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I’ve had my Astro clone for quite a while, and I figured it is high time I finally get down to reviewing it. The Astro clone is a replica of a popular mechanical mod. It costs around $21 shipped on Fasttech.

It’s mostly brass, including brass contacts, and it is telescopic, so it will fit anything from an 18350 to an 18650 battery. It also is compatible with the AIOS if you want to turn it into a hybrid. That’s why I pictured it with the AIOS above, so you can get an idea of how it looks.

Here’s a clean picture so you can get a closeup of all the pieces:


You can see they also match the engravings and number on the piece. From an ethics standpoint, that might be taking it a little far, but that’s what they do so we are stuck with it like that for now.

It has a bottom locking ring, and it sort of has built in airflow control on the top cap.

What I DIDN’T like about the Astro

Overall, the Astro is a pretty nice looking and functional mod for the price, but I did find a few issues.

First of all, I don’t really like the airflow control in the top cap. They have some grooves in it, but I think it could be better. Now this only really matters if you’re planning on using Protank style atomizers. If not, then this probably won’t affect you much.

It only has brass contacts. These days a lot of clones are stepping it up with silver and copper contacts, so I am pretty disappointed that you can only get brass on this one for now. Luckily if you use the AIOS with silver contacts, you will at least have 1 silver contact point.

It doesn’t look great telescoped to 18650. This is pretty unfortunate. It’s not the worst but it could be better. Generally I think most telescopic mods look kind of corny in 18650 mode.  Non-telescoped, this mod actually looks really cool, so I think it’s too bad that it really loses a lot of flair if you want to run an 18650.

It doesn’t look particularly attractive with the AIOS. Probably one of the best features of this mod is that it is compatible with the AIOS. Unfortunately, the two don’t look that great together – especially when telescoped out to 18650. The whole thing looks kind of piecemeal and unnatural. While it is functional, it’s not the prettiest pig in the pen.

What I DID like about the Astro

It is a really nice looking piece. The color/finish is neutral and matches with a wide assortment of atomizers. The bottom locking ring is textured and adds a little extra pop to the overall appearance.

Additionally, the bottom locking ring works really well. This is a stark contrast to a lot of other mods with similar rings that don’t work nearly as well – Nemesis, I’m looking at you.  This is particularly helpful if you are planning on taking this mod on the go with you. A good, fast and dependable locking ring is a must.

Performance wise, even with the brass contacts it hits pretty well. I don’t notice any significant performance lost when comparing this with any other mods in my rotation, so you can be pretty confident that this one will work for you.

It’s very lightweight. Compared to the Launcher, it seems like it only weighs about half as much.

Who is it good for?

Primarily, I think this is probably the best for someone who wants to use it with the AIOS. If you don’t care about using it with the AIOS, then I think the Launcher is a much better deal at around the same price. Otherwise, if you really like the appearance of it, then sure. It doesn’t have any performance issues. I personally think the Launcher is similar but built more solid and has a better firing button, so I prefer the launcher.

Where to buy?

Get it here on Fasttech for around $21 shipped.

Do I use it?

This is the only mod I have right now that will work with the AIOS, so I have to use it by default. With the AIOS out of the picture, I probably wouldn’t use it. Not because there’s anything wrong with it, but I simply don’t like it as much as the Launcher, Nemesis or JM22 – my primary mechs as of writing this.

The Bottom Line

Quality. You can tell just by the flimsy nature of this piece that it isn’t built with the same tank-like properties as the Launcher. Now, really, you probably don’t need something that rugged anyway – and the lightness of it can be an advantage to some, so that’s subjective. The contacts are only brass – while it doesn’t appear to cause any real performance loss, I still wish they were silver or copper.

Performance. I have no real issues with the performance of this piece at all. It seems to work pretty much 100% spot on. It hits like an actual beast with the AIOS attached, and even with a regular setup it hits just as hard as anything else I have here, so overall, great performance out of the Astro.

Ease of Use. All around, this is a pretty easy to use mod. The telescoping is pretty easy to figure out, there are not a million tubes to deal with like the Nemesis. the locking ring works very well. The bottom button doesn’t tend to unscrew itself TOO fast, although it does still happen. All around, this is a pretty user friendly piece.

Appearance. The appearance of the Astro is excellent – UNTIL you telescope it. Then it starts to go downhill from there. I wish it looked as cool telescoped as it does in compact mode, but that is pretty much the nature of telescopic mods I guess. It is definitely one of the better looking mods available on Fasttech.

Price. At $21, it costs about the same as the Launcher. I personally think the Launcher is a much better deal at that price, and as such I think that makes this one slightly overpriced. Really though, for $20 it is a very functional mod and a hell of a lot better than the shitty Sigeli mods you see around this same price range.

Overall. It’s a really nice mod, and it’s great to have around if you ever plan on having an AIOS. I do actually use it quite a bit with my AIOS right now, and it works amazingly well. Beyond that, you are pretty much buying for appearance and durability. If you like the way this one looks over the JM22, Nemesis or Launcher, then go for it. Otherwise, take your pick.

Recommended – good if you have an AIOS, and generally an all around good piece.

Get it here on Fasttech for around $21 shipped.

Astro Clone Review
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