Super T Manufacturing Precise Plus 18650 Review

precise-plusI only have ever owned 3 mechanical mods that cost over $30. The Poldaic, The REO and the Precise Plus 18650. In general, my experience with high end mechanicals is not to buy into all the hype and drop big bucks on a shiny, rare and expensive mod, as the cheaper ones generally perform just as well provided you know what you are doing.

The Precise Plus 18650, however is a unique exception to the rule. As of right now, there is no way you will find anything close to the Precise Plus in a cheap knockoff version. That is primarily due to the superior manufacturing and use of extremely high quality materials.

Let’s dive in a little deeper and take a close look at what the precise plus has to offer.

The P+ is a stainless steel, fully mechanical mod – no wires, no boards, no nonsense. It is manufactured right here in the USA by Super T manufacturing. They come in several different sizes. I personally own the 18650. It has a bottom firing button, and fixed center pin on the top. What really makes the P+ unique is the contacts are made of pure Rhodium. Rhodium is a precious metal that is extremely resistant to corrosion. In fact, that is the primary reason I decided to pick up a P+. My Poldaic which was similarly expensive has silver contacts, which are nice, but get corroded much quicker and need constant polishing. The great thing about the rhodium contacts is they mostly eliminate the need for maintenance, and if you do decide to clean the contacts you need only soap and warm water – no need for any kind of fancy polish or Noalox. Another interesting feature of the P+ is that it uses a series of O-rings to keep the battery in place. As you likely already know, different 18650s can vary quite dramatically in size, the O-rings allow you to get a snug fit with any kind of battery, and are easy to implement. For an AW-IMR I just needed one O-ring at the bottom and it fit great.

So now that we have the basics down, let’s dive into the pros and cons.



Overall, it looks great. I love the look of it. It is smooth, there are only 3 pieces to it, so there aren’t a lot of extra lines and seams, and it fits quite a few of my RBAs and RDAs flush.

Small Diameter

This thing has a crazy small diameter for an 18650 mod. Compared next to a poldiac, it looks like  an ego battery. My IGO-W and IGO-L, and my Chobra (pictured above) fit perfectly flush on it giving it a great look. It also makes it lighter weight and easy to carry around.


As I mentioned above, it uses Rhodium contacts, not found in any other devices that I know of currently. They are great for conductivity giving awesome hits every time with no maintenance necessary to speak of.


The P+ features grooves around the top to offer increased airflow for bottom hole atomizers like a Kanger Pro Tank. This is extremely handy and they are done in a way that you can hardly notice they are there when your atomizer is mounted.


Fixed Center Pin

A fixed center pin isn’t always necessarily a bad thing – in some cases it can be good, as you can still generally use most atomizers on the P+. That said, I have had a few that won’t fire because they can’t make contact with the fixed pin – specifically a DID clone and a Kanger Protank clone. Overall, not a huge issue for me at least, but YMMV.

Bottom Button

The good thing about the bottom button is that it is set up in a way that should prevent most inadvertent firing. I have carried this thing around in my pocket quite a bit with no consequence. That said, it can be a bitch at times. The button needs to be pushed up into 2 grooves in the stainless steel – if you approach it from the correct angle, it’s no problem. If you don’t, it won’t fire because your fingers will be prevented from fully pushing it in by the grooves. Now this is something that was a real pain in the ass right away for me, however the more I have used it, the less of a problem it is. Overall, it’s minor, but if you’re really OCD about your firing button, that may be something to take note of.

Who is it Good For?

First and foremost, you need to be comfortable with a fully mechanical mod if you are thinking about picking up a P+. If you’ve never used one before, I would probably suggest picking up a cheap $20 one off fasttech first and getting familiar with it, then you will be pleasantly surprised when you are ready to take it to the next level.

It is made in the USA, so if that is something that is important to you, Super T’s mods – either the Precise Plus or the ELA are the pick of the litter for quality homegrown mods.

If you hate doing maintenance on your mod and want something that will be hassle free and still pack a full punch, it’s a great choice.

If you want a quality mod in the $150 range.

Where Can I Buy It?

They can be purchased directly from Super T Manufacturing.

The 18650 runs $160 new, which is a great price in my opinion. You may or may not have to get on a waiting list to get one.

Personally, I got mine off the Reddit classifieds for $160 shipped and I am satisfied with that.

Bottom Line

Overall this is a great piece. I like mine, I use it, and I may well keep it forever. I just took it out for a full day of watching football with my buddies yesterday and it was the only mod I had with me. Worked flawlessly and never thought twice about bringing a second mod along which I often do. It’s a great piece, feels good, looks good, vapes good. It’s going to be tough to clone since most Chinese manufacturers are unlikely to pay the premium to build their clones with Rhodium, so you won’t likely get burned by shelling out to get one only to have a similar clone pop out for $30 down the road, which has happened with many higher end mods. If you’re on the fence on this one, I would highly recommend it.

Here’s a quick look at me vaping up some HHV Heavenly Waffles in a Chobra perfectly mounted on my P+. Badass setup.

Super T Manufacturing Precise Plus 18650 Review
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  1. m d says:

    I know this an old post but not only is it cloned but the kings of clones have done the ELA down to the pins (Infinite) scary

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