Aspire CE5-BDC Clone

  Here’s a nice deal on the Aspire CE5 BDC style clearomizers. These are NOT authentic, however they basically look and function the same way and accept aspire coil heads. For under $5, this is one of the best clearomizers you can get right now. Click Here to buy for… Read Full Article


Copper Plated Drip Tips: $2 Shipped

This little beauty doesn’t need any introduction – it’s a super beautiful stainless steel drip tip with copper plate. It’s short, and very wide bore, making it perfect for dripping – you can drip your juice straight through the tip, and it will look GREAT on any of your copper… Read Full Article


Senio Hybrid RDA: $8 Shipped

This one is really interesting – it’s a RDA that attaches to your Caravela, King, JM22, Paps or Raijin mod and turns it into a hybrid dripper. It features a nice brass band and a 2 post setup. This is definitely one of the more interesting and unique RDAs I’ve seen come… Read Full Article


Magma RDA Clone: $15 Shipped

Here we’ve got the long awaited Magma clone. This baby features a revolutionary airflow control design with many different options. It features enormous post holes to fit even the biggest, most twisted kanthal. It’s got a super deep drip well to hold a ton of additional juice. You name it,… Read Full Article


Copper Quasar Clone: $9 Shipped

We’re seeing a huge influx of copper RDAs lately, and I love it! With all the sick copper mods out there, there’s no doubt that anyone who has one would love a sweet copper RDA to pair with it. The quasar is probably one of the better copper RDAs I… Read Full Article


Super Size 26650 Stillare: $11 Shipped

  Here we’ve got something for the vaper who likes to go big. This Stillare clone is a super-wide 28.5mm, designed to fit perfectly on 26650 mods. This is a rare piece as of right now, because there are really only a handful of RDAs that fit well on a… Read Full Article


Atomic RDA: $9 Shipped

  Today we’ve got the Atomic RDA clone from FT. This is another super popular rebuildable atomizer that has finally become available for a super low price via Fasttech. This atty features a nice stainless design, adjustable airflow and a 3 post setup with nice sized post holes. For under… Read Full Article


Origen Rebuildable Atomizer: $11 Shipped

Here we’ve got a beautiful 1:1 clone of the popular Origen RDA. This is a really unique RDA featuring airflow control, a very large positive post with 2 negative posts in the deck and a deep drip well. I have been waiting a really long time for this one to… Read Full Article


V42 Dripping Atty: $9 Shipped

I don’t know exactly what to make of this one, but it does look interesting. It’s got a nice size and look to it, along with a 3 post setup featuring HUGE holes in the posts. Now it looks like securing the leads inside the post holes is either done… Read Full Article


Copper Hades Clone: $27 Shipped

For the vaper who just isn’t satisfied with a solid copper 18650 mod, now you can finally get your copper fix in jumbo size. This is a pure copper 26650 Hades clone that has all the same bells and whilstles as your favorite Hades – now in pure copper! Tale… Read Full Article

EPIC: 26650 Solid Brass Panzer – $29 Shipped

So you want something that is not only enormously huge, but also enormously heavy? Now you got it! The regular size Panzer is already easily one of the heaviest mods I own. I was shocked to see this gigantic 26650 solid brass Panzer on FT today. I can’t imagine a… Read Full Article


Copper Panzer Clone: $26 Shipped

This beauty really needs no introduction. We’ve seen it in Stainless, Brass, Black and Mixed. Now you can get your hands on a solid copper panzer mod – all the way down to the copper pins. This is a must for voltage drop snobs! I have a solid copper Nemesis… Read Full Article


Stillaire Drip Tip: $2 Shipped

Not much explanation necessary here. The Stillaire is one of the most popular RDAs right now, and now you can get extra Stillaire tips for just 2 bucks a pop. These are nice and short, and have a fairly wide bore so they should work fine for dripping straight through.… Read Full Article


