The Tantra Mod by Chillum Vapor

About 12 to 18 months ago, mechanical mods were all the rage. They were popularized for their ability to allow users to completely customize their vaping experience. Their unregulated nature allows vapers to run any type of coil their battery can handle, meaning more power and a more customized experience.… Read Full Article

Origin Mechanical Mod Clone Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Origin mech mod clone. This is another fairly typical mech mod with some nice features. It has multiple tubes to support different battery sizes, features a copper bottom contact, and magnetic locking. It also can be converted to use the… Read Full Article

GP Paps Clone Review

About this time last year, maybe a little earlier, I was looking at buying my first high-end mech mod. The two I was considering were the Paps and the Poldaic. I ultimately ended up going for the Poldaic, but always wondered what the GP Paps would have been like. I… Read Full Article

Brass Stingray Clone Review

Before we go any further, it’s important to note that this review is for this exact Stingray clone. This is the first Stingray clone that was released by FT. Since then there have been a ton of different iterations including copper and several 26650 models. At the time this one… Read Full Article

Copper Nemesis Review

  From about January through March, I was almost to the point where I thought DNA devices might have completely ruined mechanical mods for me with their ease of use and excellent performance. Luckily, I have picked up some really good mechs recently, and have been thoroughly enjoying using them… Read Full Article

Panzer Clone Review

Today we’re going to be taking a look at the Panzer clone, as you can see pictured above with a Crown atty on the top. Honestly, at this point and time, I haven’t been getting too excited for mechs – they are generally all very similar so once you have… Read Full Article

Kato Hammer Clone Review

I was practically frothing at the mouth to pick one of these guys up early last November, so much so that I didn’t even wait for FT to get one and picked up one from 101vape for $45. The Kato Hammer Clone is kind of an e-pipe looking mod. It’s… Read Full Article

Smoktech E-Pipe Review

When I first got into mechanical mods, I was foaming at the mouth at the possibilities for this epipe mod. It’s cheap, simple and fits a variety of different devices. At the time, I didn’t really understand yet that 18350 mods are more limited in terms of power than their… Read Full Article

Poldiac Clone Kit Review

Now that I have the PH22, Poldaic clone and authentic Poldaic, I have been meaning to get them all reviewed to compare and contrast the differences. The Poldaic clone is the last one of the three to be reviewed, so here goes… The Poldiac is a mechanical mod, including the… Read Full Article

PH22 (Poldiac Clone) Review

The PH22 started off back in October as a Poldaic Clone. They didn’t actually change the name to PH22 until at least a month or two later. Probably because they realized there are Poldaic clones out there that actually look like a Poldaic, where this one really doesn’t. The PH22… Read Full Article

Astro Clone Review

I’ve had my Astro clone for quite a while, and I figured it is high time I finally get down to reviewing it. The Astro clone is a replica of a popular mechanical mod. It costs around $21 shipped on Fasttech. It’s mostly brass, including brass contacts, and it is… Read Full Article

KSD Siamese Hybrid Review

The KSD Siamese Hybrid is a somewhat unique and unusual device. There aren’t a ton of cheap hybrids on the market right now, and even fewer hybrid drippers – which is what this is. Essentially, it is a dripping atomizer and mechanical mod rolled into one. It is intended for… Read Full Article

The Launcher Clone – Full Review

Time for another Mech review.  This one is a clone of the popular Launcher from Rai Vapes. I got mine on Fasttech for $23.46 early in November, and it shipped pretty quick so i have had it for a couple weeks now. At the time I got this, I was… Read Full Article

Nemisis Clone: Full Review

This review has been a LONG time coming. I actually got the Chemisis (Nemisis Clone) from Fasttech about a week before I got my JM22. If you read that review, you will know that I love the JM22 and use it all the time. As much as I really love… Read Full Article

JM22 Clone Review

I’ve had the JM22 clone from fasttech for a few weeks now. I wanted to really put it through the wringer before doing a review on it. In the few weeks I have had it, it has quickly become my go to mod. Here are the specs: Random serial number… Read Full Article

Time to Get Reo: A Review of the REO Grand

When I first got into vaping, I knew that there had to be more to vaping than ego batteries and cigalikes. One of the first “cool” looking mods I ever came across was the REO almost 2 years ago during a brief and failed attempt at vaping. At the time,… Read Full Article

Poldaic Uma Review

After finally graduating from my Provari and getting down and dirty with mech mods I started off simple with a Sigeli 19 & 20 but was left with a feeling like there has got to be more to this. I’ve seen people showing off their various swagged out Chi-You’s, Carvellas… Read Full Article

Super T Manufacturing Precise Plus 18650 Review

I only have ever owned 3 mechanical mods that cost over $30. The Poldaic, The REO and the Precise Plus 18650. In general, my experience with high end mechanicals is not to buy into all the hype and drop big bucks on a shiny, rare and expensive mod, as the… Read Full Article

The Sigeli #20: A Review

If you’re into mech mods, you probably know all about Sigeli mods. They basically clone high end mods and resell them for a fraction of the price. The #20 has been compared to the popular Roller mod. So I decided to pick one of these up from Exhale Vapors. Pricing… Read Full Article