Steam Turbine Clone

I really don’t know anything about the original Steam Turbine, so I don’t know what the deal is with this one. It looks cool, but it also looks pretty gaudy, so I’m not totally sure how it is going to actually look on a mech. At any rate, I had… Read Full Article


Fasttech Steamboy Clone Now Available

  Update: got mine in and it is very nice. Check out the full review. Actually I’m a little late to the party in posting this one. I ordered mine last week. They are in stock now, so they should get to you relatively quick if you order one. I… Read Full Article


Svoe Mesto Kayfun 3.1 Clone Now Available

Well just a few days after the “rocket” broke open the flood gates, it looks like another Kayfun clone has already been released. this one is the Svoe Mesto Kayfun 3.1 clone. It looks to me like it is pretty similar to the original. For $21, this is substantially below… Read Full Article


Just Dropped: The Poldaic Clone

  I really wasn’t totally sure if the Poldaic would actually be cloned. I guess I was totally wrong. I woke up this morning to find this beast available on Fasttech. Even though I own an authentic Poldaic, I’m pretty happy to see this one come to fruition. I really… Read Full Article


Sick Tips – Don’t Miss This One

  Fasttech has really been bringing the heat lately. This tip has been long overdue. I have thought about buying one here in the US for over $20 before, now I’m glad I didn’t. These are long, sexy, stainless drip tips that will have everyone talking. There’s not really much… Read Full Article


Fasttech Drops the Hornet

So on the same day that Fasttech launches their first Kayfun clone, they also dropped this interesting little piece alongside of it. I have never seen anything like this one before. It looks like it is meant for a U-wick, with 2 wicking holes and a horizontal top coil. Here… Read Full Article


Finally… The Kayfun Has Been Knocked Off

You can imagine my sheer joy when I woke up the other day to see that the popular Kayfun has finally been cloned. If you don’t know what the Kayfun is, it’s basically one of the hottest rebuildable atomizers out right now. It’s less finnicky than a gennie and easier… Read Full Article


Something New – The KSD Siamese Hybrid from Fasttech

I was perusing Fasttech yesterday morning and it looks like they are really coming with the heat now that they are done with their holiday. The latest gadget I just HAD to have is the KSD Siamese Hybrid. Here’s the skinny from Fasttech: Bottom spring-loaded firing button Can be powered… Read Full Article


New KSD Novice 14500 Mod Kit from Fasttech

Fasttech just today released their first 14500 mech mod, the KSD Novice. Not sure if this one is from HCigar or somewhere else, but it looks great and I have been dying to try out a 14500 mod. After falling in love with my Precise Plus because of its narrow… Read Full Article