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Here’s another one from Good Life Vapor. I picked Beach Bonfire up in a bulk deal. It is probably not one I would have normally purchased individually, but I am glad I gave this one a try as it does have an admirable uniqueness to it.  I’ve got a bottle here in 12mg, and I believe it is a 50/50 blend.

Here’s what GLV says about Beach Bonfire

This is a sweet strawberry/coconut mix with a subtle hint of cinnamon infused rum! It reminds me of a sweet strawberry daiquiri while sitting on the beach with a fire. Steve Sweetland gets a standing ovation on this juice. The man is pure brilliance! Please check out

So this one is interesting. My first impression after smelling it in the bottle was that I probably was not going to like it.  It actually turned out to be quite the contrary. On the inhale, I get a lot of the strawberry, and some coconut with a cinnamon kick. The exhale is a smooth cinnamon finish.  I am picking up some banana notes as well, but maybe it’s just the strawberry and my palate is tricking me. Overall it is very smooth, not overly sweet, and has a lot of complex flavors that all mingle together very well. The throat hit is great for a 12mg juice and the vapor production is about what I would expect.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste is great. I historically haven’t been overly enthused about really fruity vapes, but this one is quite good. The cinnamon adds another layer of complexity to the flavor, and it feels like it belongs there. You wouldn’t normally think of a strawberry daiquiri having a strong cinnamon flavor, but I think it really works. I would have liked a little more coconut, but overall I think it works.

True to Description. I really don’t get any rum flavor at all. I also don’t get a ton of coconut, although in the aftertaste I can pick it up a lot more distinctly. Maybe it is just being muted by the strawberry and cinnamon, which are definitely dominant flavors in this blend. I also feel like there is some banana in there but I could be wrong. Overall, it is relatively true to the description.

Throat Hit. This has a really nice throat hit for a 12mg juice. I was perfectly satisfied and I could vape on this all day without having any issues with throat hit. I am running this on a dragon coiled IGO-W at around 1 ohm.

Vapor. Vapor production was good – not really much to say one way or the other on it.


It is a really good juice. I like the fact that they tried something different with the cinnamon, and it really worked well for me. The overall quality is great, from the crispness of the flavors down to the throat hit. So far I have been pretty impressed with GLV.  If you’re into tropical or fruity vapes, this one is absolutely worth looking at.

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Good Life Vapor – Beach Bonfire
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