Aroma Ejuice: Beatle Juice (WTA) Review

At the time I selected my juices for this week I didn’t realize that Red Tail Vapor and Aroma Ejuice are both sold by Aroma Ejuice. I don’t know if they are produced from the same vendor or not -so if they are then I inadvertently broke my rule of… Read Full Article


Red Tail Vapor: Dark Honey Tobacco (WTA) Review

Continuing on with Tobacco Week, I thought it would be a good idea to mix in a couple WTA (Whole Tobacco Alkaloid) juices. I will probably do a separate post explaining WTAs in more depth, but basically it is a different way of extracting nicotine from ejuice that preserves alkaloids… Read Full Article


Good Life Vapor: Deadly Sin Review

This one is interesting – labeled as a “Dessert Tobacco” vape, it’s something I’ve never really tried before and I was super excited to give it a go. It’s called Deadly Sin – here’s what they say about it: A sweet, bakery tobacco vape. A description will never do this… Read Full Article


Johnson’s Creek: Tennessee Cured Review

Pushing forward with Tobacco Week, I’ve got another one from Johnson’s Creek. This one is called Tennessee Cured. Here’s what they say about it: The slightly less sweet cousin of JC Original™, this rich and smoky tobacco flavor will charm you from the first puff with hints of burnt caramel… Read Full Article


Mountain Oak Vapors: Southern Gentleman Review

Today I’m going to be taking a look at Southern Gentleman, a naturally extracted tobacco from Mountain Oak Vapors. Here’s what they say about it: Southern Gentleman™ starts off with a mix of Virginia, Latika, and Perique tobacco’s that have been blended with an aromatic Amaretto that consists of Black… Read Full Article


Rocket Fuel Vapes: Calamity Jane Review

Trudging onward, deeper into Tobacco Week, I’ve found myself vaping quite a bit of my next victim: Calamity Jane from Rocket Fuel Vapes. Here’s what they say about it: BESTSELLER! Calamity Jane is a blend of sweet, mild tobaccos for a more sophisticated and distinctive tobacco taste. I’m not entirely… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Sophisticated Tobacco Review

As tobacco week continues on, I find myself working to get through about 3 new tobaccos per day for the next couple days. I’m going to be camping from Friday until Monday over the long weekend, and I want to have the juice battle finalized before I head out –… Read Full Article


Juice Mafia: Nero Tobacco Review

Ok as I hinted at the end of my last Juice Battle, we’re having another all-tobacco week this week which will lead up to our second ever Tobacco battle. I’ve got a bunch of cool new tobaccos to try out, many from vendors I’ve never tried before including today’s –… Read Full Article


Bombies: A Real Nightmare Review

Today I’ve got another one from Bombies, and I promise I won’t say this one tastes just like Nana Cream or Seven Seas! It’s called A Real Nightmare – here’s what they say about it: After a few months of vaping ‘Bacco B, I began to have vivid dreams of a… Read Full Article


Mt. Baker Vapor: Thug Juice Review

It’s finally time for me to review possibly one of the most popular ejuices of all time, Thug Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor. Here’s what they say about it: Try this blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish. Thug Juice is a deliciously balanced cool and fruity… Read Full Article


Vapors Anonymous: Street Walker Review

I’ve been pretty impressed with Vapors Anonymous so far, and today I’ve got their best selling Street Walker. Here’s what they say about it: She roams the streets at night looking to show you a good time. She possess the power to seduce any man or woman she can lay… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Malter White

In the process of reviewing new juices practically every day, I inevitably run into one here and there that I just can’t seem to put my finger on. That’s exactly what I’ve got today with Malter White from Smokecignals. Here’s what they say about it: A thick, sweet, almost indescribable… Read Full Article


Johnson’s Creek: Red Oak Silverthorn Review

This is my first juice ever from Johnson’s Creek. These guys have had some buzz about their tobaccos for quite a while, so I was super excited to get a crack at trying some. This one is called Silverthorn, from their Red Oak line. Here’s what they say about it:… Read Full Article


Hangsen: USA Tobacco Review

Ok here’s a cheapo Chinese tobacco from Hangsen. It’s their USA Mix – in this case the name is pretty much irrelevant. Just thing generic tobacco eliquid. I’ve got it at low nicotine in their proprietary blend. First Impressions This juice has a very light brown tone to it and… Read Full Article


The Vapor Co: Espresso Review

I’m gradually whittling down my supply of Shark Juice selections to choose from and this week the lucky winner is Espresso. Here’s what they say about it: Smooth and versatile this custom Espresso vapor leaves you wanting more and more. With each taste, you experience the rich nuances of a… Read Full Article


