Kraken Rebuildable Atomizer Review


This review has been a long time coming. I’ve had my Kraken for several months now and have had a chance to try out a variety of builds on it. While genesis style atomizers generally aren’t my favorite, they do have their place, and the Kraken is one of the better options out there, for a very reasonable price. It’s important to note that this review is specifically for this Kraken, which you can get on FT for about $12.

As I already mentioned, the Kraken is a genesis style atomizer, so you’re going to have your tank below the atomizer deck with your coil and wick above it. The Kraken is set up so that you can easily build dual coils, and it works best with a vertical coil setup. It also has dual air holes opposite each other, which I find really ideal on dual coil genesis atomizer setups.

Rather than having a removable top cap, it uses kind of a sleeve that actually covers the entire atomizer from the base all the way up to the drip tip.

What I DIDN’T like about the Kraken

Probably the biggest thing I didn’t like about the Kraken is that it is basically made for a dual vertical coil setup. You could do a single coil, but it isn’t going to have the best synergy with the parallel airhole setup, and you will have an extra wick hole out in the open.

It’s also really not ideal to build a horizontal coil – a lot of genesis atomizer users probably don’t care about this, but some of my best genesis setups have been with horizontal coils, so it does kind of suck not to have that option available.

It WILL leak if you leave it on its side. Most genesis atomizers do, but some are better at containing it than others. With the Kraken, you really do need to babysit it and make sure it stays upright.

What I DID like about the Kraken

I really like the parallel airholes a lot. They seem to be the perfect size – at least for me, and I have never had any problems with them at all. Every build I have done has produced excellent vapor and throat hit, thanks largely to the nice airhole setup.

Appearance-wise, this is probably one of the better looking genesis atomizers out there. It’s not as bulky as some tend to be, and the sleeve that covers the entire body of the atty actually makes it look really sick.

Additionally, the sleeve stays in place very well with a nice snug fit, and I have never had any problems with it coming loose. If you’re familiar with the RSST or AGA T2, you will know that keeping the top cap on can be a real bitch on certain devices, and that is not a problem at all with the Kraken.

The configuration of the posts and wick holes is spot-on-perfect for building dual coil setups. If you are buying this primarily to use it with dual coils, you will be very happy with the ease of use.

Who is it good for?

I really wouldn’t classify this as a great beginner’s device. Dual coil setups are always kind of a bitch on some level, whether it’s wrapping them or maintaining them, and in general I don’t really think they are necessary – so if you are new to rebuildables – particularly genesis atomizers, this one might be a slight pain in the ass to work with.

Now, if you have worked with genesis style atomizers in the past and want one that will easily work with dual coils and look great at the same time, this device should be on your list.

I would say it is miles ahead of more rudimentary genesis attys like the RSST and AGA T2. I also like it slightly better than the Pulse G, although the Pulse G is better for single coils and does better if you lay it on it’s side, so it’s more of a personal preference there.

Where to Buy?

I picked mine up on Fasttech for around $12. They also have alternate sleeve options available if you plan to pair it with a brass mod.

Do I use it?

This guy has been in my rotation for a couple of months now. I have taken it out on the go with me several times, but I really prefer keeping this one at home and mostly using it at my desk where I don’t have to worry about babysitting it to keep it upright.

So while this is one of the few genesis atomizers that I use with any regularity, I still only use it on a limited basis due to the limited portability of it.

My Ideal Setup

I have tried this a few different ways, but I strongly prefer using this as an auto dripper with dual micro coils. I like to keep it between 1 ohm and 1.5 ohms and use it with variable wattage – usually around 14 watts. I find it spits out amazing vapor, great flavor and a solid throat hit at this configuration and I have done several similar builds in this style that have all worked great.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Across the board, this is a pretty fine piece. The glass tank is a little shaggy on the edges, but that doesn’t really affect the performance or look and feel much at all. Other than that, it is nearly perfect. The top cap fits amazing, the drip tip that comes with it also fits very snug, and the posts and holes are very nice.

Performance. I actually prefer the performance of this device to other genesis devices I’ve used in the past – I think primarily because the airholes are set up perfectly. It seems like almost every atomizer I get, I end up having to drill out the holes. This one, however, works absolutely flawless out of the box with no need for any extra fuss.

Ease of Use. As genesis atomizers go, this is a relatively easy device to use. That said, you are going to get the best performance out of this if you use it with dual coils, which always means some extra hassle. There’s also the fact that you have to constantly keep an eye on it to make sure it stays upright and doesn’t leak all over your shit.

Appearance. This is hands down the best looking genesis atomizer I own. It’s a $12 atomizer that looks like it could easily cost $50 or $60. I really liked the look of the Steam Turbine too, but the performance was significantly worse due to the shitty airhole setup and the inability to drill out the holes without fucking up the appearance, so the Kraken wins that battle IMO.

Price. Again, this is a superior device when it comes down to cost. At just about $12, you get a great looking piece that is well built and works flawlessly out of the box. You can’t ask much more than that for the cost.

Overall. With all the awesome bottom feeding tanks that have been coming out lately, it seems like genesis atomizers are kind of on the way out – however, this has been the one bright spot in terms of genesis products that have come out in the last 6 months or so. It looks great, performs great and is super affordable – especially considering the quality. I don’t always use genesis atomizers, but when I do, I prefer the Kraken.


Check it out here. 

Kraken Rebuildable Atomizer Review
Ease of Use

2 comments on “Kraken Rebuildable Atomizer Review

  1. Oscar says:

    So does it leak even in auto dripper mode? If you use enough cotton shouldn’t it just wick the juice goin up? Im asking because I want to put this on a hammer mod, so it would be tilted alot. Thanks

    • sam says:

      Yeah if you put a ton of cotton in there it will definitely help to minimize the leaking, but it probably won’t solve it completely. There really aren’t any genesis atomizers that will give you a leak free experience if you keep it tilted. The best one I have found in terms of not leaking much is the Pulse-G, which I also reviewed, but even that one would probably still leak if you had it on its side a ton.

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