The Launcher Clone – Full Review


Time for another Mech review.  This one is a clone of the popular Launcher from Rai Vapes. I got mine on Fasttech for $23.46 early in November, and it shipped pretty quick so i have had it for a couple weeks now.

At the time I got this, I was still fully enamored with my JM22 and Nemesis clone, so it took me a while to get around to messing with this thing. Boy am I glad I finally did.

At first I wasn’t super pumped about this one. The only reason I even got it was because of the copper contacts. This happens to be the only mod on FT right now with copper contacts, and for around $20, it’s a hell of a deal.

I have never been a big fan of telescoping mods – since I primarily use only 18650 anyway. Regardless, I decided to pull the trigger on this one.

After using it for a couple weeks now, I am blown away by just how good this mod really is. It’s probably my hardest hitting mod. The construction on it is very good. There are very few parts that need to be messed with. The firing button works great, etc, etc.

As far as telescopics go, this one looks just as good or better than the Sentinel clone. I like the Sentinel clone a lot as a telescopic mech too, but it has shitty aluminum threads that won’t hold up nearly as well as these, so the build quality on the Launcher is far superior.

What I DIDN’T like about the Launcher

Really there wasn’t a lot I didn’t like about the Launcher but there are a couple small things.

The top is kind of beveled, and as a result, really large tanks like a Kayfun or Fogger may look a little awkward on it. I think smaller tanks – like Protank diameter are going to give you your best look on this piece.

The airflow control isn’t adjustable. There are just basic grooves on the mech head to allow air to flow. It generally works pretty well, however I would say the Nemesis clone still has better airflow options than the Launcher – so if you ONLY use bottom airflow atomizers, you MIGHT notice that the draw is a little more tight.

The etching on the side looks a little half-assed to me. I personally would have preferred a better one or none at all, but it doesn’t really detract much from the overall appearance.

What I DID like about the Launcher

It’s really well built. The threads are great, it has a nice all stainless construction and it feels solid and sturdy in the hand.

The firing button works flawlessly. No crunching at all and it feels totally even all around when you depress it. Unlike a lot of bottom firing mods, the button is recessed into the mod, so it doesn’t need any bottom locking at all. I have found this to be SO useful when taking this mod on the go. I can set it down standing up or walk around with it in my pocket without having to fuck with any locking rings or worry about it randomly firing.

It did take some getting used to at first because you do have to position your finger a little differently to be able to depress the button into the mod to fire it, but now that I’ve been using it for a couple weeks it feels like second nature and it is TOTALLY worth it to be able to avoid the hassle of locking rings or having to keep the mod on its side.

Appearance-wise, I think it looks great. I was really unsure at first because I think a lot of telescoping mods look pretty dumb, but this one looks pretty damn good telescoped out to 18650. The grooves in the body also match up pretty close with some popular atomizers. I really like pairing this one with the IGO-L, and it would also look awesome with an Immortalizer.

I’m honestly not sure what the actual data is on copper contacts vs. silver contacts vs. chrome/brass, but what I do know is this mod hits super hard. Probably the best performance-wise out of any of my mods currently in rotation. I can’t really say if copper is better than silver plated, but so far I am really liking it.

Just like the JM22, I also really love the simplicity. There aren’t a million tubes and locking rings and airflow control rings. It’s just a single tube with a bottom button and a top piece. There’s no guesswork involved at all with this one. 

Who is it good for?

I think just about anyone into mechs would appreciate how well built this piece is for the price. It is a super good all around mod and I feel right now it is probably the best tube mod I own for taking on the go due to the way the bottom firing button is set up. If you’re sick of dealing with locking rings, this is definitely one you want to check out.

Where to buy?

 I got mine on Fasttech for $23.46

Do I use it?

Right now I am using this one all the time. In fact I even put my JM22 back in my vapebox for the time being because I have been using this one so much – something I never would have imagined a month ago.

I will definitely be keeping this one around and until a mod comes out that is better for taking on the go than the Launcher, it will probably be my primary mod when I’m out of the house.

The Bottom Line

Quality. It gets a perfect score from me on quality. The button works great, the threads work great, it’s built like a tank, it has copper contacts. That is pretty much all you need to know regarding the quality of this guy.

Performance. This is definitely one of, if not my best hitting mod. I don’t know if it’s the copper or what, but this thing just continues to perform like a beast.

Ease of Use. Just like the JM22, I really love the simplicity factor. The Nemesis is good to have around because it’s so versatile, but dealing with a ton of tubes and rings is a pain in the ass. The Launcher is perfectly simple. You’ll have it out of the box and dishing out clouds within 2 minutes.

Appearance. The only real knock on the appearance is that the beveled top does make it hard to pair this one with large diameter tanks – I mean you can, but it’s going to look a little awkward. I think it looks amazing with an IGO-L, and I have also liked using a Protank on it a lot. For gennies, I think a Chobra would look good on it. Outside of that, it looks great, even telescoped to 18650.

