Smokecignals: King Cake Review


When I saw this King Cake flavor, I knew I just had to try it. Now I’ve never had King Cake before, but I know what it is. King Cake is a Mardi Gras tradition that has been around for a very long time. In it’s current format, it is basically a braided dough style cake – sort of like a pastry or danish, with icing on top. They bake the cake with a small plastic baby inside which is part of the tradition.

Here’s what they say about it:

Now you can have the taste of carnival season year-round in a delicious E-liquid flavor!!

I’m always looking for new and interesting flavors, and this one really stuck out to me, so I was quite excited to give it a try.

First Impressions

I’ve got this one at 24mg in a 65/35 blend.

This juice is orange in color and smells light and sweet in the bottle.

Overall I think the flavor is pretty good. It tastes a lot like a cinnamon danish type flavor but a lot lighter. I get a nice light cake/dough flavor and just a touch of cinnamon.  The throat hit is OK for 24mg. I haven’t vaped a lot of 24mg juices lately, and I didn’t really feel this was any better than most of the 18mg juices I’ve been getting more used to.

The Bottom Line

Taste. If you like a good danish style vape, you will like this one. It’s got kind of a buttery, doughy flavor with a mild touch of cinnamon and a little touch of icing. The flavor is actually pretty mild, which I like. A lot of times these buttery tasting vapes can get overpowering and I find this one to be nice and neutral and quite suitable for all day vaping.

True to Description. Since I have never actually tasted a real live king cake, I can’t really say for sure, but based on what I know I believe they were pretty close to the mark. This juice has all the elements – the cake, the cinnamon and the icing. The only thing it’s missing is the plastic baby!

Throat Hit. I’m vaping this one in an Enigma with about a 2.3 ohm coil cranked all the way up on a Duke. For a 24mg juice, I feel like the throat hit is relatively mild, however it is still strong enough to keep me interested. In keeping with the light flavor, the throat hit is also light, yet satisfying.

Quality of Vape. At first I thought the flavor was maybe a touch too light, but that may have been becuase I had been vaping some really heavy flavors previously. I have been vaping this juice for over a week now and I can really get all of the flavor. Even though I still feel it’s on the more subtle side, I like the way it was presented. The throat hit and vapor production are both great and I think this is an all around nice vape.

Overall. If you’re into pastry style vapes, this is a great one to check out. It has all the elements that you would expect, and I feel that they are very well balanced and make this a juice that you could easily enjoy all day long. I wouldn’t say there’s anything super exciting or special about the flavor, but it is very well done and I have enjoyed vaping it.


Check it out here:

Smokecignals: King Cake Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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