Glass Muffler-Style Drip Tip: $2.50 Shipped

Anyone who reads my stuff with any regularity probably knows that the muffler style drip tips are among my most favorite and most used. Naturally I was incredibly stoked to see these new stainless/glass muffler hybrid tips hit FT today. These things are just awesome. One of the things I… Read Full Article


Storm-A RDA: $8.84 Shipped

Today we’ve got something a little different with the Storm-A RDA. From what I can tell, this is made in the same style as the Origin V2. It has a fat center post with 2 negative posts in the deck and a very deep juice well. It also features adjustable… Read Full Article


Raijin Mechanical Mod Clone: $20 Shipped

Today we’ve got the Raijin 18650 mechanical mod clone. This features a variety of engravings, bottom locking ring, brass contacts, and a single 18650 tube, which is always my first preference. Overall this is a really cool looking mod that can also be paired with the Raiju atomizer. Tale of… Read Full Article


Mini DNA30 Clone

Here’s a clone that really needs no introduction. Now the DNA30 version is out. This particular one is for the mini, a smaller version with 2 built in 600mah batteries. This will give you roughly the same battery life as the Vaporshark DNA30. Personally, I would suggest waiting until the… Read Full Article


26650 Tree of Life Mod: $27 Shipped

It seems like making regular mods super-sized is the flavor of the week right now, and that trend is continuing with the Jumbo Tree of Life 26650 mod. If you ask me, I think it looks a LOT better than the Hades, plus features silver contacts and nice brass accents… Read Full Article


Voltage Tester: $10 Shipped

So this little guy might seem a little corny and useless, but I’ve actually been waiting on this for quite a while. This is basically an attachment that will go on any mod in-between the mod and the atomizer. You can use it to tell you what ohms your coil… Read Full Article


Brass Panzer Clone: $24 Shipped

This beauty pretty much speaks for itself. It’s your favorite Panzer mod, now in PURE BRASS. As you can see everything down to the contacts is pure brass. With all the nice looking brass atties out there, this is kind of a no-brainer if you’re a panzer fan! Tale of… Read Full Article


IGO-W6 RDA – $17 Shipped

Finally, the IGO-W6 has hit fasttech. This has been a much talked about atty – it features a ton of customization options including multiple airflow positions, and a 5 post setup to accommodate even the craziest of builds. This is one I have been waiting on for quite a while… Read Full Article


Raiju RDA Clone: $8 Shipped

We’ve been seeing a ton of cool RDAs hitting the clone market lately, and this one in particular really caught my eye. The design looks to me like an improved IGO-L. It has a large adjustable airflow option, and features a deck with 4 posts for easy dual-coiling. It also comes… Read Full Article


Black TOBH Clone: $9.92 Shipped

So yesterday was the Brass TOBH, today is the all black version. This is a stainless steel atty with a black coating on the top cap. It features all the great stats of the TOBH, including the copper contact. I’m hoping at some point they will just sell the top… Read Full Article


Brass TOBH Clone: $9.92 Shipped

The TOBH is all the rage right now, probably due to the amazing customizability of it. Now they’ve given us one more thing to customize – the appearance. This bad boy features an all-brass top cap, sure to be a beautiful match with any of your brass mechs. This also… Read Full Article


Hades Style RDA: $12 Shipped

I can tell you for sure that the thing I like the least about my Hades mod is that no atty really fits well on it. Luckily, that problem is about to be solved with this sweet new RDA made just for the hades. Wide enough to sit flush, and… Read Full Article


Kanger Aerotank Clone: $12 Shipped

Now all you Aerotank fans can get a cloned version of the original for significantly less. I have a genuine Aerotank and I personally really like it a lot. After checking over the specs, I don’t see a lot that differs between the clone and the original, so I can’t… Read Full Article


3D 510 Adapter: $2.46 Shipped

If you’ve been loving your 3D but want the ability to use it on other mods besides the Nemesis, the wait is over. You can now pick up this cheap and simple 510 adapter made for the 3D which will allow you to use it on any device. Please note… Read Full Article