Zodist Eliquid Curation Service – Review


A little under a month ago, I was contacted by Tri Nguyen, co-founder of Zodist asking if I would like to test out their service and submit a review.

In the years I have been vaping, I have seen a handful of services like this, and always wondered if they are any good, so I jumped at the opportunity – who am I to turn down free juice anyway??

Zodist bills itself as “The Most Accurate Curated Ejuice Subscription”. As someone who has reviewed over 300 juices and tasted many more, I was excited to see how well they would be able to take the data in my profile and turn it into a box of goodies that would impress someone who has pretty much already tried it all.

The way the service works is simple – you choose a subscription plan based on how many juices you want per month – this can be as low as 2 x 15ml bottles for around $24 or as high as 120 total ml for around $80 per month. For me, I went with the 4 x 15ml bottle for $39 plan – this is just about the ideal quantity you need to comfortably last you a month.

Then you fill out a very quick and easy survey to determine your personal flavor profile. Zodist takes this information and sends you a custom box of juices each month based on your preferences. Additionally, they even offer to send you additional juice if you don’t like what they originally sent – I think this is great because they really put their money where their mouth is.

So to place my order, I was directed to the website to fill out my profile. I wasn’t sure what this would entail, but it turned out to be a lot easier than I expected. The survey is split up into 4 short parts.

Flavor Preference

In this portion, all you need to do is select the types of flavors you LOVE. Options are:

  • Menthol/Mint
  • Coffee
  • Fruits
  • Fruits and Cream
  • Candy and Drinks
  • Dessert
  • Tobacco

I felt this range of options pretty well covers it. The only thing I would have liked to see different is maybe Candy and Drinks separated, as personally I tend to like drink vapes a lot more than candy vapes. Otherwise I think this is a pretty comprehensive list.

For me, I honestly can’t remember exactly what I selected, but I am pretty sure it was Candy and Drinks, Dessert and Tobacco. You can select as many options as you want, however obviously the more you select, the harder it is for Zodist to really zero in on your true favorites, so personally I wouldn’t want to select too many options, as I would rather hone in on truly excellent juices in my favorite types of flavors.

Flavor Dislikes

In this portion, you simply need to enter in any flavors you don’t like, so that they don’t end up sending you a ton of banana and coconut flavors if you actually hate those flavors. Again I can’t remember exactly what I put, but I believe it was Banana and Licorice.


The third step is answering a simple question – which do your prefer:

  • Expand your range of tastes
  • Find the perfect juice in your tastes

I chose the latter, as I do love to expand my range of tastes, but my real goal is to find the most excellent juices out there.

Nicotine Levels

In the last step you simply need to indicate what nicotine levels you want to receive. Now with this one you can choose more than one level if you like. Personally I think it is not a good idea to get multiple nicotine levels with a service like this. If you aren’t sure what nicotine levels you want, you are really better off going to Mount Baker Vapor or somewhere else super cheap and get a bottle of the same juice in a couple different nic levels, then figure out which one works best for you. Then select ONLY that level here with Zodist. Of course that’s just my opinion.

Personally, I went with 18 which is the highest they offer. You could have also selected 0, 6 or 12.

That’s it. In about 2 minutes I had completed the survey and went through the checkout process with no friction whatsoever. I couldn’t have been more pleased.

I believe it took roughly 2 weeks for my sample box to arrive. It was well packaged and I thought the presentation was quite nice.

Based on the criteria I set in my profile, I received the following 4 juices:

The Weekend from the Juicery

This turned out to be a really fantastic vape. It’s a super smooth coconut/graham cracker type of vape with lot of flavor and a wonderful balance. I really enjoyed this one a lot, and have already vaped through more than half of my bottle.

You can read my full review here.

Starship 1 from Space Jam

I had already tried this juice before in the past, but it actually turned out great that they sent me a bottle because it was 6mg higher than the one I originally tried and I ended up totally loving it. So much that I even did a second review on it. This is a really nice fruity vape with a strong custard presence on the exhale. I’m not sure which category this one fit into based on what I selected, but who cares? It was an excellent choice on their part.

You can read my full review here.

Cola Gummy by Cosmic Fog

I was glad they sent me this one because I have been meaning to try out some Cosmic Fog juices for a while now. This one is, as the name suggests, a cola flavored gummy vape. I didn’t necessarily love the flavor on this one, but I didn’t hate it either, and the throat hit and vapor production were so good that I couldn’t stop vaping it.

You can read my full review here. 

