Weekly Juice Battle 8 TOBACCO EDITION

So this is the first ever “themed” juice battle. After a great recommendation from a Reddit user a couple weeks ago, I decided to start mixing it up a little bit with some themed battles – and what better way to kick things off than with a good ol’ tobacco… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 7

Another Monday means time for another Juice Battle. Last week I only managed to get through 6 juices. I actually had a lot of hardware that desperately needed reviewing and that takes up quite a bit of my weekly bandwidth, so I didn’t get to review quite as many juices… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 6

This week’s juice battle features all 6 juices I reviewed last week going head to head to determine the best of the best. Probably the most notable thing about this particular battle was none of the juices were flat out awful. This is probably the best bunch of juices I… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 5

The holiday week has come and gone and with it brings another juice battle. Last week I stepped it back up and cranked out reviews of 9 new juices that will go head to head today for juice of the week honors. Without further ado, let’s start the countdown! #9… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 4

It’s that time again and I have a slew of juices from last week to go through. We ended up with 8 new juices reviewed that will do battle here tonight to determine the best of the best from last week. It was a good week overall. I actually really… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 3

It’s that time again. Unfortunately I only was able to review 4 juices last week. I spent most of my available free time working on a much needed update to the site, and I was out on Friday and Saturday, so I didn’t get to reviewing as many juices as… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 2

Another week has come and gone, and it’s time for another weekly juice battle. Last week I reviewed 10 different juices that will go head to head here in a battle to determine the best of the best. Last week I started out with the lackluster Ecto Cooler from MBV,… Read Full Article


Halo: 20% Off Sale This Week

I normally don’t get too excited about 20% off, which is why you don’t see me post a lot of those types of deals here. Halo, on the other hand, is a pretty decent deal at 20% off – and since I am probably going to hop on this one… Read Full Article


Weekly Juice Battle 1

I’ve been noodling around the idea of a new feature to spice things up a little bit. Since I try so many juices from so many different vendors, I thought it would be a good idea to put them head to head and determine the real winners and losers. So… Read Full Article


A First Look at the KSD Siamese Hybrid

I was pretty stoked when I first saw the KSD Siamese pop up on FT a while back. I’ve actually never owned any kind of hybrid before, and I’ve never even seen a true hybrid dripper before, so it looked like a pretty cool little device to pick up. I… Read Full Article

First Impressions – The Rocket (Kayfun Clone)

SO… I was super excited when I first found that Fasttech had released a Kayfun clone called the Rocket. For only $13.37, I had no choice but to instantly order one. Well, FT is finally out of shipping hell, and this little beauty got here pretty quick. I have had… Read Full Article