Vivi Nova Review: Hot or Not?

vivi-novaThe Vision Vivi Nova is a top feeding prebuilt atomizer, and happens to be one of the most popular options available right now. And for good reason – it’s super easy to set up, inexpensive, available in many shapes and sizes, and gives a relatively good vape out of the box with little knowledge or effort required. It also features easily changeable heads allowing for almost no maintenance if you’re willing to pay about $1-$2 per head.

In my vaping adventures, I have spent quite a bit of time using Vivi Novas. In fact when I was a newb, it was one of my go-to attys. As time passed, however, they gradually worked their way out of my rotation in favor of bigger and better things.

Let’s take a closer look at the pros and cons of the Vivi Nova.


Affordable. Prices for the Vivi Nova range from $5-15.  On the low end, you are going to be ordering direct from China, and as a consequence you could potentially be sacrificing some quality there- but it has never stopped me. I have found cheapo ones from China to work quite well.

Changeable heads. This is a good thing for several reasons – if you’ve never thought about messing with a wick and coil before – now you don’t need to. When your atty gets gunked up, just trash it and screw in a new heads. Takes about 2 seconds for even the most mechanically un-inclined.  Heads are super cheap, and if you are willing to buy them from China, they can be had for not much more than $1 each. Overall, if you love the Vivi, it will surely not cost you a lot to maintain. Additionally, another great thing about the changeable heads is the different ohms the heads are available in. I know they range from at least 1.8 to 2.5. This is great for people who aren’t quite sure what ohm level works for them – or people who just feel like changing up ohms from time to time.

Easy to Fill. Unlike some clearos, the Vivi is super easy to fill. Just unscrew the top and fill er’ up. Totally simple and no mess.

Looks good. Let’s face it, some clearos look super corny – especially the top fill clearos with a million wicks hanging down. The Vivi, however has a nice tank-like look to it, that for a cheap clearo really doesn’t look half bad.  You can also change out drip tips, and use whatever drip tip you like, and tubes come in a HUGE variety of colors and materials – including all metal, if you’re into that sort of thing.


Leaky. To be fair, only a couple Vivis out of the many I have tried have been leaky, but the ones that were, were really leaky. Personally a clearo having a leakage issue is a big deal to me, so if figure it is worth mentioning. Generally, leaks can be fixed pretty easy if you have the initiative to disasseble and find the leak – usually an o-ring or something, but if you’re using stock Vivi’s to begin with, that may be more work that you are willing to do on a $5-10 piece.

Top coil. Personally, I really don’t much care for any top coil clearo at this stage of the game for the simple fact that it doesn’t make a lot of sense.  With a top coil clearo, that means that your coil (the thing that produces the vapor) is located at the top of the device, which is where you see all those crazy wicks hanging down from. As a result, this means juice has to travel UP in the wick to reach the top coil. As a result, and with basically any top coil atty, that is going to lead to wicking issues. Now personally, I don’t get enough balls out of even a 1.8 Vivi to run it under 4 volts. I generally find that around 4.2 is a good range. However, once your tank gets about 2/3 of the way full, you will likely start to notice that you are getting a lot more hot hits, as the wicking issues will start – this means you’re going to have to start tipping your e-cig to help keep that coil juiced up.

Do I use It?

No. I don’t currently use a Vivi Nova, nor do I ever expect that I would in the future save for maybe testing out a newer model or something. I did use them at one point, but personally I find that the top coil is too much of a drawback.  I would rate the Kanger Protank, or the Kanger T3S far above the Vivi Nova – all 3 are in a similar “class” of clearo, however the Kangers are bottom coil, which leads to far less wicking issues.

Who should use it?

It’s obviously a great beginner clearomizer. One of the best out there. Cheap, easy, decent looking. Any beginner, and basically anyone who vapes under 3.7 volts and over 1.8 ohms will probably find a lot of use for a Vivi. Additionally, MANY more advanced users still use Vivi’s as well – particularly those who build their own wicks & coils, which is easy to do if you’re willing to learn.

Where can I get one?

Fasttech. Pretty much every ecig vendor carries these. I suggest you cut the crap and go right to the source. I have ordered quite a few from Fasttech for a very low price and they work great!

Overall Thoughts

For me personally, it’s a big “meh”. It just doesn’t do it for me. That said, I’m always trying to push the envelope, and I like big hits. If you’re more conservative, this is probably well worth ten bucks to have in your collection. It’s a solid all around unit that probably suits most people on some level…

Here’s me twerking out a baby 2.5 vivi on an SVD

Vivi Nova Review: Hot or Not?
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