Hive by Vapewell

Another vendor I had never tried before – that makes 3 out of 4.  Hive is a really smooth honey/coconut vape. I have had really bad experiences with honey vapes in the past, and I was almost wishing I would have entered honey as one of the flavors to stay away from on my profile – BUT, I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with this one as a honey vape. Hive has by far, the most natural honey flavor I have ever vaped before and even though this juice didn’t blow me away, I was really happy with the flavor overall and would have no trouble going through a full bottle of this stuff.

You can read my full review here. 

The Bottom Line

Accuracy. With a service like this, the most important factor is always going to be accuracy – are they sending you the correct juices based on the profile you filled out. Overall, I was very satisfied with the accuracy. I absolutely love coconut and somehow they managed to send me 2 out of 4 bottles with a coconut flavor. Score. I thought both Starship and The Weekend were outstanding juices – both could easily win a juice battle here, and I could actually see myself ordering more in the future. I thought Hive was worse than my two favorites, but I was really impressed with the honey flavor and I’m very glad I had a chance to try it. Not only that but I will almost surely finish the bottle, so even though I didn’t like it quite as much as my top 2, it still turned out to be a really nice juice that I probably would have never tried had I not ordered through Zodist.  My least favorite was Cola Gummy. Now I did select Drinks and Candy as one of my flavor preferences, and I think they were totally justified in sending me this one. Additionally the primary reason I liked this one the least is because I have had a better Cola Gummy flavor in the past so there was already some context. Regardless, even though I liked this one the least, I still found the performance to be excellent, and it is really a quite vapable juice.

So out of all 4 bottles, there were 2 that I really, seriously loved. There was 1 that I found to be pretty good, and unique, and I would possibly even consider ordering again. There was one that I didn’t think was that great and probably wouldn’t order again, but was still vapable.

All 4 juices were great in terms of performance – no issues on any juice with throat hit or vapor production. Most importantly, there wasn’t anything I hated.

So when you boil it down, I ultimately received 4 bottles of very good quality juice that I would have no problem vaping through. If this were all the juice I had to vape for an entire month, I would be totally set. I am pretty happy with what I got.

Cost. I went with the $40 option for 4 x 15ml bottles.  The juice I received was all high-end juice, and each bottle retails for well over $10/15ml at any vendor you could buy them individually at.  Now is it possible to get 60 total ml of juice for cheaper than $40? Of course! There are plenty of cheaper options out there, and I have tried many of them. One thing I have found, however, is that whenever I buy juice from any given vendor, I usually peruse the site, find a handful of flavors that sound good to me and place an order. What ends up happening in almost every case is that I end up with juices in my order that weren’t what I expected, and are often even unvapable. So while I might normally pay less per ml, there is a much greater likelihood of getting a juice I don’t like and ultimately don’t vape, which is just wasted money.

Even worse, if you’re currently buying primarily from a Brick and Mortar store, you are probably paying a lot more than $40 for 4 x 15ml bottles, and often times for much lower quality juice.

Based on my first box from Zodist, I am pretty confident that the chance of me getting an unvapable juice in my monthly box is going to be very low – and they even offer to make good if such an event does occur.

So while you do pay a little more per ML, you let Zodist assume the risk of you receiving a “bad” juice AND you don’t have to worry about going out and finding unique and delicious juices specifically suited to your tastes.

As far as cost goes, I think it is a good deal for the money, particularly if you don’t have the time to go out and try to scout good juices on your own.  I also wholeheartedly recommend the $40 for 4 x 15 ml bottles – as long as all 4 turn out to be vapable, that is probably more than enough to last you a full month so you’re ultimately only spending between $1-$2 per day for your ejuice every month hassle-free.

Overall. Honestly, before I tried this service I wasn’t really expecting much. As a guy who has tasted a stupid amount of juices and is also fairly picky, I didn’t think they would have an easy time impressing me considering the cost. In fact, I even considered turning down the offer to review a box because I didn’t want them to send me out a bunch of free juice only to have me rag on their company.

Ultimately, I am really glad I tried it. Knowing what I know now, if I were ever to stop reviewing juices and start vaping only what I need every month, this is the exact service I would use. They did a great job of sending me enough excellent quality juice to last me a month and keep me interested. In fact, I have even since thought of maybe keeping a paid subscription to the service just so I can see what they will send me next. I was very impressed with the quality and accuracy of what I sent, and while the price seemed a little steep at first, now that I have had a chance to try it I think the juice I received for the $40 subscription level was MORE than worth it.

To be fair, I have never tried any other ejuice subscription service so there may be others out there that are just as good or better, but based on my experience with Zodist, there is no reason I would ever need to try another service like this. I was very impressed.

If you’re sick of buying a handful of juices at a time only to be met with a bunch of duds, if you don’t have the time to scout out the latest and greatest juices out there, or if you simply want to try something new, I fully recommend giving these guys a shot.

Check them out here: www.zodist.com

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