Helio V2 Clone Review: Still a Piece of Shit


So being the huge glutton for punishment that I am, I couldn’t resist trying the upgraded Helio clone, despite the fact that the first one literally didn’t work at all. The V2 clone is bigger, has a nice dual coil setup and features an actual WORKING airflow control ring.

Unfortunately, again there is a serious design flaw. This time, the airflow control works fine, except that all the holes are the same size, so regardless of where you put it, the result is exactly the same every time. Honestly they should probably just give this one up at this point, because this is just stupid.

The bigger size is cool, kind of, except it is almost too big now. It is just slightly wider in diameter than my Chemesis, which is a pretty standard diameter mod, so you can’t really get a flush fit with it, which I really don’t like.

I do like the way the deck is set up – they have specific holes to thread your coil legs through, which does make it super quick for rigging up a dual coil setup, so that is great, but of course they ruin it by using the shitty hex screws that require a tiny allen wrench.


Works out of the box. Sad to have to even put this as a pro, but considering the V1 was DOA, at least this one functions.

Comes with a nice drip tip. It comes with a pretty cool stainless drip tip. At least that makes it partly worth the price of buying.

Nice and easy setup for dual coils. If you’re just getting into dual coils, this one is easy as shit to set up.


It pretty much sucks. The airflow is fucked up, AGAIN. They blow a really nice deck by using the shittiest possible screws, the stock airflow isn’t adequate for a dual coil setup. It is also too wide to fit normally on typical sized mods.

Who Should Buy It?

If you’re struggling with RDAs or you are wanting an easy way to get into dual coils, this is actually not a bad way to go because it is probably the easiest RDA to set up dual coils on I have ever seen.

Do I Use It?

Nope. This is going right into the box next to the V1 that’s taking up space.

Where Can I Buy It?

You can check it out on Fasttech here for around $7. 

The Bottom Line

Quality. I mean the quality would be good, if there weren’t serious design flaws. That pretty much ruins it for me. They also use the shitty hex screws which are just stupid, so that’s another negative. It is all stainless with a matching stainless tip, so that’s the bright spot.

Performance. Performance is going to be fairly shitty on this one since it’s pretty much intended for dual coils, and there isn’t sufficient airflow. It just doesn’t add up here.

Ease of Use. The biggest bright spot here is how ridiculously easy dual coils are with this one.

Appearance. It isn’t a bad looking piece. It actually looks pretty cool… Until you realize it’s got a wider diameter than your mod, which is pretty dumb.

Price. It runs around $7, so not bad if you want something to toy around with, but there are better options at this price.


Bottom line is, it’s a piece of shit. It’s fundamentally flawed and without breaking out your drill, you aren’t going to be able to use dual coils as they should be used for the best result.

I would love to see the design of the deck applied to other RDAs because I really loved how easy it was to set up.

I like the look of it, but it is now TOO big, so that pretty much sucks.

I would basically suggest that you avoid this and go for something else.

Helio V2 Clone Review: Still a Piece of Shit
Ease of Use

8 comments on “Helio V2 Clone Review: Still a Piece of Shit

  1. Andy Miller says:

    It appears the only negative in the review that isn’t shared with the original is the lack of air holes. I think the original Helio also uses hex grub screws and is the same diameter as this clone. So the review isn’t really so much about the clone quality as it is also about the Helio. I guess I’ll break out my drill, buy a couple of screws, and get the $7.50 clone. Or should I wait for the $160 version with the right air holes to come back in stock? Nah, think not, I’ll drill for the extra $152 and buy more juice.

    • sam says:

      They actually have a newer version of the helio clone on Fasttech right now – it’s the one that has a bunch of different color options. That one looks like it has a better deck, but I haven’t tried it yet.

  2. Steven says:

    1. The airflow on the legit Helios is the same way……same size holes, it works by covering the holes partially or fully.
    3.You shouldn’t be reviewing anything if you dont know how to operate a simple airflow control ring how it was designed to work.

    • sam says:

      Lol. I think your problem is that you are too familiar with the Helios and have no idea how a coherently designed atomizer is supposed to work.

  3. Kevin says:

    Your problem is you bought it from Fasttech. Ewwww. I have the V2 Helios from Tobeco and it fucking rocks. The Fasttech clone is infamous for being straight up garbage. Spend the extra $7-$8 and make sure you buy a clone that is actually worth having in your collection.

    • sam says:

      This particular Helios I reviewed has been out for a long time now, and there have been a ton of clones that have out since and almost all of them appear to be strictly better than this one. In fact I have 2 or 3 new ones I will be reviewing soon that all look a lot better. The just didn’t have the kinks worked out on this particular one yet.

  4. Brandon says:

    So does anyone know what size the allen head screws are and if they’re replaceable with phillips head screws? This might not be so bad if the screws are simply replaceab;e. Either ay though, I have to get a new allen key because the crap one stripped out and I don’t know what size it was.

    Thanks in advance 8)

    • sam says:

      I can’t say for sure, but I believe the screws are all generally a standard size regardless of the type of head, so you should be able to replace the allen screws with any comparable regular screw. That said, this particular piece has a really crappy airflow system and there are better helios clones available that have fixed that aspect. Check out the most recent helio review I did.

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