The Rocket (Kayfun Clone) – A Full Breakdown


OK. So after I got my rocket in back a month ago or so, I was super excited about it and I wrote up a lengthy post of my first impressions.

I wanted to wait to do a full review so I could really give it a solid test AND because I have/had a Svoe Mesto Kayfun Clone coming in the mail and I wanted to compare the two.

Well, time has come and gone and I have got a lot better perspective on the Rocket now, and I’m finally ready to do a full review on it. So here goes…

First Impressions

I already did a lengthy post on my first impressions, but I will recap here.

Basically, this is a Kayfun style atomizer, meaning that it has a chamber inside the tube with a raised wick and coil, and liquid is gravity fed into the chamber. If you have never used this style of atomizer before, like I hadn’t, you will quickly see that this is not really comparable to any other existing style of atomizer. The benefits are amazing – perfect wicking, no gurgling, no burnt wicks, huge tank, etc.  As amazing as the benefits are, it’s even more amazing that there are really few drawbacks.

The primary drawback to the Kayfun style atomizer is that they cost a fucking arm and a leg. Luckily that problem has been quashed and we are now starting to see these roll out in much more volume, and much more affordable models. The Rocket is about as affordable as it gets at around $13 shipped.

So if you haven’t tried a Kayfun style atomizer, you will probably be dazzled by the Rocket because it does work as advertised.

What I liked About the Rocket

First and foremost, I liked the fact that the Rocket delivers a consistent and excellent vape. I’ve ran a few tanks through it now and it has functioned pretty much perfectly in terms of actual vaping.

Appearance wise, it looks really dorky in the pictures online. I can tell you that it definitely looks better up close, although not nearly as smooth as the Svoe Mesto clone.

You can fill it from the top, which is a real plus because the fill hole is very small and many people might not have a syringe small enough to be able to fill it via the bottom fill hole.

The airflow control works great – other than the fact it uses hex screws, but if you get beyond that it is really easy to tune it to your desired liking, set and forget.

What I Didn’t Like About the Rocket

As cool as this piece is, and as great as it vapes, this particular model isn’t without some faults.

The biggest issue is the leaking. There is an o-ring around the top of the tank where the top cap screws back on. On my Rocket, it started leaking pretty quickly from that spot. I replaced the o-ring with a thicker one, and that seemed to quell the problem mostly, however now I can’t easily unscrew the top cap anymore. Which brings me to my second point…

The threads are pretty janky. There are quite a few different threaded pieces on this device, and I don’t think the threading is great on any of them. For starters, I got the bottom threading locked inside my Precise + to the point where I had to put it into my freezer for an hour before it would loosen. The threading on the top cap gets sticky very easily. The threading between the tank and the bottom chamber is totally locked on mine and I haven’t been able to get it freed up. Not that it particularly matters, but it is really annoying at best.

Appearance wise, while it’s not the worst, it really doesn’t look that great either – I mean the main problem with any Kayfun style atomizer is clearly the fact that they are fucking huge. So you’ve already got a huge piece of metal you need to fit on top of your mod, and if it doesn’t at least look good, then you’re going to be looking pretty nerdy. I would say the Rocket looks passable, to the point where I wouldn’t be afraid to take it out in public – and I have – but for a piece this big it would be nice to have a little more style.

It uses shitty hex screws for the air intake. I am just never a fan of these in anything.

No matter what I do, it leaks consistently out of the air intake hole. I have done the whole vacuum sealing procedure which is supposed to help, but regardless of what I do, it always leaks out of that hole. Now this is primarily only an issue when it is laying on its side with the airhole pointed towards the ground, so this may be largely due to gravity, but the Svoe Mesto clone hasn’t leaked a single drop from anywhere since I got it, so there have got to be some mechanical fails on this one that are allowing the leakage.

Who is it good for?

Really, this is not likely to end up as your go-to piece. It’s a great way to get a taste of a kayfun style atomizer for under $13.  If you want to try out a Kayfun before laying down a ton of money on a big boy, then this would be absolutely perfect. You just have to buy it with the mentality that it does have some flaws, but it is still totally operable.

Where to Buy?

I got mine here for $12.93 shipped.

Do I use it?

I have stopped using it for now for 2 reasons –

1. I recently ordered a stand for my atomizers but it hasn’t come in yet and I don’t have a good way of storing it upright, so it will be too prone to leaking right now.

2. I can’t easily unthread all the threads and clean it out – I had Mayahana Melon in there for a review and it is pretty pungent and I would like to get that out of there before I use it again.

Other than those 2 issues, I would probably have it loaded up right now as I am writing this. I do plan to use it again in the future, and I’m actually going to order another one because I banged this one up pretty bad and I could use a fresh start.

The Bottom Line

Quality. So obviously one of the biggest flaws with this piece is it just isn’t that great of quality. The threading is suspect in many places. The o-rings are problematic. It uses shitty hex screws. It’s made of shitty aluminum. So you really get what you pay for as far as quality goes, unfortunately.

