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So after whipping up my sweet dragon coil tutorial for the IGO-W, I decided it was about time I got around to reviewing this thing.

Really, I use the IGO-L a lot more than I use the IGO-W, but the only real reason is because I like the appearance of the L better. Overall, the two are very similar. Functionality wise, the IGO-W is actually an upgrade over the IGO L, as it has 3 posts rather than 2, which makes it FAR easier to do a dual coil setup, although technically you could do dual coils on the L too.

What I like about the IGO-W

It’s very simple and very clean. Although I don’t think it has the greatest appearance, it isn’t bad either. It just has a more smooth and boxy look than the L,which has a little more contour and depth to it. The good thing about the appearance of the IGO-W is that it will look pretty good on a variety of different devices. You may not win any beauty contests, but it won’t look out of place or awkward either.

I really like the way the deck is set up. It has 3 posts, as I said above, so it is super easy to run a dual coil setup, although I tend to only ever use a single coil setup on the L or the W.

The posts are spaced out very well, which makes it really easy to get your coil wrapped. They also use phillips head screws, rather than the dreaded shitty hex screws, which I think is a big advantage over some other drippers in this range.

The size of the chamber seems to be good too – I get very good flavor and very nice hits out of this and the stock air hole is sufficient for me, at least with a single coil build.

Probably the coolest thing about the IGO-W is that the base and heads are interchangeable between the IGO-W, IGO-L, Chimbus, and V1 Helio Clone. This is actually surprisingly handy.

What I don’t like about the IGO-W

I don’t currently have any mods that I really love the look of this on. It looks just OK for me, but it is a little too boxy to be a great looking piece on any of the mods I currently own. It’s not the biggest problem in the world, but it is a major reason why I don’t use it more. Right now I have it on my JM22 clone and it is about the best mod appearance-wise I have found to pair with it.

The o-rings are also pretty shitty. The top cap might be stuck on super tight when you first get it but within a week or two it will be sliding off at the worst possible times, so you must be prepared to change the o-rings or deal with a super loose top cap.

Last thing is that this piece is set up to be optimal for dual coil, but I personally don’t think the stock airflow is that great for dual coil setups. I LOVE it for the way I use it – I almost exclusively use these for single coil builds and I think the stock hole is perfect size for a single.  If you’re planning to go with a dual coil setup primarily, you may need to get your drill out.

Who is it good for?

I think this RDA would really appeal to a broad crowd. It is easy to setup, so I feel it is beginner friendly, and there are plenty of different things you can do with it, so it is just fine for advanced users as well.

If you already have an IGO-L, then it is really good for you, because you can interchange the pieces between the two, and you might find it useful to have the IGO-W base with the IGO-L top cap.  Same goes for the Nimbus.

Where to buy it?

You can pick one up on Fasttech for $6.41 shipped here.

Do I use it?

I don’t use it a ton, but I do use it from time to time. When I need to coil up a dripper in a hurry, I am frequently reaching for the W because I can whip up a sick coil in just a couple of minutes. It isn’t my favorite to take out with me because of the loose top cap and because it doesn’t look stellar on many of my mods, but I do use it fairly often when I’m here in the lab.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Overall, the quality is pretty fucking good for under $7. That said, it really sucks that the top cap gets loose so easily because it makes it pretty hard to justify taking it on the go with you. Other than the loose top cap, though, this is a very solid piece for the price.

Performance. Check out the video below of my dragon coiled IGO-W and see for yourself. It’s as good as your wick and coiling skills- and this one is extra user-friendly, so you can get a lot of action out of it.

Ease of Use. This piece is super user friendly as I have already said a couple times. The posts are nicely spaced, it has regular screws rather than hex screws, and it’s easy to align the airhole with the coil, so overall this is one of the easier RDAs out there right now.

Appearance. It’s not the worst, but it’s not the best either. If you had a really boxy looking mod, it would probably look great on it. I just haven’t found one yet that I think pairs well.

Price. For the price, you can’t go wrong.

Overall. It is really tough to choose between the IGO-L, IGO-W and Chimbus, which are all priced in this same range. I think the IGO-W has the best deck by far, and the worst top cap. The IGO-L has a decent deck and a very nice looking top cap,and the Chimbus has the shitty hex screws, but it does have a 3 post deck, and the top cap looks pretty nice. So really all 3 have their ups and downs. Since they are only around $5-7 each, probably the best way to go, honestly, is to get one of each – or at least don’t double up on any until you have all 3.

It is a very nice dripper that just plain works and is super easy to set up. I wouldn’t say it’s a must have but if you already have an IGO-L and have thought about getting another one, I would definitely suggest getting at least one W first.

You can pick one up on Fasttech for $6.41 shipped here.

IGO-W Review
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