Beard Gains: Banana Breading Review

Ok today we’ve got yet another from Beard Gains. I only have one Beard Gains juice left after this one to review, so we’re getting to the home stretch. This one is called Banana Breading, or Gladiator, depending on which title you choose to acknowledge.  I’ve pretty much given up… Read Full Article


Beard Gains: Water Pearple Review

Today we’re going to be taking another look at a juice from Beard Gains. This one is called Water Pearple. Not only could I not find a description for this juice on their site, I couldn’t even find this juice on their site at all. In fact, when I visited it today… Read Full Article


Beard Gains – Mashmallow Review

Today I’ve got a really interesting one from Beard Gains called Mashmallow. I’ve been vaping this juice for the past 3 weeks – primarily in an Aspire Atlantis with an 0.3 ohm coil. I’ve got it at 18mg in a 70/30 blend – they don’t specify which is which, but… Read Full Article


Goodejuice: Apple Rancher Review

Today I’m going to be reviewing another ejuice from GoodeJuice. This time, however, it’s not one of their NETs. I have sampled/reviewed several different NETs from Goodejuice, but this was my first non tobacco flavor from them, so I was really looking forward to seeing what they had to offer… Read Full Article


Beard Gains: Cucumber Melon Review

Today I’ve got the first in a new line I’m sampling from Beard Gains. This one is called Melon Cucumber. They don’t really have a specific description of this juice on their site, although the name pretty solidly describes the flavor profile. Here’s what they say about their juices: Our… Read Full Article


Southwest Mist: Eileen’s Dream Review

I was super excited to get the opportunity to sample a bunch of naturally extracted tobacco blends from Southwest Mist. First up in their lineup is Eileens Dream. Now this one, I could not currently find on their site so no description. I basically found it to be a mild… Read Full Article


Zombies! Ejuice: Zombie Chomp Review

After a long stint vaping NETs, I decided to go back to some more fruity flavors. Today I’ve got one from Zombies! Ejuice. It’s called Zombie Chomp. Here’s what they say about it: We ran away from a horde of zombies and took shelter in an abandoned candy shop. While… Read Full Article


Goodejuice – Patriot Tobacco Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at one of the quintessential NET vapes out there – Goodejuice’s Patriot Tobacco. Here’s what they say about it: This flavor is a salute to our country and servicemen and women here and abroad. We extract Natural Tobacco flavor from Louisiana Perique,… Read Full Article


MBV Gwar Fluids: GwaRy4 Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the next juice in Mt. Baker Vapor’s Gwar Fluids line. This one is called GwaRy4. Here’s what they say about it: From our newest specialty line “GWAR Fluids”: GwaRy4. Our lords and masters Gwar commanded we make an Ry4 worthy of them.… Read Full Article


MBV Gwar Fluids: Jizmoglobin Review

Next up in my series of Gwar Fluids reviews is Jizmoglobin, and as you can see this 30ml bottle definitely follows the trend I have set with the other MBV juices of being almost entirely empty now that review time has finally come around. Here’s what they say about it:… Read Full Article


MBV Gwar Fluids: Spew Review

Today we’re going to be looking at the next juice in MBV’s Gwar Series – Spew. Here’s what they say about it: From our newest specialty line “GWAR Fluids”: Spew. A primarily melon flavor with hints of mixed fruits and berries. From the wretched bowels of Scumdogs to your lips. A true… Read Full Article


Coval Vapes: Azeroth Review

Today I’ve got a juice called Azeroth from Coval vapes. This one came to me via a Zodist box I received a couple months back. Here’s what they say about it: An RY type bacco that has an incredibly smooth vanilla with caramel emerging on the exhale. This is from… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Snacky S’mores Review

When it comes to ejuice, I’ve found that you can rarely go wrong with graham cracker style flavors. What makes them even better? Combining them with marshmallow and chocolate. That’s exactly what I’ve got today with Smokecignals’ Snacky Smores. Here’s what they say about it: It took us 16 different… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Bourbon Infused Tobacco

As someone who’s had more than his fair share of both Bourbon and Tobacco, I felt that Smokecignals’ Bourbon Infused Tobacco would be a natural match for me. This is from their Infused Tobacco line, where you can select a flavor to infuse with their base tobacco flavor. First Impressions… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Trailhand Tobacco Review

