Foggy Nimbus Review


Today we’re going to take a look at the Foggy Nimbus clone from Fasttech. You can see it pictured above on my custom DNA30 mod, and I published a tutorial last week showing how I like to coil it to run on a DNA30. Nothing earth shattering there.

This was one of the first “foggy” RBA’s they came out with. It is basically exactly the same as the regular Nimbus except it uses a PMMA top cap rather than a stainless one.  Really, there is not a lot of benefit in getting the PMMA version rather than the standard one other than appearance and cost. At around $3, this one is a few bucks cheaper than the one with the stainless cap. No big jump there, but you get all the same versatility and functionality for a few dollars less – so if you like the Nimbus design and want a couple backups, this is a cheap way to go. Other than that, it all basically comes down to appearance. I don’t know if I like the PMMA version any better or worse than the stainless version, they are basically about the same to me. It’s a nice change of pace if nothing else.

Now with these PMMA RDA’s, most of them come with several different airhole configurations. I personally went with the 1 airhole configuration rather than the 2 or 3 or double sided because I would rather drill the holes out myself. If you get a 3 hole version, for example, and you find that it still isn’t kicking enough airflow for you, then you have a problem. With the one hole version, you can always go bigger. I drilled mine out to 1/16th, slightly bigger than the stock hole. If I were running dual coils, I would probably put a second 1/16th hole on the opposite side, but I typically prefer to run these in single coil mode.

What I DIDN’T like about the Foggy Nimbus

First off, I don’t care for the shitty drip tip it comes with. This is a pretty standard metal drip tip that comes with a lot of RBAs from Fasttech. It looks OK on some, but on this one I really don’t think it looks that great. I switched it up with the wide bore drip tip that came with my Fatty V3, and it is much better, plus I can drip right through the tip.

The posts use hex screws rather than real screws. I always find this to be a pain in the ass. Now you can always get different screws, but they will probably cost you close to what the unit itself costs, so it’s probably not worth it. It’s not a huge deal and I just live with it.

The airhole is VERY close to the top of the drip well. I would have liked to see it maybe 1/4 inch higher.

The PMMA cap does slide a little bit. Not a lot, but if you put it in your pocket, don’t expect it to stay in place for very long.

What I DID like about the Foggy Nimbus

Appearance-wise, I think it looks pretty good. Not all of the PMMA drippers look that great, in my opinion, but the Nimbus has a more conservative design that I think lends itself well to this style.

It was VERY easy to drill out the airhole.

I haven’t had any issues at all with the PMMA getting hot.

The PMMA doesn’t get dirty nearly as fast as I thought it would – plus, you can kind of get a better warning when it IS starting to get a little dirty on the inside so you can clean it out. With a metal one, you probably wouldn’t notice at all.

Who is it good for?

This is generally a pretty easy to use RDA. Despite the shitty hex screws, it has nice holes in the posts which makes it super easy to set up a single or dual coil. The all around performance is good. It’s about what you would expect from a standard RDA. The price is extremely affordable.

Basically, this would be good if you were on a budget and wanted to have a couple extras on hand, or if you are new to RDAs and want a cheap device that is really easy to practice single and dual coils on, or if you like the PMMA style and want to try one out on the cheap.

Where to buy?

Pick it up on fasttech for about $3. 

Do I use it?

I’ve been using this one heavily for the last couple weeks. I finally had to reign in my Fatty usage because it has a slight leakage issue and I don’t want to be using anything that is leaky with an expensive DNA device.

As such, this little guy earned a prime spot in my current rotation. It basically does everything I want it to do, it’s easy to use, and it looks kind of unique, so I actually quite like it, and plan to keep it around.

The Bottom Line

Quality. For $3, you can’t expect a hell of a lot, but really this thing is pretty decent quality. All the threads and o-rings are good, the PMMA tank has stood up to quite a bit of abuse and it fits about as well as I could expect it to on the deck. The shitty hex screws are about the only strike against this one. For the price, this is actually probably one of the best quality atomizers you can get.

Performance. It works great. Just like a regular nimbus. I like mine with a 1/16th airhole to keep the draw a little tight. Even at that configuration, it still puts out an admirable cloud and I have had no problems getting a good hit off a simple single coil setup.

Ease of Use. While the hex screws are a slight strike against simplicity, the ease in which you can widen the airhole in the PMMA cap more than makes up for it. Definitely the easiest time I have ever had drilling out an air hole. The holes in the center post also make it significantly easier to set up your coils – particularly if you intend to run a dual coil setup.

Appearance. It’s really nothing special to look at, but I think it looks kind of cool and the neutral design keeps it from looking too dorky – at least that’s my opinion. You will almost surely want to get a different drip tip for it, because the one that comes with it is pretty lame, but otherwise this should generally look good on most devices.

Price. You simply can’t go wrong for the price with this piece. I can’t think of another RDA in the $3 range that I like as much as this one.

Overall. I’m really quite happy with the Foggy Nimbus. I wasn’t expecting much, but I have ended up using this a lot more than I have used my regular Nimbus or similar counterparts. I guess the PMMA makes it a little more interesting to me.

If you’re on the fence with this one, I would say go for it. It’s cheap, it looks decently cool and it works.

Pick it up on fasttech for about $3.

Foggy Nimbus Review
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