PH22 (Poldiac Clone) Review


The PH22 started off back in October as a Poldaic Clone. They didn’t actually change the name to PH22 until at least a month or two later. Probably because they realized there are Poldaic clones out there that actually look like a Poldaic, where this one really doesn’t.

The PH22 is a brass/stainless mechanical mod with a side firing button. To be quite honest, I am not sure if the side button is wired or fully mechanical. I have heard both ways, and I don’t really feel like gutting it to find out. So it potentially might not be a full mechanical.

It is designed in the same style as the Poldaic, but there are some pretty clear differences. Check out the picture below:


On the left is a Poldaic clone. The middle is an authentic Poldaic UMA, and the right is the PH22.

You can see pretty clearly that the PH22 is markedly different. While it is around the same height as the authentic, it doesn’t have removable shirt and pants – a key feature of the poldiac, the button is very different, and it doesn’t have button locking feature. The center pin is also fixed, where the Poldaic and replica both have a floating center pin.

So it is better to look at the PH22 as a standalone mod rather than a clone of the Poldaic, because as a clone it doesn’t cut it appearance wise, but as a standalone, it’s not half bad.

What I DIDN’T like about the PH22

At first I was semi-horrified by how janky this thing looks compared to a real Poldaic, but when you take that out of the equation, it’s not that bad. Still, appearance-wise, it is somewhat clunky and cheap looking. It doesn’t have the intricate detail of a Poldaic, and the shoddy attempt to replicate the design leaves it looking fairly junky.

The center pin is fixed. Now I didn’t really care for the floating center pin in the authentic Poldaic because it was always backing itself in which could be a semi-pain-in-the-ass. That said, I still like a floating center pin a lot better than a fixed one.

The button doesn’t have any kind of locking mechanism. For me, this is a big issue with any mech.

What I DID like about the PH22

It’s simple. There aren’t a ton of pieces to mess with and no bottom button fucking up all the time. This makes life a lot easier. Just pop in your battery, screw on an atty and vape away. That is a big plus for sure.

The button works very well. While it isn’t nearly as cool as the one on the real poldiac, it looks OK and functions just fine.

The size is very similar to the real Poldaic and it fits a Kayfun perfectly.

Who is it good for?

This is actually a really solid introductory mech mod. The side firing button makes it really easy to handle, and there isn’t a lot of guesswork here. If you’re an advanced mech user, this one might not be right for you. I think this is much better for vapers just getting into mechs.

Where to buy?

Pick it up on Fasttech for $17.59 shipped here. 

Do I use it?

No, not really. I have a lot of mechs and this one just isn’t quite right for me.

The Bottom Line

Quality. It’s just OK for me quality-wise. It looks cheap and it kind of feels cheap.  The contacts are nothing special, and I can’t say that I trust the button to last forever.

Performance. Compared to a real Poldaic, the drop in performance isn’t super huge. That said, it definitely doesn’t perform quite as well as the real McCoy. For the money, it is a relatively good performing mech, but not really to the point where I would use it.

Ease of Use. This mod really shines in the ease of use category. There’s hardly anything to it at all. Very simple to work with, not a lot of parts, and no bottom button to mess with. A big plus for sure.

Appearance. I’m really not super crazy for the look of it. The Poldaic is kind of bulky as it is, but at least all the detail on it makes it look cool. This one just looks like a half-assed attempt to rip off the real Poldaic.

Price. At 17 or so, you could do a hell of a lot worse. It still kicks just about any Sigeli’s ass, and for cheaper. For me though, there are better mechs you can get in that same price range for sure.

Overall. While it’s not exactly my favorite, I have come to respect the PH22. It’s really not a bad piece at all. For a beginner, I think the simplicity of it could be a huge benefit. For an advanced user, it probably is going to seem a little sub-par. That’s pretty much the way it goes with this one. If you’ve already been thinking of picking it up – I say give it a shot. If you were on the fence about it, you might want to follow your gut feeling. I can’t say I would buy it again, and I don’t really have any plans to use mine in the future, but it does work pretty well all things considered.

Recommended for beginners.

Pick it up on Fasttech for $17.59 shipped here. 

PH22 (Poldiac Clone) Review
Ease of Use

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