Size Doesn’t Matter: The Vision Nano Clearomizer


It’s been a while now since I’ve reviewed a clearomizer. I figured, what better way to step up my clearomizer game than by pulling out one of my old favorites – the Vision Nano. The Vision Nano is a small sized clearomizer that has a bottom coil.  It’s not rebuildable like a Protank or Evod, but rather you use these little guys till they shit on you and then toss them. They are pretty cheap at only around $2.00 each, and mine measure around 1.5 ohms.

What I DIDN’T Like about the Vision Nano

Wicking is a big issue with these. They seem to have some issues wicking, particularly with thicker juices. If you try to fire it before it is well saturated, you could potentially fuck it up and make it unusable before you even take your first hit. So they are touchy.

They also seem to be a little on the inconsistent side. I have got some that work great out of the box, and some that I can’t get to work for anything. Luckily they are super cheap, so it’s not a huge issue, but it’s still a pain in the ass.

The small size isn’t really a problem for me at all, but it could be for some. I think these only hold about 1.5ml of juice, which is not a lot.

They don’t respond as well to higher voltage/wattage. The more I stray from 3.7 volts, the more likely I am to get burned hits. Now this is true of just about any clearomizer, but it seems to be especially pronounced in the Nano.

What I DID like about the Vision Nano

While it does have some pretty severe flaws, there are lots of things I like about it.

For one thing, the drip tip screws on. You can easily keep these in your pocket or your purse and you won’t have to worry at all about it leaking.

They are super easy to fill. They fill from the top, so all you need to do is unscrew the drip tip and fill ‘er up. Couldn’t possibly be any easier.

The size is just about perfect. I used to use these quite a bit when I was more of a greenhorn, and I hadn’t gotten into rebuilding yet. What I liked to do was fill up 5-10 of these things and take them on the go with me – then I would have them available all day and I could easily change flavors by simply unscrewing one and screwing in another one. They are about the same diameter as a cig-alike so you can easily bring a ton of these with you with no problems at all.

These are bottom coil, so when they do work, they work really well. Probably one of the best hits I’ve gotten out of a clearo.

The airflow on them is just right for me. Not too airy, not too tight.

Who is it good for?

These are  really great for the convenience factor. If you need to have something with you that doesn’t take up a lot of space and only takes a second to change, this is the perfect clearomizer.

I also think these would be really good if you use a cigalike. They will fit on any 510 connection, so they will attach to most cigalikes. If I were going to use a cigalike, this is for sure the first tank I would try.

If you’re the disposable clearomizer type, this is a really good bet because they are super cheap and while the lifespan isn’t the best, they work really well.

Where to buy?

I would recommend getting them from Health Cabin here:

Do I use them?

I used to use these all the time. At this point I am in no position where I would ever need to use these, so in all honesty I don’t use them at all. The only way I will probably ever pull another one back out is if I get some cigalikes in to test.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Really, these things are pretty shitty quality. The primary issue is, the wicking is sketchy and there is no way to get in there and mess with the wick, so if you burn your wick you are pretty much going to have to throw the whole thing in the trash and start over with a fresh one. That is a pretty big quality concern. They also seem to be finicky, so burning your wick is sadly easier on the Nano than it is on a lot of other clearomizers.

Performance. When you get one going, it works like a beast. Hits super hard, has a great draw and you can get a ton of flavor out of your juice. Excellent performance – IF you can get to that point.

Ease of Use. They are pretty easy to use in terms of filling. The main tricky thing about these is not burning your wick. If you have patience and use correct juices, it should be OK.

Appearance. I actually think these look really slick. They are a perfect fit on a cigalike and even on my SVD or Provari they look good. I have no bones about the appearance whatsoever.

Price. The price is OK. Under $2.00 each is good, however since some of them are DOA, and they are pretty fragile in terms of screwing up the coil, you tend to go through them faster, so even on a good one you would likely only get a week or two out of it at peak performance. So the price is just OK. I think if these were about half of what they cost now, they would be a really good deal.

Overall.  I like the Nano a lot, but it’s not perfect. You really would be best off using higher PG juices, and I would personally let mine sit for 5-10 minutes after filling before firing it up. I would also maybe take a pull or two without firing it just to make sure you are getting that wick fully saturated. As long as you don’t  dry burn the wick, these work really well, so it is worth fussing with them a bit to find the sweet spot.

Basically I would boil it down like this – if you like the portability and you don’t mind the disposable aspect of it, these are really nice atomizers. If you’re looking for something more advanced that will last and give you something to tinker with, you would be better off with a more robust clearomizer like a TS3 or a Kanger Protank.

Health Cabin has them for about the best price you can find:

Size Doesn’t Matter: The Vision Nano Clearomizer
Ease of Use

One comment on “Size Doesn’t Matter: The Vision Nano Clearomizer

  1. Tyler Moran says:

    Personally I love this atomizer, it’s worked much better than others I have tried. Best part is I have never had fluid leak out during use. One problem I did have (repeatedly unfortunately) was the screw on tip. The black cover is made with cheap plastic and tends to crack easily making me go through quite a few of them. Still looking for a place to buy just the tips in bulk to solve that problem. Otherwise works great

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