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Here’s another BCC. This one is called the iSmoka Mega BCC. They also have this same clearomizer in a smaller size to fit egos and so forth. I’ve had this guy sitting in my vape box for months now, and I finally decided to pull it out and give it a review so I can put it out to pasture.

I bought this at the end of spring from Goodejuice – I was already buying some juice and decided to tack this on to my order. At the time, I was exclusively using precoiled atomizers with variable voltage/wattage setups. So the general specs of this thing fit right in with my routine at the time.

This is a bottom coil clearomizer, so it’s similar to the Kanger Protank in that respect, although that’s about where the similarities end. instead of the chrome construction and glass tank, the iSmoka is mostly made of plastic and has a polycarb tank. It also comes with its own proprietary drip tip. It has changeable coils like the Protank, but iSmoka and Protank coils are not cross-compatible, so they pretty much have you by the balls if you want to make this your go-to tank.

What I DIDN’T like about the iSmoka

The quality is pretty horrendous. You can see in the picture how fucked up my tank looks, and that is after it has mostly just sat around for the last 6+ months. The cheap plastic body easily picks up nicks, gouges and dirt and looks pretty terrible across the board.

The drip tip it comes with is an awful plastic thing that is kind of huge and kind of flat. It has a way of picking up gunk off your lips and getting it stuck all over, making it look even more horrendous.

The polycarb tank is about the same quality as the Vivi tank from Fasttech, which only sells for a couple of bucks.

As I already mentioned, it uses Protank-style coils, however they are proprietary so you can ONLY use iSmoka coils on this device meaning you will likely have to pay a lot more for your coils.

The coils also don’t work as well as protank coils. They don’t screw into the base – rather they sort of half-assed click into the base. I have found that they burn out pretty quickly. I burned through 2 faster than I burned through 1 protank coil head while using both devices in my regular rotation.

Worst of all is the draw on these. The draw is ridiculously tight. The airflow is so bad that you really have to struggle to get a hit.

It doesn’t produce stellar flavor. I just retested again with a fresh coil head and the draw still sucks and the flavor is not great.

Since the draw is so tight and airflow so bad, it doesn’t produce much vapor.

What I DID like about the iSmoka

There was really not a lot that I liked about this piece at all. If you’re paying full price – say brick and mortar prices for everything, it is going to be at best $5 cheaper than a Protank. I think I paid between $10 and $15 for mine which included the tank and 2 replacement heads. You would save a little over what you would pay if you paid full price for a Protank and 2 heads, but the quality is so much worse that you would probably end up losing on that deal pretty quickly.

So honestly there isn’t anything that I liked about this piece at all.

Who is it Good For?

If you think the Protank is too airy, then you might like this. I think this has an even tighter draw than iClears and iClears have one of the tighter draws among precoiled clearos.  If you ONLY buy from brick and mortar stores and pay full price for everything and you want to buy something cheaper than a Protank, then I guess this would be for you.

In reality, this isn’t a good piece for anyone as the quality is just too poor and it won’t perform for you over the long haul.

Where to Buy?

I bought mine from Goodejuice, although it doesn’t look like they sell them anymore. These are sold all over the place, though so they shouldn’t be hard to find with a quick Google search.

Do I use it?

I think when I first bought this I used it for maybe 1-2 weeks before I realized there was no future here.

The Bottom Line

Quality. I think the quality of these is quite horrible. If you want a good, cheap BCC, the GS-H5 basically does everything this does, AND it accepts Protank heads, AND it has a good draw, AND it looks a lot better, AND it costs under $2.00.

Performance. This piece is lacking in every area – the heads don’t work that well, seem to come loose all the time and get fried easily. The draw is way too tight. It doesn’t produce much vapor and flavor is pretty poor.

Ease of Use. It is fairly easy to use, however as I mentioned above, the heads can tend to come loose. So you might be vaping along and all of a sudden your device won’t fire. This kind of problem can be frustrating, especially to newer vapers who aren’t able to troubleshoot as quickly. Beyond the shitty heads, it is pretty easy to fill and use.

Appearance. It looks horribly cheap – thanks to the mostly plastic body and the awful drip tip. The plastic seems to excel at picking up dirt and getting all fucked up with nicks and scratches. Probably the worst looking clearomizer I own right now.

Price. While it is cheaper than a Protank, you are taking a huge hit on quality. So really and truly, I think it is a pretty bad deal for the price. If you paid over $10 for one of these, you got ripped off.

Overall. There’s really nothing good to say about this one. It was a cheap attempt to knock off the Protank and all it succeeded in doing was looking and performing cheap. So with this one you really do get what you pay for.

You will do yourself a ton of good if you go for a GS-H5 instead of this thing. You can get 5 of them for the price of 1 iSmoka, and they work a million times better and can accept Protank and Evod heads.

So hopefully you read this review before actually buying an iSmoka so you can spend your money on a much better clearomizer and be happy!

iSmoka BCC Clearomizer Review
Ease of Use

2 comments on “iSmoka BCC Clearomizer Review

  1. John Magowan says:

    I have been vaping for 2 years. What would you recommend. I would like a nice high end good functioning unit. And where? Fluid also. Thanks.

    • sam says:

      I would recommend you get a good rebuildable dripping atomizer such as the plume veil or stillare and a variable wattage mod capable of at least 30 watts. For juice, I would start with Ahlusion and Heather’s Heavenly Vapes.

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