POM Black Wide Bore Drip Tips: $2 Shipped

Here we’ve got the POM wide bore black drip tips for a staggering price of only $2 with free shipping. These are the same tips that come with the CATs RDA. Not only are these short and wide bore for optimal use with drippers, the black POM material should prevent… Read Full Article


26650 Stingray Clone: $26 Shipped

Just when I was getting ready to bust out my regular 18650 stingray clone, FT decided to drop this beast – a Stingray styled 26650 mod. This one has quite a bit more style to it than the previous 26650 clones out there, so if you’re looking for something with… Read Full Article


Black Nimbus Clone: $5 Shipped

Another day, another black RDA. It seems like these have just been popping up left and right as of late. I am particularly interested in this one. I have a couple different Nimbus RDAs and they all perform great. This one I like because it has the 2 side airholes,… Read Full Article


Double Barrel Vamo APV: $38 Shipped

Here’s something a little new and interesting – the double barrel Vamo. I’ve had a Vamo for a long time and I actually quite like it. For the price, it’s about as good an APV as you can get. The one thing I really don’t like about it is that… Read Full Article


Black Kayfun Lite Clone: $14 Shipped

Today we’ve got a really sick looking black Kayfun Lite clone. I love the way this one looks, and the silver logo really makes the whole thing pop. There has been a lot of discussion in the FT forums on whether the material is safe. After looking over the details,… Read Full Article


Black Omega Clone: $7 Shipped

  Today we’ve got a really nice looking black dripper – the Omega clone. this is already a really nice RDA with adjustable airflow and a nice deep drip well. Now you can get it in a sleek all black color with a black muffler drip tip included. The drip… Read Full Article


Black Hades 26650 Clone: $27 Shipped

Today we’ve got the all-black Hades 26650 clone. With the crazy amount of black atomizers coming out, you’re going to need some nice looking black mods to use them with, and this one is definitely slick looking. The only real downside I can see is that it uses brass contacts… Read Full Article


Authentic 510 Threaded Kanger T4S: $2.72 Shipped

Here we’ve got an authentic Kanger T4S with 510 threading. I thought these were primarily 808-D threaded, so I was happy to see them in 510. I really like the size of them. Unlike most other kanger tanks, these are top coil rather than bottom coil – kind of like… Read Full Article


Double O-Ring Mixed Drip Tips – $1.84 Shipped

These tips first caught my eye because they actually look really nice. They are also have about the exact height I typically prefer. The downside is that they don’t have the wide bore – so you couldn’t drip straight through these as easily. I see them working better for tank… Read Full Article


Alternatecig Juice Sale – $1.99/10ml

Here’s an awesome deal from Alternatecig. You can get 10ml bottles for a shocking $1.99 each. The last time they ran this sale I stocked up and so far I have really been liking what they have to offer. So far I have tried their Peanut Butter Cup, Milk of… Read Full Article


Brass Hades 26650 Clone: $26 Shipped

  Today we’ve got a brass version of the extremely popular Hades clone. This is a 26650 mod that will let you use the biggest and most powerful battery available for mods right now. This one also has silver contacts for increased conductivity. I have the first Hades clone and… Read Full Article


Authentic Vortex RDA $25 – 75% Off Retail

I got a tip from a reader yesterday night (thanks Gary!), that VaperVenue is selling authentic Vortex RDAs at around 75% off retail. You can now get an authentic Vortex from a US vendor for $25. Now I actually reviewed the Vortex clone a while back and personally didn’t really… Read Full Article


Brass Monkey RDA: $8 Shipped

  I’m probably most excited to try out new drippers, and this particular one looks really nice. It has a design kind of similar to the ‘ol faithful IGO-L, with a TON of upgrades. It has a nice thick stainless construction and it’s also available in brass, but I personally… Read Full Article


Dynasty Smooth SS Drip Tip Clone: $2.80 Shipped

These Dynasty drip tip clones look like a pretty sweet bargain for under $3. This particular model is completely smooth and a little shorter than the other Dynasty clones that are out right now. The engraving also looks markedly better in the picture, although it could go either way once… Read Full Article


Dynasty Drip Tip Clones: $5 Shipped for a 2-Pack

Today we’re looking at a 2-pack of Dynasty Drip Tips (clones). These normally go for a good $25, and are often sold out. As far as drip tips go, these are just the type I like – fairly short and wide bore. These should be totally fine for dripping straight… Read Full Article


#VAPEPORN Drip Tip Clone: $2.48 Shipped

Today FT just made the popular #VAPEPORN drip tips (clone) available.  These are pretty cool tips – they normally retail for over $20. Now from the pictures, the engraving doesn’t look particularly stellar, but I have ordered some stuff from FT where the engraving looks shitty in the pictures and… Read Full Article


Black Panzer: $31 Shipped

  I got my first Panzer clone in about a week ago and I really love it, even thoughit is just the plain stainless version. Now, for about the same price, you can get a nice shiny black one. I personally think these look way cooler, and if you can… Read Full Article


Brass Kraken Sleeve

  The Kraken is one of the better genesis style atomizers out right now, and part of the reason is due to the cool look and feel, mostly thanks to the large sleeve they utilize. You can now get a brass sleeve to replace the normal stainless one they come… Read Full Article


Aspire Nautilus: $21 Shipped

The Aspire Nautlius has taken the vaping community by storm and is one of the most popular clearomizers on the market right now, although it is fairly expensive compared to it’s competitors. I finally found a good enough deal on one today that I decided to pull the trigger. It… Read Full Article


Prometheus Clone: $20 Shipped

FT first dropped a Prometheus clone a couple months ago. At the time, I passed on it because for one thing, Genesis atties are about as low on my list as it gets, and secondly, I heard the first one was no good. Now they have released a second one… Read Full Article


CATs RDA Clone: $9 Shipped

Man I am seriously so pumped about this one. I literally just watched a RiP Trippers review on this one yesterday at lunch, and I was seriously considering dropping 120 for the authentic one. I didn’t have a clue at all that these would be available today for just under… Read Full Article


Helio Dripper: Round 3 – $7 Shipped

I’ve had a bunch of people asking questions about the Helio. The first Helio clone I reviewed was flawed to begin with, as the airhole adjustment didn’t work at all.  The airflow on the second helio clone I reviewed was better, but still didn’t really make any sense to me,… Read Full Article


Price Drop: Stillare Clone – $8 Shipped

After just posting a deal for the Stillare yesterday, I was shocked to wake up this morning and find it had just been released by FT for about 1/3 of the price. For under 10 bucks now, you can get your hands on this dripper. It features a versatile airflow… Read Full Article


Quasar RDA Clone: $8 Shipped

Today we’re taking a look at the Quasar that was just made available on FT. This has been a highly anticipated clone for some time now, and it’s finally here for under $10. This one features a nice adjustable airflow system and a 3 post design. The post holes look… Read Full Article


Cartel Stillare Clone: $23.99 Shipped

Today I’ve got a really nice deal on the Cartel Stillare RDA. This is a really up and coming dripper – it features gold plated posts and screws for optimim connectivity, and it has a really nice adjustable airflow system. Additionally, it has really wide holes in the posts making… Read Full Article


IGO-M RDA: $11 Shipped

Fasttech has really been stepping up the IGO series distribution lately, and today we’ve got the IGO-M. This rebuildable dripper has what looks to me like the newest Helios post setup, with the double center post. This would be a great dual coil dripper, and also looks like you could… Read Full Article