Price. It’s priced around $23, and I think that is a hell of a deal from this piece.  Stainless construction and copper contacts make it totally worth it. I have paid a lot more for a lot les.

Overall. Man, I really can’t say enough good things about the Launcher. There are so many things I like about it. I have to say that my favorite feature is the bottom button. For the first couple days I was really against it because I did have to change the position of my finger to fire it comfortably, but now that I’m used to it I really love it. Just the ability to put this thing in your pocket and not have to worry about it blowing you up is totally worth it. I’m definitely going to keep using this one as my on-the-go mod and I will probably use it a ton this summer for disc golfing and camping. It’s the perfect kind of piece for outdoor activities.

If you’re on the fence on this one, I really can’t recommend it enough. There’s almost nothing I would change about it and it has performed completely flawlessly for me so far.

Pick one up on Fasttech for $23.46

The Launcher Clone – Full Review
Ease of Use

10 comments on “The Launcher Clone – Full Review

  1. Tyler says:

    I just purchased the launcher myself and am loving it so far! One thing I found out is that you can put your battery in any way you want whether it be right side up or down and it still fires right up! Just had a question about the IGO L because I’m also using that tank with the launcher. I was just wondering if you had any tips or pointers on how to wrap the coil for the best results? I’ve been having terrible results with the way it’s wrapped currently so I’ve resorted back to my original cartomizer tank.

    • sam says:

      Hey Tyler,

      Great question. I actually decided to go ahead and do a full tutorial on this here. Hopefully that will give you a better idea.

      Short answer is – wrap a tight microcoil around a 1/16 drill bit using 28 gauge kanthal, then thread it with a cotton wick – you can use a cotton ball. Always make sure your
      airhole is positioned so that it is right on the coil. If you don’t, it will give you a markedly worse vape.

  2. TonyfromNB says:

    Hi Sam,

    I echo your sentiments. This is a no fiddle, no frills of a mech mod! It simple works, and works very well every time. Many people talk about “no miss fires” on certain mechs, well this clone “never” has a miss fire, ever! Simply the best spring loaded mech on the market. If you are new to mech mods, or an old hand like myself, get the Launcher. It will also serve as a handy personal protective device (true story, don’t want to talk about here, needless to say the drunk on the beach is still on the beach as I write this…lol).


  3. Ryan Disano says:

    HEY!! That drunk on the beach was me!! J/J

    data on alloys and conductivity:

    1 Material Resistivity (nΩ·m)
    2 Density (g/cm3)
    3 Resistivity-density
    product (nΩ·m·g/cm3)

    Sodium 47.7 0.97 46
    Lithium 92.8 0.53 49
    Calcium 33.6 1.55 52
    Potassium 72.0 0.89 64
    Beryllium 35.6 1.85 66
    Aluminium 26.50 2.70 72
    Magnesium 43.90 1.74 76.3
    Copper 16.78 8.96 150
    Silver 15.87 10.49 166
    Gold 22.14 19.30 427
    Iron 96.1 7.874 757

    So looking at this chart, silver is the LEAST resistive of all viable mod material metals. But there is more to consider here…
    Basically, in terms of resistance:
    1) Silver
    2) Copper
    3) Gold
    4) Aluminum
    5) Stainless steel
    YES people!! Its true!! The ever loved stainless is the WORST material, conductivity wise, to use for mods!! Best for maintenance factor though. The BEST stainless steels are ones with high alloys like calcium, aluminum, copper, etc…

    As for the part about MORE TO CONSIDER, the density of metals plays a HUGE role in electron transfer. The more dense a material, the harder it is for electrons to navigate thru the metal lattice. Taking this into consideration, ALUMINUM is actually the best material to use for a mod (provided the threads are steel) when looking at the resistance/density ratio. Lower number is better for all these.

    So for OVERALL best material all things considered:
    1) Aluminum
    2) Copper
    3) Silver
    4) Gold
    5) Stainless

    You need to keep in mind the many varieties of stainless steel out there. Ones with great alloy concentrations COULD put steel above gold for a better material. Golds and silvers use is limited by cost.
    BTW I have experience working in a chem lab at a steel mill, and i have analyzed MANY metals with spectrometers and many other hightec measuring instruments!

  4. Ryan Disano says:

    that chart did not come out at all how i wanted it… anyway beside each element you see three groupings of #’s. above that you see the legend 1-2-3… 1 is the first number, 2 is the second, 3 is the third.

    Sorry about that!

  5. Ernesto Durazo says:

    My button keeps getting stuck. Any clue how to fix it or am i gonna have to get a whole new mod./

    • sam says:

      I would suggest you disassemble it and clean all the parts. If you want to take it a step further you can hit it with some Noalox.

  6. brett says:

    I can’t stand it.overtime I snug it up…the battery fires! And if u back it off, the whole assembly feels loose. Launcher is a good idea but I just can’t get mine to perform right. Any suggestions?

    • sam says:

      I had this problem once, and I realized it was because my friend took the main O-ring out – it is a large o-ring and sits right inside the button. This is what keeps the battery from auto-firing when you snug it too tight.

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