After a long summer of vaping many fruity and decadent vapes, I was quite looking forward to getting back into the swing of things with a nice, rustic tobacco. Today I’ve got Trailhand Tobacco from Smokecignals. If you read between the lines, they are basically putting this out there as… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Sarlacc Crunch Review

Today we’ve got another one from Smokecignals. This one is called Sarlacc Crunch. Here’s what they say about it: Just like the original, this flavor has nothing to do with Cake, gummy worms, or kiwi. It features the base that made the Hungry Sarlacc flavor a Smokecignals instant hit with… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Chai Review

Anyone who follows my reviews at all likely knows that I’m a tea snob, and I’m always looking for new tea flavored vapes to try. Today I’ve got a Chai blend from Smokecignals. Here’s what they say about it: Tea and spices to heighten and enlighten. This is a delicate… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Churro Review

By now I’m sure we’ve all had an experience with a Churro. They’re light, sugary, have that deep fried touch to them and a strong kick of cinnamon. They make an excellent snack or dessert just about any time, and now I’m going to see how a Churro vapes. Here’s… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Limeade Review

If you hadn’t guessed the theme of the next Juice Battle yet, it’s going to be Smokecignals juices. Today I’ve got their Limeade. Here’s what they say about it: Sweetened limes for the perfect afternoon drink. Add your favorite flavors to this mix, or have it plain. First Impressions This… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Pipe Tobacco Review

I love the idea of finding a great rustic and tasty pipe tobacco to vape throughout the day, and get the feel of smoking an actual pipe. Unfortunately I have not found one yet that has met my standards. Today I am going to see if Smokecignals’ Pipe Tobacco is… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: King Cake Review

When I saw this King Cake flavor, I knew I just had to try it. Now I’ve never had King Cake before, but I know what it is. King Cake is a Mardi Gras tradition that has been around for a very long time. In it’s current format, it is… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Hungry Sarlacc Review

Moving on this week, we’ve got another one from Smokecignals. This one is called Hungry Sarlacc. Here’s what they say about it: Don’t let the picture fool you. There’s no Cake or Gummi Worms or Kiwi in this one. This is a unique blend of tobacco with some sweet and… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Margarita Review

Today I’ve got a vaper’s twist on a classic alcoholic beverage – the margarita, by Smokecignals. Here’s what they say about it: Classic Mexican cocktail. Tequila, lime and a hint of orange make this vape refreshing and lip licking good! First Impressions I’ve got this one at 18mg in a… Read Full Article


Vapewell – Hive Review

This is my first ever review of a Vapewell juice. I received this juice as part of a Zodist box based on the profile I filled out. Here’s what they say about it: Natural Coconut taste sweetened with the power of Honey. Perfect with a cup of coffee or a… Read Full Article


Space Jam – Starship 1 Review #2

I have only ever done this so far with 1 or 2 other juices, but this is actually my second review of Starship 1. The first time I reviewed it was during Custard Week last winter. At the time, I was reviewing it in the context of Custard Week, and… Read Full Article


Cosmic Fog – Cola Gummy Review

In this review we will be looking at Cola Gummy from Cosmic Fog. This is another juice I received in my sample box from Zodist, and was selected for me based on the user profile I submitted. Here’s what they say about it: Those chewy gummy cola bottles we all… Read Full Article


The Juicery – The Weekend Review

It’s been at least a good month since my last juice review. I decided to take some time off this summer to enjoy some of the existing juices I really liked. As a juice reviewer trying to review 10 juices a week for the past year, I have gotten into… Read Full Article


Alpha Vape: Sweet Tooth Review

Today I’ve got Sweet Tooth from Alpha Vape – a new vendor for me. Here’s what they say about it: An amazing vanilla graham cracker cookie I’ve got it at an unknown nic level in a house blend. First Impressions This juice has an orange color and smells sweet and… Read Full Article


Bombies: Tiger Style Review

Today I’ve got Tiger Style from Bombies. Here’s what they say about it: A more mellow type vape.  These flavors blend so well together your taste buds will have a hard time picking out each individual fruit. I’ve got it at 18mg in a house blend. First Impressions This juice… Read Full Article