Beard Gains: Cucumber Melon Review


Today I’ve got the first in a new line I’m sampling from Beard Gains. This one is called Melon Cucumber. They don’t really have a specific description of this juice on their site, although the name pretty solidly describes the flavor profile. Here’s what they say about their juices:

Our concept is all the flavors we offer have been strategically created to also taste amazing if mixed with each other. That’s a total of 720+ different combinations!

70/30 blend absolutely slammed with taste bud shock! Big in clouds, big in taste!

This juice is clear in color and has a really nice melon scent in the bottle. I’ve got this at 18mg in a 70/30 blend (note- I’m not 100% whether it’s 70% vg or pg, however based on how this vaped I’m pretty sure it’s 70% VG.)

First Impressions

One thing I know for sure is that I haven’t ever had a premium level melon flavor I didn’t like. In fact, for whatever reason the premium melon flavors always seem to come across really juicy and flavorful. So the bar was set high for this juice.

From a flavor standpoint, I think this juice is pretty much great. I definitely feel the melon is the star, however there is a cucumber element – more on that later. One interesting thing about this juice is that it has an unmistakable richness in the background. Not super overpowering, but I can tell it’s there every time I take a puff. I would almost compare it to peanut butter flavors I’ve had in other ejuices. I know that sounds kind of odd, but it really comes across that way to me. On the positive side, it doesn’t really contribute anything negative to the flavor profile, it’s just kind of “there”.

The Bottom Line

Taste. So as I mentioned above, it does have the kind of unusual rich component in the background. It doesn’t really do anything for me one way or the other. As far as the melon goes, I think it tastes fantastic – juicy, fresh and slightly rich. Pretty much what I would expect from a premium melon.  When I first started vaping this, I tried it out in a tank. For a seemingly high VG juice, it did really well in the tank – I got through 2 complete tanks with no problems. As I’m writing this review, I’m vaping it in a RDA. the most interesting thing to note is that while I felt the flavor came through nearly perfect in the tank, I am definitely getting more of the cucumber in my RDA setup. Not really sure why that is, but I think the juice was fine both ways. I do like it quite a bit with the extra kick of cucumber, and it’s a flavor you don’t always see in an ejuice, so I like that aspect a lot.

True to Description. I pretty much covered most of this already – I felt the melon was definitely there. Cucumber didn’t come across as good in the tank, but I am definitely getting a really nice fresh burst of cucumber from the RDA. The extra background richness is present in both setups. Overall I think this one was pretty close to the mark.

Throat Hit. I’ve had other 18mg juices lately that I did feel had a little more kick to them than this one, however this one is also higher VG so I think that is a contributing factor. I vaped this for several days straight without switching juices and didn’t have any problem with the slightly weaker throat hit over that time, so while I personally find it a little weaker than I would like, I would probably still get it again at 18mg because it’s good enough at 18 that it doesn’t seem worth needing it any higher than that.

Quality of Vape. This juice definitely puts out a really good deal of clouds. Probably one of the better cloud producers I’ve had in a while. For me that doesn’t matter that much, but I know a lot of people do care about that, and this one is definitely conducive to big clouds. The throat hit was a little timid, but still plenty good for me at 18mg. Overall I found it to be super full flavored, and the flavor was quite pleasant. I also really liked the pairing of cucumber and melon together.

Overall. I wouldn’t say this is the absolute best melon flavor I have ever had, however it is pretty close, and probably in the top 5. Additionally the cucumber component makes it a little more interesting than your average melon vape. Honestly between the top 5 or so melon vapes I’ve had, there isn’t a lot of big difference from one to another, so I actually like that this one has a more unique aspect to it, and I think the cucumber blends perfectly in this juice. If you’re already a big melon fan, this one is certainly worth a try, and in general I think a lot of people would find it very appealing.


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Beard Gains: Cucumber Melon Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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