The Sigeli #20: A Review

sigeli-20If you’re into mech mods, you probably know all about Sigeli mods. They basically clone high end mods and resell them for a fraction of the price. The #20 has been compared to the popular Roller mod.

So I decided to pick one of these up from Exhale Vapors. Pricing was somewhere in the $20 – $30 range.

What I really like about the #20 is its diminutive size. as you can see in the picture, in 18350 mode it actually stands a hair under a Trustfire 18650 battery. Pretty impressive. Unfortunately this mod also has some drawbacks. Let’s move on to the pros and cons.


Size. The size of this thing was the big factor for me in picking it up. I completely love the size of this thing and I have already been looking for other mods that are similar in size in 18350 mode.

Button Position. So far I haven’t had any mode with a bottom fire button that I actually like. My personal preference for button position is the good ol’ standard ego positon – top of the battery, just below the atomizer. This allows me to get a comfortable grip on the device and can be loosely reminiscent of how one might hold a cigarette or cigar.

Accuracy. Overall, the #20 works pretty much as stated. It’s super easy to set up and fires basically every time. There aren’t a ton of parts involved with this one, so it is fairly safe to use right out of the box.


The Button. While I love the position of the button, the rolling thing is just stupid. It’s a cute idea to be able to have a button that you can roll to turn off and on. The problem is it rolls around way too easy, and it is super easy to inadvertently roll it out of the “on” position, or the “off” position for that matter. This is a huge drawback for me.

The Button. Another big problem with the button that has been reported on ECF – the button uses a spring mechanism, and said spring is fairly light weight. As a consequence, when using this device paired with a sub ohm atty, you potentially run the risk of arc welding the button stuck in the on position – which as you can imagine can be extremely dangerous, and at best leave you with a mod in need of some heavy… modding.

18650 Mode.  This thing looks awesome in 18350 mode. That said, I think it looks shitty in 18650 mode. It needs a tube to look normal. If you are buying this with the intent of using it in 18650 mode, I would strongly suggest you stop right here and consider a different mod.

Do I use it?

Sometimes. I have it on my desk right now, and occasionally run an atty on it. I usually don’t take it out very often as the button isn’t really safe for keeping in the pocket, and I can’t use any sub ohm builds on it. I will likely end up trading it away.

Who should use it?

You need to be in to mech mods. If you arent, you definitely don’t want to mess with this thing. If you are just getting into mechs, there are probably better ones to start on. Personally I think this would be perfect for someone who wants an amazing sized 18350 mod and is willing to redo the button to make this thing safe and take out the stupid rolling feature.

Where can I buy it?

I got mine from Exhale Vapors for a great price. I hear they also have them at VaporTekUSA.

Bottom Line

Overall, I like this thing. I am torn between getting rid of it or tearing apart the button and trying to redo it.  For anyone who wants the challenge of pimping this thing out, it will be well worth the 30 bucks. If you want something that is going to roll smooth right out of the box, I would look elsewhere.

Here’s a pic of me blowing a cloud of Yaeliq Cooler off my #20 + IGO L

The Sigeli #20: A Review
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