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Ok, today I’m finally buckling down and writing a much needed review of the Taifun GT clone. My experience with Taifuns is an interesting one. I first picked one up on Fasttech months ago. At the time, I could not get it to work – for whatever reason the chamber wouldn’t sit correctly and there was a gap between the tube that extends to the drip tip and the chamber, causing the chamber to flood.

Now to be perfectly fair, I also didn’t realize at the time that the chamber does kind of sit weird in the Taifun, so I might not have set it up correctly to begin with – I’ll never know, though, because I fucked it up beyond repair trying to get it to work. Sometimes I can be a little overzealous when troubleshooting.

At any rate, I picked up another Taifun clone from e5cigs, and it worked flawlessly from the very first hit. I have been using it constantly ever since – I take it with me on the go and use it at my desk. It is an amazing all around tank atomizer, and the capacity to hold a lot of liquid makes it great for taking on the go.

If you’re not totally familiar with the Taifun GT, it is somewhere between a Protank and a Kayfun. The atomizer chamber is at the bottom of the device, with the tank going around and over it. The coil and wick are set up in the atomizer chamber, which is then sealed, save for 2 wick channels – one on either side. This is what allows the juice to flow into the chamber and reach the coil. It might sound complicated, but it is actually incredibly easy to set up and I have never had a single problem with flooding, leaking, gurgling or dry hits.

What I DIDN’T like about the Taifun GT

When I first got the Taifun, I was actually shocked by how dirty it was. Normally my first thought with a new atty is not that I need to deep clean it right away (even though it’s not a bad idea), but with this one, I had to immediately wash it with soap and water, then rub it completely down with 99% alcohol and then wash with soap and water again. It was covered in machine oil on the inside and out.

Additionally, the atomizer deck was extremely scuffed up and nicked. I’ve never gotten any piece from anywhere that had this much distress on it. Luckily it doesn’t affect performance at all, and you can’t see it except when you’re rebuilding the coil, but it was still a little off-putting.

What I DID like about the Taifun GT

There really wasn’t much that I did not like about this piece. Other than a few scuffs and grime, which was easily solved, this atomizer has been nothing but a joy to own.

I love the fact that it is super easy to set up. There’s a nice big area on the deck to build your coil, and the wick fits right through like clockwork. There’s no guesswork necessary at all when rebuilding.

The tank is huge, and I can usually kill an entire bottle of juice within 2 tankfulls. I really love having this large capacity tank for when I’m out on the go.

It never has leaked a single drop anywhere.

I’ve never had a dry hit.

I’ve never had any gurgling or flooding of the tank.

I’ve dropped it several times and it isn’t any worse for wear.

The airflow is spot on perfect for me.

Who is it good for?

This is really a device that would suit anyone well. You will need to have some comfort level with building a wick and coil. It’s a big jump moving from a changeable coil head device like a protank into the big leagues of rebuildable tanks like the Taifun GT. If you have some experience, even rebuilding basic drippers, you will probably be able to figure this one out.

In addition to being a beginner friendly device, it’s perfectly excellent for experienced vapers as well. I personally really like it for the portability. I can take it anywhere with me and not have to worry about it leaking, shitting on me or running out of juice. I can vape this baby all day with no problems whatsoever.

Where to buy?

I got this particular device from e5cigs for around $20.

Do I use it?

I can answer that one with an emphatic YES. I use it all the fucking time. Since the day I opened it, I haven’t been able to put it down. In fact, I haven’t even thought twice about a Kayfun since I started using it. It is far and away the #1 tank atomizer in my lineup right now and it’s not even close. I don’t see anything easily replacing it any time soon. It just works too good, and it is incredibly dependable.

My ideal setup

I did a tutorial on this a while back. I really don’t do anything special with it at all – just a basic microcoil with a cotton wick running through it. I like to keep my coil between 1.5 and 2 ohms and run it at higher wattage. Right now, my build is at 1.8 ohms and I can run it anywhere from 14 to 24 watts. My sweet spot at 1.8 is around 17 watts. Depending on the viscosity of the juice, it may need to be adjusted one way or another.

