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This is a review of the TOBH clone from Fasttech. Before going any further, it’s important to note that this review is for this exact TOBH clone. There are a variety of TOBH clones out there right now and there are very likely different iterations from different manufacturers, so anything said here may not apply to other clones.

The TOBH is one of the more popular RDAs at the moment. It has a fairly pedestrian design. It features fins on the top cap to help diffuse heat and keep your drip tip from getting hot. The inside features a fairly standard 3 post setup with holes in the posts. There are triple airholes on opposite sides of the top cap. There are tabs on either side of the atomizer base – the airflow works by aligning the airholes over the tabs to close off any airholes you want to use, and it has a 21.7mm diameter which is around what I would call the standard size.

What I DIDN’T like about the TOBH Clone

On paper, this seems like a great RDA. It has a nice, sleek design and the fins on the top cap are both functional and help boost the appearance. Unfortunately, this RDA isn’t without its flaws.

First and foremost, I think there is a severe flaw in the adjustable airflow. The tabs on the sides don’t seem to be correctly positioned to make it easy to use adjustable airflow while keeping the airholes aligned with the coil. In short, if you want to close off a couple airholes on either side, you can use the tabs, but the open airholes won’t be properly aligned with your coil if it is set up in a standard position. This is a pretty big issue. I have tried a couple different setups on the TOBH and have never gotten the airflow to a point where I felt I was getting a clean hit. Regardless of how I have it set up, the airflow always seems off.

The best airflow I’ve gotten is when I have just ignored the tabs and aligned all 3 airholes against the coil. This does work, but it is quite airy and I would normally prefer to close up at least one of the holes.

Another issue is the way the top cap fits. I have read some other reviews on FT that state the top cap isn’t properly cut. That makes sense to me because it has never seemed to fit very well. It isn’t very snug against the deck and tends to wobble quite a bit. You can forget being able to put this in your pocket because the cap will immediately pop off.

The holes in the posts are on the small side. I can fit normal gauge wire through them OK, but you would have trouble getting fat kanthal, twisted kanthal or parallel coils comfortable through the holes.

Additionally, the center post doesn’t seem to want to stay in place very well. This makes it a real pain in the ass to thread your coils – and particularly while tightening down the screw on the center post, I have had to deal with the post itself turning with the screw and messing up the coil.

What I DID like about the TOBH Clone

Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good by a large margin with this piece.

The only thing good I can say about it is that I really do like the fins on the top cap. They make a marked difference in diffusing heat that would normally carry through the drip tip, and they also make the thing look nice as well. Other than that, this one is kind of a dud.

Who is it good for?

I really can’t think of any circumstance where I would recommend this particular atomizer. There are a lot of better options in this price range, or cheaper, and it has way too many flaws to be practical.

Where to buy?

I got mine on Fasttech for $10 with free international shipping.

Do I use it?

I have given this one a fair shot, but it just doesn’t quite seem right. The airflow is messed up to the point where I just can’t seem to get a clean hit off it.

The Bottom Line

Quality.  The overall quality of this piece is pretty poor. The materials seem to be pretty much fine, however the design is so messed up that the device doesn’t function correctly. For me, I never like to see a super wobbly top cap out of the box – it’s fairly normal for them to wear down over time, but the fact that it is so wobbly after hardly any use speaks more to a design flaw. Additionally the fact that the center post doesn’t stay in place well is a big issue for me, and this is the worst I have ever seen it on a RDA.

Performance. It’s not bad to the point of being unusable, but the flaws with the airflow are enough that I think it severely affects performance. As an example, I bought the Stillare clone at the same time, and both the TOBH and Stillare are fairly similar in function. I have noticed a marked difference in the performance of the Stillare over the TOBH using the exact same build on both. That says it all for me.

Ease of Use.  The biggest problems ease-of-use wise are the airflow and posts. The airflow is easy to use, however the top cap is so loose that you will have to be constantly adjusting your airflow to keep it in place. Big pain in the ass. The three post setup is normally very easy to use. In this case, the small post holes make it difficult to get thicker leads through. Even worse, the fact that the center post doesn’t stay in place well makes it even more of a pain to get your leads through the posts and tightened. Overall it’s a hot mess.

Appearance. Definitely the strong point here – I actually really like the appearance of this piece- I think the fins are not only functional but also give it a lot of character, and the art is well done. Unfortunately good looks don’t make up for poor performance in this case. The drip tip that comes with it is also one of my least favorite drip tips from FT.

Price. This guy is actually quite a bit more expensive than the Stillare clone I just reviewed the other day, and considering this one performs a LOT worse, it’s obviously not a good deal for the price. Additionally there are probably at least 10 other RDAs you can get for under 10 that are a vast upgrade over this one.

Overall. I was really excited about this piece, and I could not have been more disappointed once I had a chance to run with it for a while. It simply does not compare at all to the Stillare, and to top it off it costs more. It just isn’t well made at all, and you’re going to be opening yourself up to a ton of issues if you want to take this one on. I don’t recommend it.


TOBH Clone Review
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  1. Drew says:

    Thank you very much for that review on the Tobh V2. Just wondering, does it matter if its the 1:1 clone or is it the same? I was about 5 minutes away from ordering two of them online and now I am canceling that and probably going to go with either the Quasar and the Enigma of. I got the 1:1 clone you recommended, and itis phenomenal. The Magma which I think you also recommended is in my opinion phenomenal as well. So I appreciate your post and your timing was perfect. A post that saves me a headache & helps me not only get better quality products but save money on getting crappy products, is worth reading. until you’ve been vaping for at least 3 or for years, you really don’t completely and instincts really understand the proper way to review products as far as discussing important points does the consumer might want to know before buying, and obviously you do and you are providing a great service.Thanks a lot – anybody have a suggestion or two for a really good quality dripper or Genesis style atomizer for me to buy instead of the crappy products that was just reviewed? Everybody have a good day.

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