Alice in Vapeland: Orange Makes Me Creamsicle Review


After taking a couple weeks off from reviewing AIV juices, I decided to bring them back into the fold this week with their Orange Makes Me Creamsicle. Here’s what they say about it:

Jack and Jill went up the hill carrying buckets of cream and oranges. They slipped and fell and mixed so well, that little creamsicles came tumbling after. Orange Makes Me Creamsicle is a delightfully orange-tangeriney creamy concoction, sure to make your lips wet. Orange you glad we made this.

I’ve got it at 18mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has an opaque orange color and smells very lightly of oranges in the bottle.

So far my experience with all of the AIV juices in sample sizes is that they basically have no taste at all. I was encouraged when this one actually at least had a scent in the bottle, and even more encouraged when I was actually able to taste a little orange in the vape.

This one, again, is very light on flavor, however I was at least able to taste it to some degree. I get a lot more orange than I do cream, and while I didn’t think it was terribly accurate, it was decent enough for me to vape through the entire sample bottle.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The crazy thing about most of these AIV juices is they all kind of have the same very slight aftertaste to them. It’s not necessarily bad, it’s just kind of unnatural. The closest thing I think I could liken it to is fabric softener. This juice to me pretty much tastes like an orange and fabric softener combo. I didn’t get any of the cream that would have really made this much more of an accurate vape. The orange flavor was pretty good, although it was light, and light enough that it didn’t cover up the fabric softener flavor. This one is definitely vapable, but really not that great.

True to Description. I really wasn’t terribly impressed with the accuracy on this one. In fact, I think orange cream would be a relatively easy ejuice flavor to mix, and the fact that this one isn’t really even close is pretty disappointing. This one is all orange, no cream.

Throat Hit. I did quite like the throat hit. I enjoyed vaping through the entire bottle of this over an afternoon, and I didn’t notice any decrease in performance the longer I had been vaping it.

Quality of Vape. It’s definitely vapable but it is an extremely unremarkable juice. The flavor isn’t very accurate, it’s light andit has a definite unnatural aftertaste. That said, the flavor isn’t awful, so it’s still quite vapable and the fact that it has a good throat hit and vapor production is a big plus. For me, this one is average at best.

Overall. This is the first sample bottle from them I’ve tried out of 4 or 5 now that actually has some semblance of flavor. The flavor it has really isn’t great, but it’s not bad either. If you wanted an average orange flavored ejuice, you could probably get one a lot cheaper and easier than this, and it might not have the unusual aftertaste associated with it. Simply put, this one just isn’t very good.

Not Recommended.

Check it out here:

Alice in Vapeland: Orange Makes Me Creamsicle Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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