About this Site


During my time vaping, my philosophy has continued to evolve. My personal vaping mission is chasing the next big cloud.  What I have learned, is that sometimes simplicity is the best path to take.

I’ve spent tons of money and experimented with tons of products. My findings basically boil down to this:

Good hardware doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Currently I get almost all of my hardware exclusively from Fasttech. Most of my mods cost well under $30. Most of my atomizers cost under $10.

Good juice is a lot better than cheap juice. It’s actually really hard to find good juices. I have basically tried to approach it by finding the best vendors through general consensus and trying them myself.  My findings are that you get what you pay for with juice. This is where you should not be trying to find the cheapest solution.

So basically the recipe for success is to get the right hardware for you and get it cheap from China, then spend your money getting good quality juice. It’s what i do and it works great.

As a result a large amount of the hardware reviews on this site are for inexpensive products and clones from China. While I have tried expensive high end products, I honestly don’t feel that there is enough difference in performance to justify the dramatic price disparity, so I prefer to analyze the cheap stuff and pick out the best of the best.


I only review stuff I have actually bought, which should be pretty obvious but some people don’t necessarily do that.

While I do make a 3% commission from Fasttech, it basically pays for me to buy and review more products, which hopefully you find helpful as a service.

I will NEVER give a positive review to a product I don’t feel deserves it.

Integrity is more important to me than commissions and I hope you will feel confident knowing that I mean what I say.