Nirvana Vapor: Rama’s Ras Mali Review

It’s been a while since I reviewed one from Nirvana Vapor, and this is actually the last bottle I have from them at the moment, so I’ve been through the majority of their flavors now. This one is called Rama’s Ras Mali. Here’s what they say about it: Rama’s Ras… Read Full Article


Captivape: Kraken’s Blood Review

As soon as I smelled this in the bottle I realized it was a black licorice flavored vape, so I ended up putting this one on the shelf for quite a while. Recently my palate seems to be changing because the last few licorice flavored vapes I have tried, I… Read Full Article


ECBlend: Dragon’s Blood Review

Today I’ve got another one from ECblend’s Dragon Series. This one appears to be the one that started it all! It’s called Dragon’s Blood. Here’s what they say about it: Dragon’s Blood® – Described as “Beyond Creamy”™ with a rich dragon fruit taste.   “Oh! So Creamy!”®™ I’ve got it… Read Full Article


The Vapor Co: Smokey Cherry

Today I’ve got Smokey Cherry from The Vapor Co. I couldn’t find this one on their site even though I only bought it a couple months ago… I’m pretty sure it is supposed to be a cherry tobacco flavor, otherwise I don’t know why it would be named smokey cherry.… Read Full Article


Vaporshark: Strawberry Cheesecake Review

It seems like just about every vendor has their own take on cheesecake, and while they always sound amazing, I still have not really found any cheesecake flavored vape that actually tastes like real live cheesecake. Today we’ll see if Vaporshark’s Strawberry Cheesecake can change that. Here’s what they say… Read Full Article


Alternatecig: Classic Coke Review

Today I’ve got Alternatecig’s take on a good old American classic – Classic Coke. Here’s what they say about it: The best soda-pop in the world has now been turned into a vaping sensation! Just like the original,Classic Cola is sweet and bubbly. It will give you that refrshing carbonated experience… Read Full Article


Alice in Vapeland: Orange Makes Me Creamsicle Review

After taking a couple weeks off from reviewing AIV juices, I decided to bring them back into the fold this week with their Orange Makes Me Creamsicle. Here’s what they say about it: Jack and Jill went up the hill carrying buckets of cream and oranges. They slipped and fell… Read Full Article


Azure Vaping: Rob’s Blackjack

This week we’ve had plenty of tobaccos to cover, and here’s another one from Azure called Rob’s Blackjack. Here’s what they say about it: In the works for almost 8 months, this flavor went through many trials before we finally settled on a recipe that we felt truly proud of.This… Read Full Article


Smokecignals: Donut Review

There’s nothing better than a nice fresh doughnut, and since it’s probably not the greatest idea for me to be eating them all the time, the next best thing is vaping them! Today we’ll see if Smokecignals’ Donut flavor cuts the mustard. Here’s what they say about it: Have it… Read Full Article


ECBlend: Dragon’s Breath Review

After the first Dragon Series juice I tried won a juice battle, the second couple have been average at best. I’m hoping today we can get back on track with Dragon’s Breath. Here’s what they say about it: ECBlend’s Dragon’s Breath® – After-Dinner smooth and creamy flavors leave a lingering freshness and cooling sensation after vaping.  A special mixture of Mints blended… Read Full Article


Strix Elixirs: The Bogart Review

Today I’ve got Strix Elixirs – a vendor I have not tried before.  Here’s what they say about it: What sets our tobacco apart from others? We use only natural tobacco extractions from the highest quality tobacco leaves- nothing artificial here. This creates the most realistic tobacco eJuice for the… Read Full Article


Mountain Oak Vapors: Apache Review

So I’ve been extremely hard on MOV lately, after having bad experiences with several of their silver label tobaccos. I finally reviewed the last one last week, and then as luck would have it, I ended up picking up some more bottles. This week I’ve got Apache, which is a… Read Full Article


Bombies ‘Nana Cream Review

Bananas and cream… Normally an amazingly good flavor in real life, this combination has been tough to correctly nail down as a vape flavor. Today I’ve got Bombies’ Nana Cream. Here’s what they say about it: A creamy and smooth mixture of delectable fruits. I’ve got it at 18mg in… Read Full Article


The Vapor Co: Shark Daniels Review

Out of all the juices I ordered from the Vapor Co, this is one of the ones I was most excited to try. Unfortunately there’s no description because it’s not up on the site right now, and frankly I don’t even know if they will even keep offering this one… Read Full Article


Roar Vapor: Hawaii Sunrise Review

I’ve had my fair share of tropical fruit vapes, but being that it’s a flavor I quite like, I’m always up for more! Today I’ve got Hawaii Sunrise from Roar Vapor. Here’s what they say about it: Picture Hawaii, a tropical paradise. Sitting on the beach in the morning as… Read Full Article