Zip it: Zippered Battery Case $3.29


Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the best ones. I am so sick of lugging shitty 50 cent battery cases around with me. This is pretty much the ideal case. It holds three batteries, which I think is ideal. I usually don’t like to leave with only 2 spare batteries, but I have never had to use 4 in a single day,ever.

I think 3 is really the magic number.

For $3.29, it is only a little bit more expensive than a plastic 18650 case, it looks way better, and it will hold 3  x 18650 batteries.

I suspect you could maybe even slip an atomizer in there if you wanted to, and use this as a stealth vape case.

Either way, I think it’s genius, and I had to get one.

Check them out here for $3.29.

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