KSD Siamese Hybrid Review


The KSD Siamese Hybrid is a somewhat unique and unusual device. There aren’t a ton of cheap hybrids on the market right now, and even fewer hybrid drippers – which is what this is. Essentially, it is a dripping atomizer and mechanical mod rolled into one. It is intended for 18350 batteries and can telescope to fit batteries as large as 18500. That’s what I have in the one pictured above, which I put next to a Vaporshark for scale.

It is a very small and lightweight mod, and ideal for stealth vaping. The deck consists of 1 positive post and a negative screw going directly into the deck. You probably won’t be able to run a dual coil setup on this one easily. Here’s what the deck looks like:


What I DIDN’T like about the KSD Siamese

First and foremost, it telescopes, yet doesn’t telescope to 18650. I think I would be likely to use this a lot more if I could run it in 18650 mode. I am not the biggest fan of batteries below 18650.

The next glaring issue is the airhole. It has an odd airhole – a narrow horizontal slit on one side of the top cap. It’s actually a cool design for an airhole, except it is way too small. As a result, you can’t get much vapor from the stock configuration. Additionally, if you tried to drill a 1/16 hole through the existing hole, it would look really weird. I ended up drilling a 3/32 airhole instead, as it is big enough to just go right through the old hole, so it ends up looking normal – however, I personally think 3/32 is a little on the big side, so it’s not my favorite.

It has a recessed firing button, which is nice, but it has some metal coming down around the button, which can make firing it kind of awkward.

It’s an all brass mod – I personally like stainless a lot better than brass because it doesn’t tarnish. This mod got pretty heavily tarnished with only very light use. Some people like brass, but I think it’s more of a pain in the ass than anything.

The top cap could be a lot smaller. Since the primary benefit of this device is its compact nature, it does seem like a waste of space to have such a large top cap.

What I DID like about the KSD Siamese

It’s super lightweight. It can’t be anymore than half the weight of my Launcher, which is only a tad bigger. When it’s in 18350 mode it is especially compact and lightweight.

It has a recessed firing button. Although I don’t love the way they have metal edges hanging over it, it is still a nice feature as you can carry it in your pocket without worrying about it randomly firing.

The position of the posts make it super easy to rig up a nice vertical coil.

Who is it good for?

This is one of those pieces that is leaning towards being more of a novelty than anything. While I could see it being pretty effective as a stealth vape, I don’t think the lack of 18650 support makes it very versatile, and it’s not something I would really use on a daily basis.

Basically, it looks kind of cool and it’s easy to use, and of course, it’s only about 20 bucks.

Where to Buy?

Pick it up on Fasttech for $21.21 shipped.

Do I use it?

Meh. Not reallly. It’s kind of a cool little piece, but I was really not happy with the airflow to begin with and after drilling it out to 3/32, I am not much happier with it. I also primarily use 18650 devices, so this doesn’t really jive well with my routine.

The Bottom Line

Quality. There’s nothing really super wrong with the quality of this piece. It’s made mostly of brass, the orings and all the threading is pretty good. It’s more on the light and flimsy side, but I’m sure it could take a pretty good beating. You will end up either having to polish it or try to develop a sick patina.

Performance. The lack of good airflow makes this almost unusable out of the box. If you’re willing to drill out the airhole – which isn’t a big deal, then it will perform better, but I think there are a lot better dripper/mech combos you could look to for better performance.

Ease of Use. It’s actually really easy to set up. The posts have hex screws which are kind of a bitch compared to the ease of a normal screw, but it’s not the end of the world. It is pretty easy to set up a nice vertical coil – unfortunately, that’s about your only option with this piece, so that does make it fairly one-dimensional.

Appearance. It’s not the best looking, but it’s not the worst either. It’s about average. I don’t think it looks very cool telescoped out to 18500, but it does look pretty cool in 18350 mode just because it is SO small. Beyond the size factor, there isn’t much else cool about it.

Price. For $20 you can get a lot of better stuff than this on Fasttech. I think it’s a pretty fair price, but honestly it’s probably not going to be worth it for most people. If you’re willing to pay $20 for the novelty appeal, then it’s a pretty straight up deal.

Overall. I was SO excited when I first saw this thing, but it fell pretty far short of what I had envisioned. It’s a cool concept, and it definitely works fine. I think it just has too many shortcomings to make it a reliable every-day kind of mod. It’s just not that practical, it doesn’t work great without some tinkering with the airhole, and it lacks the versatility that many other nice mechs in the same price range have.

If you’re drawn to it because you think it looks cool or you like the small size, then it might be worth a shot for $20. I personally have way too many other better options to consider including this one in my rotation.

Not recommended.

Pick it up on Fasttech for $21.21 shipped.

KSD Siamese Hybrid Review
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