Dominator RDA Clone: $14 Shipped

The Dominator is a hugely popular atomizer. I’ve been waiting for a while to find the right clone and I believe this is the one! It has a really nice stainless construction, spring loaded posts and tons of airflow options. This should make building coils super easy for just about… Read Full Article

Aerotank Giant Clone: $19 Shipped

Here’s your chance to get a great price on the massive Aerotank Giant. This is not an authentic, but you can always use authentic coils with it if you feel it would make a difference. This baby holds over 4ml of juice and will look great on all your gregarious… Read Full Article

Mini Nemesis Clone: $21 Shipped

I’ve been waiting for quite a while to get my hands on a mini Nemesis. I actually originally was going to wait for FT to get a hold of the copper version, but then I realized that there really aren’t going to be any great looking 17mm copper mods to… Read Full Article

Perseus Genesis RBA Clone: $15 Shipped

I don’t normally get too excited for Genesis style atomizers but this one is a real beauty. It’s called the Peseus and has some fairly standard features that you would normally expect from a genny. The real draw here is the beautiful design. It has a ton of character and… Read Full Article

Poseidon RDA Clone: $17 Shipped

The Poseidon is a rebuildable dripping atty that is pretty much designed for quad coils. It features a 5 post setup with possibility for 4 airholes. If you’re into quad coils and like the design of this one, it’s a nice look at $17. Tale of the Tape Aluminum 510… Read Full Article

Anima Hybrid RDA Clone: $9 Shipped

This one is pretty interesting. This is a clone of the Anima hybrid RDA. Now I can’t say with 100% certainty that this is also a hybrid but I am pretty sure that the bottom 510 connection unscrews for a hybrid option. I believe that this thing is made for… Read Full Article

Cryptix RDA Clone: $9 Shipped

This is the kind of atty you get more for style than anything. It features a pretty standard 3 post setup and no particularly special features other than it looks really cool. It’s a 22mm, so it should look good on most mechs. I personally like the design of it… Read Full Article

Wolverine Rebuildable Tank Atomizer: $32 Shipped

Here we’ve got a pretty interesting one. This is the Wolverine rebuildable tank atomizer. To me, it looks like a cross between a Squape, an Aqua and a Kayfun. It’s got all your favorite features of a typical Kayfun style atty, and features a dual coil post setup and HUGE… Read Full Article

Castle RDA Clone: $12 Shipped

I’ve been waiting for a good Castle clone for a long time now and I think I’ve finally found the one. There are several of these floating around and some of the other clones I’ve seen are really not good. This particular one is supposed to be super close to… Read Full Article

Dreadnaught Clone: $56 Shipped

I decided to wait a while before hopping on the dreadnaught wagon as these things are fairly pricey for mech mods and there are a few different clones out there. The initial reviews on this one are really pretty good, and this one appears to be pretty close to a… Read Full Article

Copper Steampunk Mod: $39 Shipped

  Here we’ve got a sick coppered-out steampunk mod. This one is a little more spendy than I normally like to see on a mech mod, but the pure copper including contacts, plus fancy steampunk embellishments make it well worthwhile. Tale of the Tape 510 threading connection Adjustable 510 center… Read Full Article

Kayfun Quartz Tank Kit: $5 Shipped

  Today we’ve got a sick deal on a quick way to give your Kayfun a totally new look to match up with your mods. This is the quartz tank kit. It features a really nice copper sleeve, available in multiple styles, and also a tank section available in foggy,… Read Full Article

Plume Veil Clone: $11 Shipped

I’ve really been anticipating the Plume Veil clone and I was pretty stoked to see it drop at an $11 price point. This is a really nice atty featuring a plated brass deck, brass contacts and a great looking overall design. For this price, it’s a true no-brainer. Tale of… Read Full Article

Tesla Vapelyfe Clone – Full Hybrid Kit $40 Shipped

  Here we’ve got the Tesla Vapelyfe mech mod hybrid kit. This thing is just flat out sick. This particular version is the stainless model featuring silver contacts and a hybrid atty included. It also has multiple tubes for different battery sizes. They also have a copper version of this… Read Full Article

IPV2 50 Watt Box Mod: $99 Shipped from USA

I was approached by the manufacturer of this product to preorder it directly from them, but decided to wait a little bit to see what the buzz was like… Everything I heard was absolutely fantastic, and I actually ended up wishing I would have just preordered one. At any rate,… Read Full Article

