The Smoktek RSST: A Review

  I’ve had my Smoktek RSST for quite a while now. When I was first getting into rebuildable atomizers, my first purchase was a AGA T2. My wife took the kids out of town for the weekend and I basically spent the entire weekend fucking around with it and by… Read Full Article


The Chobra – a Clone of the Cobra RBA

So interestingly, I picked up 2 Chobras off Fasttech a couple months ago – a clone of the far more expensive Cobra Rebuildable Atomizer.  I was on a genesis kick – I had 2 AGA t2 that I just couldn’t for the life of me master, so I picked up… Read Full Article

immortalizer RDA

The Immortalizer: My Review

So… I will preface this by saying that the Immortalizer is the ONLY atomizer I have ever paid more than $30 for. I do have an Ithaca clone coming that cost me $35, but it isn’t here yet… I picked up the Immortalizer in the classifieds for around $70. Cheaper… Read Full Article


The IGO-L Review

The IGO-L is a rebuildable dripping atomizer. With a piece like this, it basically consists of two posts and a top cap. You lift up the top cap and can then screw in your wick and coil. Overall it is a super easy process and this thing gives a monstrous… Read Full Article