The Bottom Line

Quality. Now as I mentioned before, the biggest beef I had with this device was the condition it was in when I received it. It honestly looked like it had been refurbished or something. In fact, based on my experience with my first Taifun, I was half expecting this one to be a dud too based on the shoddy condition I received it in. That said, the machine oil was easily cleaned off, and the scuffing on the deck doesn’t really make a hell of a lot of difference to me. The tank has held up brilliantly otherwise – perfect threading, really nice knurling on the accents, and the posts and airhole seem to be in tip-top shape.

Performance. This is hands down the best performing tank atomizer I have tried to date. It works 100% flawless. The hits are incredible – great vapor, great throat hit. Flavor is generally pretty good although I have tried it with a couple lighter flavored juices that didn’t do much for me in this tank. Best of all, it holds a shit ton of juice, so you can set it and forget it. I have been using it daily for a couple weeks and ran multiple tanks through the same wick and coil and haven’t had even the slightest drop in performance.

Ease of Use. Yes, it is a little bit of a bitch to rebuild if you’re not accustomed to rebuilding yet, but if you have any experience with drippers or other tanks, you should have no problems rebuilding this one.

Appearance.  The one nit I have with this is that the diameter is a little too wide to fit on a standard 22mm mod, so it’s going to look a little off on your Nemesis, Chi You, etc. Personally I like running this on a DNA30 box mod, and it looks fucking awesome on it. You basically just need to have a device that an atty slightly wider than 22mm will look good on – if you do, then the appearance is great. If you’re running it only on standard mods, it’s not as cool looking as a Kayfun, IMO.

Price. For $20 or so, I have already got my money’s worth multiple times over. It’s not as cheap as some of the Kayfun clones out there, but personally I think it is quite a bit better than a Kayfun so I have no problems at all paying a little extra. Considering I just paid close to $20 for a Kanger Aerotank, it makes this Taifun look like an absolute steal for the price.

Overall. I am so glad I gave the Taifun another go. This is such an amazing tank atomizer, I can’t even begin to describe how much easier it has made my life. Before I got this, I was mostly taking drippers with me on the go because I always seemed to have one problem or another with various tanks while I was out and about, and not well equipped to solve them in the field. The Taifun has been out and about with me for many hours and I have not had a single problem with it. In fact, I find myself even using it at my desk more than any of my other devices. It is just simply too easy, and the performance is consistent and perfect. This is an absolute no-brainer. If you’re already using Kayfuns and haven’t tried a Taifun yet, I strongly recommend giving it a shot.

Highly Recommended.

Check it out here.


Taifun GT Review
Ease of Use

4 comments on “Taifun GT Review

  1. Ryan Disano says:

    Isn’t the chi-you 23mm?? At least, mine is! My taifun is perfectly flush with it!
    And yes, this tank is #1 by leaps and bounds.

    Also this is just my opinion, but you really should curb your swearing a little, especially your gratuitous use of the word “fucking”. I can guarantee many people are put off by your reviews by having to read that “shit”. That said, I MYSELF don’t have a problem with it… but others might. Also, clearly from your photo, you have a daughter. You don’t use that language around her, do you? Keep in mind that you don’t know who is going to stumble on your page. A lot of kids are free to surf the web!

    • sam says:

      Yes this site is meant for an adult audience only. Any kid surfing the web for ecig shit who ends up here probably has bigger issues than cussing. LOL.

  2. Mick Moore says:

    Try the Taifun GT on the Panzer mod. I use mine at .8ohm 28gauge Kanthal micro with cotton wool wick and the flavour is unreal !
    I also have one set up on a Tesla m5 but although it’s nearly as good I prefer the feel of the Panzer.

  3. Les says:

    I recently bought a tailfun GT clone from canvape. I can confirm this review. The thing is totally awesome and trouble free.

    I wick it with cotton, because silica tastes like damp rags to me, and it’s just perfect now. Every hit is full. Never a dry hit. Never a gurgle or leak.

    My only complaint would be the size and weight of it, but if you reduce the size you would reduce the huge 5m tank and it would vape different.

    I put it on a silver smoke magneto and matches the look. Makes it look like they were meant for each other.

    It’s awesome and made life easy. I will be buying the small tailfun GS to use on ego bats when I’m mobile. It’s a different design than the GT, but if it’s half as good then it’s better than most.

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