Zenith V2 Clone: $14 Shipped

I’m back with a ton of new deals! I decided to take some time off from buying stuff since I have SO much stuff here already that I haven’t even gotten to yet, but the fact of the matter is great new stuff is constantly being pumped out and some… Read Full Article

4Nine Mechanical Mod 1:1 Clone: $21 Shipped

This is a mod I have been really excited about. Unlike pretty much every other mechanical mod, the 4nine doesn’t have a 510 connection on the top, rather you screw your atomizer into the mech so that the battery makes a direct connection with the pin on your atty. This… Read Full Article

Nucleus RDA Clone: $12 Shipped

Here we’ve got a really interesting looking clone of the Nucleus RDA. This one features a new and unusual post setup that I’ve never seen before. Additionally, it also has adjustable airflow and comes with a Chi You style drip tip. I’m really not sure what the deal is with… Read Full Article

Kanger Aerotank Mega Clone: $18 Shipped

Here we’ve got a clone of the super-popular Mega Aerotank. This is a bigger version of the super popular Kanger Aerotank in a 22mm diameter. This is great because it should sit flush on most mods. Since it is a clone, it is also markedly cheaper than the authentic version.… Read Full Article

DNA 30 Chip Clone: $27 Shipped

This guy needs no introduction. It’s the infamous DNA 30 chip, cloned. Once upon a time these were extremely hard to get. Now that they have been cloned you can pick them up for a super reasonable price and create your own completely custom DNA mod. Click Here to buy for… Read Full Article

Kayfun Mini V2 Clone: $14 Shipped

I’ve been waiting for this little guy to come around for quite a while now. When I look at this, I can’t help but think that it is an absolute perfect match for the VTR. I always enjoy using my VTR with a BT 804 Dream Tank, but they are… Read Full Article

Conquer RDA Clone: $10 Shipped

At first glance this is a fairly plain looking atty, but I am really enamored with the features on this one. It features super fat post holes which I absolutely love and are perfect for thick kanthal builds. It also has really nice post screws that look like you could… Read Full Article

ELM Hybrid Dripping Atomizer Clone: $12 Shipped

The Elm clone is a pretty interesting one. This is designed to turn your Tree of Life mech into a hybrid. It will also work on the Caravela, Paps, JM22 and probably some other various mods as well. The atomizer itself looks to me like a cross between the TOBH… Read Full Article

Copper 18650 Stingray Clone: $25 Shipped

I already own 1 stingray clone in brass that I absolutely love, but this one really appears to be “next-level”. There are a ton of various Stingray clones out there right now, but I think this is one of the best for several reasons. First off, it has the same… Read Full Article

Black NZONIC Clone: $22 Shipped

  The NZONIC clones have been out probably close to a year now, however they were always more on the expensive side. Now they have finally come to Fasttech and at a very reasonable price. These babies will telescope to fit anything from an 18350 to 18650 and feature brass… Read Full Article

Smoktech Magneto Style Mod: $19 Shipped

Today we’ve got a clone of the popular Smoktech Magneto. This one does not feature any of the Magneto branding but is crafted in a similar style. The Magneto is no new product. It has been out for quite a while, as have the clones. I’ve waited on promoting any… Read Full Article

CATS RDA Clone – Round 2: $13 Shipped

  Here we’ve got the second attempt at a CATS RDA clone. I own the first one, and I was not impressed with it at all. I didn’t mind that the post configuration was different, but the airholes on the inner chamber were completely messed up making it practically unusuable.… Read Full Article

Heavy Taste RDA: $6.62

Here we’ve got the Heavy Taste RDA. This is an Enigma-style atomizer, with very similar specs and appearance. The positive is that they didn’t rip off the Enigma logo – so this is a perfect RDA for all the clone-haters out there. In addition to not infringing on anyone’s copyrights,… Read Full Article

Aspire ET-BDC Style Clearomizer – $5.10 Shipped

  Today we’ve got a nice deal on the Aspire ET-BDC style clearomizers. These kind of remind me of the Evod style clearomizers based on their look and feel. As far as I know, they are NOT authentic, however they should function and look like the real thing, and accept… Read Full Article