, it’s really something every RDA user should have in their arsenal.

Stillare Clone Review
Ease of Use

5 comments on “Stillare Clone Review

  1. Niklas says:

    “I’ve only had to replace the cotton 1 or 2 times in the entire 2 months I’ve been using it”

    Say WHAT???

    I replace my cutton at least once every day!

    • sam says:

      Wow that’s a lot. I really have never found any reason to change cotton in a dripper other than changing to a different juice. As long as I keep them saturated and prevent them from getting burned they last me indefinitely.

      • Phoenix says:

        You and I share that way with coils, I have the same coil in my KFL that has been there for a month, I just change cotton, dry burn, and water wash to keep it tasting fresh.

  2. Phoenix says:

    Thank you for a great review on the Stillare. This atty is #2 on my get list preceded only by the APO, and followed by the Zenith.
    Your reviews come across as very real and heartfelt Im sure you will help me find those quality pieces to add to my collection.
    BTW do you ship from the states? What is your aprox shipping time to Arkansas?
    Thanks again,

  3. Frank C says:

    I have a Stiiaire clone Ive had for about a week. One of the ground posts came out , it appears its just pressed fitted so I used a vise very carefully and pressed it back. also it was missing a screw. I managed to find 2 brass ones with groves so you can finger tighten them . I love the air flow though. I run it with dual coils in 26g ,5 wraps and it ohm’s at .4 , This thing chuggs the clouds!! I have it on a cartel limited mod in 26650 with a MNKE orange 3500 mAH battery so It’ll run safe .. I love this thing.. Vape on !!

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