Poldiac Clone Kit Review


Now that I have the PH22, Poldaic clone and authentic Poldaic, I have been meaning to get them all reviewed to compare and contrast the differences. The Poldaic clone is the last one of the three to be reviewed, so here goes…

The Poldiac is a mechanical mod, including the firing button. Unlike most mechs, it has a side firing button rather than a bottom button. I personally like the side firing style better, but it is hard to find good mods with that feature.  This is a brass mod with silver contacts, and the guts of it compare pretty closely with the original.

On the outside, here is a comparison of the 3:


The clone is the one on the left, authentic in the middle and PH22 on the right.

You will notice right away that the clone is shorter than the authentic one. Generally I like mods as small as I can get them and have them still be effective. The main thing that sucks about it, though, is that the pants aren’t interchangeable with the authentic Poldiac pants. The shirt is, but not the pants. Weird…

The other big difference between the clone and the original is that the clone has hard edges, while the original has smooth beveled edges. Not a big deal, but it is very noticeable when you compare the two side by side. Other than those things, the clone is fairly close to the real thing.

What I DIDN’T like about the Poldiac clone

The biggest thing that annoyed me about the clone is that the pants are not interchangeable between the clone and the original. Now unless you have an original and a clone like me, this won’t effect you in the least bit, but for me, it is pretty disappointing.

There is no airflow control at all – so if you are planning to run a device like a Kanger Pro Tank, you probably won’t have that much luck on this mech. The original is no different, but it’s a BIG issue that I have with both of them.

The brass tarnishes really easily. I know that’s no big revelation, but if you haven’t had a brass mod like this, you need to know that it is going to tarnish, and fast.

Beyond those 3 things, there isn’t really much I didn’t like about it.

What I DID like about the Poldiac clone

It looks VERY much like the original. It is a good reproduction. I like the 2 tone brass, and they did a nice job with the embellishments. Appearance-wise, this one is a home run.

It’s super affordable – for around $30, I got the full kit including the 18350 and 18500 pants and tubes. Very nice deal for the price.

It has silver contacts, and it shows in the performance. Performance wise, it works really no different than the authentic.

The button works well. I haven’t had any issues with the button whatsoever, just like the original.

It has a locking mechanism. Unlike the PH22, this clone has the ability to lock the button by sliding the shirt over the button. It works great, and is super easy.

Who is it good for?

This is a mech that is pretty versatile. It it fairly easy to use, so it could work for beginners, and it has the performance and functionality an advanced user would appreciate. It’s great if you like the side firing option. I personally am not a huge fan of bottom firing, and really appreciate that there is a quality mech out there with side firing. If you are like me, then you would probably like this piece. Assuming they keep making different pants and shirts for it, it’s also great if you are into having one mod and being able to change up the look and feel of it!

Where to buy?

I got my kit on Fasttech for $33.52 shipped.

Do I use it?

It works well enough and looks good enough that it is in my current rotation. There’s really nothing wrong with this piece at all, and it satisfies my needs, so I plan to keep this baby around for a while.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Overall, I see no problems with the quality of this piece. It looks great, the guts all work nicely, it has silver contacts… Nothing more you really need! I would like to see a stainless steel option for the pants and shirt – I think that would be a little more my style than the brass.

Performance. This thing works basically just as well as my authentic Poldiac. I haven’t noticed any loss in production between the two at all.

Ease of Use. While it is fairly user friendly, the floating pin can be a bitch. Much like the original. The pin has a tendency to back itself in from screwing in and out atomizers. This can be a real pain in the ass if you are out and about and don’t happen to have a small flathead screwdriver with you to fix it. I have found that out the hard way on more than one occasion. Once you get used to working with it, it isn’t so bad, and this is an otherwise pretty easy to use piece.

Appearance. Personally I think it looks great. Very clean, nice embellishments, and it fits a Kayfun pretty close to flush which is a big plus. I think I would like mine better without the gold-brass trim, but it’s not too bad. The button, for whatever reason, doesn’t have the same shiny quality as my original Poldiac. I can’t figure that one out. Everything on my original is tarnished to hell except for the button which is super shiny. The clone does not have that same shine. Not a big deal, but worth noting. Also, it does have the sharp edges I mentioned earlier which are quite different from the soft beveled ones on the original.

Price. For $33, this is one of the more expensive clones out there, but it is also a hell of a good deal. It includes all the tubes and pants you need to use any of the main kinds of batteries. It’s really a great price for everything you are getting, and this is definitely up there in terms of quality. So totally worth the $30 investment. You will probably have it for a long time.

Overall. I actually had stopped using my authentic Poldiac last fall, but getting this one kind of got me back into a Poldaic kind of mood so I think I am going to be using the both of them a lot more in the coming days. I really like this particular piece, and I’m glad I bought it. It’s versatile, works just as good as any mod I have, and it looks pretty good to boot.

You really can’t go wrong with this one.

Highly recommended.

Pick it up on Fasttech for $33.52 shipped.

Poldiac Clone Kit Review
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