Kayfun Quartz Tank Kit: $5 Shipped



Today we’ve got a sick deal on a quick way to give your Kayfun a totally new look to match up with your mods. This is the quartz tank kit. It features a really nice copper sleeve, available in multiple styles, and also a tank section available in foggy, clear or glass.

For $5, you can finally get your kayfun looking good on that copper mod!

Click Here to buy for $5 with free international shipping

One comment on “Kayfun Quartz Tank Kit: $5 Shipped

  1. Phoenix says:

    As I’ve mentioned before, I am a huge Kayfun lover. That being said, I have had incident to buy a kit like this at a local vape shop only to find that it wasn’t compatible with my “HCigar” brand KFL. THAT is my primary concern since the difference was a height difference of about 1 mm. If you can tell me if that difference exists here, I will buy the necessary KF, because it will be in use as my daily “GOTO” with the copper Stingray V1 that I will also be getting from you.

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