Performance. Quality aside, the thing puts out clouds like a motherfucker. I had this thing coiled up and fogging up my room within 5 minutes of taking it out of the box. I haven’t had any problems with dry wicking, tank flooding, gurgling or anything. The only real issues I have with this piece are threading and leaking and neither really impacts the actual performance. You just have to baby it more like you would with a genesis atomizer. Performance wise, I get a pretty similar hit out of this compared to the Svoe Mesto clone which is much better quality.

Ease of Use. It is super easy to use. I do a simple chimney coil which is SO easy to do and only takes maybe 2 minutes, and then wrap it with a cotton wick and it is good to go. It is crazy easy to fill from the top, which is a huge plus.

Appearance. Its not the prettiest pig in the pen. It has kind of a cheap look to it that is tough to get past, although it blended decently nice with my Nemesis clone and nobody even commented on it when I took it out with me one Sunday, so I don’t think it is the worst, but compared to the Svoe Mesto Kayfun Clone, it looks a lot worse.

Price. The price is great at under $13, however you have to keep in mind that the quality isn’t spectacular either, so you really get what you pay for. Still, I bought my first Kanger Protank for more than that, and I think this is a hell of a lot better piece than a Protank. So $13 is still an amazing price, and these ship quickly – so if you’re waiting on a different Kayfun, this would be a perfect practice piece to tide you over.

Overall. I think that ultimately the Rocket did fall short of my initial first impressions. The biggest issue for me honestly is the leaking. The thing I love about the Svoe Mesto clone is that it doesn’t leak a drop. Couple that with a huge tank and unrivaled performance, and it’s the perfect piece to take with you on the go. Unfortunately due to the leaking, I can’t take the Rocket out with me without having to babysit it all day and make sure it doesn’t end up on its side leaking all over someone’s couch or carpeting.

So that pretty much sucks. However for using at my desk, as long as I can keep it upright, it works flawlessly. So that’s a big consolation.

I’m kind of torn on this one. I wouldn’t really not recommend it, because I think it is a good deal and I’m actually planning on getting another one, but if you are going to buy one you really need to know that you could very well encounter leaking, thread problems and shitty o-rings. Those aren’t exactly uncommon problems, so most vapers who rebuild will probably be able to handle this piece with no problem at all and easily be able to get $13 in value out of it.

Right now, the biggest thing is that the Svoe Mesto Kayfun Clone on Fasttech is temporarily sold out. Probably because people have realized it’s the fucking nuts and have been buying them like crazy. So until that particular piece becomes readily available, the Rocket is probably the best option unless you’re looking to spend more in the $40 range.

After trying the Svoe Mesto Kayfun clone, I can tell you that it will be worth the wait for fasttech to get them back at $21. It is probably the best RBA I have tried all year.

Until then, the Rocket should actually perform admirably in tiding you over.

Check it out here for $12.93 shipped.

The Rocket (Kayfun Clone) – A Full Breakdown
Ease of Use

8 comments on “The Rocket (Kayfun Clone) – A Full Breakdown

  1. sunveer says:

    Hi would you say the rocket would be a better buy then the terminator? help would be greatly appreciated as I have to choose between the 2

  2. sunveer says:

    Sorry to worry again I’m upgrading at the moment. I do like the rocket aswell and if you had to compare to the smoke rsst rba? I like the rocket since it will be my 1st rebuildable.I’m not familiar with the rsst. Again help will be much appreciated il place my order on Sunday so basically leaning with rocket but I was offered rsst as well

    • sam says:

      Yeah I also like the Rocket quite a bit better than the RSST. The RSST is a genesis style atomizer, so it wicks from the bottom up. The Rocket has a bottom wicking style, and I think it is far easier to work with.

  3. sunveer says:

    Hi so I ordered the rocket can’t wait for it to get here. Which coil n wick combo the best to start the build with

    • sam says:

      I think you will really like it. I would probably start by building a basic microcoil with the wick through the coil. You can follow this tutorial – It’s for a different device but you will want to wrap your coil pretty much the same way. The only thing to note is – do not put your wick into the channels on the atomizer deck. Fold it over the sides and leave the channels open.

      Once you get more comfortable, you can also try doing a chimney coil which works really well. I have a tutorial for that here:

      • sunveer says:

        I will most certainly try these coil setups, I’ve also ordered a Battery mod (18350/Pipe / Baby Monster) it comes with 2 900mAh batteries I think its a joyetech unit have you seen or used this unit before?atomizer and battery mods are in expensive in south Africa,eventually I want to get the Innokin iTaste VTR but that R1200 excluding shipping so got to save up.

  4. sunveer says:

    Hi I got my rocket it looked abit different from the pictures so I did some research and found out in v2 stainless steel have you used this version as well?

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