Azure Vaping: Frothy Toffee Coffee Review


I’m back from my Memorial weekend camping trip and fresh off a long week of vaping pretty much nothing but tobacco flavors, and I wanted to jump right back in with some new and delicious sounding (non-tobacco) vapes to get this week going.

First up is Frothy Toffee Coffee from Azure Vaping. Here’s what they say about it:

Sweeter coffee with a dark toffee finish

I’ve got this one at 16mg in an 80/20 PG/VG blend.

First Impressions

This is a deep brown juice that has a light sweet scent in the bottle.

The flavor sounded absolutely awesome to me and a nice change of pace after a long week of vaping pure tobacco.

On the plus side, this juice has a great throat hit at 16mg, and after a week of vaping heavy 24mg WTAs and the like, this juice still keeps up the pace even with the lower nic level.

Unfortunately, the flavor is not nearly as good as the throat hit on this juice. Azure is another one of those companies where you can kind of taste their “base” in a lot of juices. It’s not a really strong taste but just a very mild flavor that must come from the base they use because it is present in a variety of their juices of all different flavors. It’s not a big deal and many companies have kind of a familiar “base taste”. Unfortunately, it should never be the most prominent flavor in a juice, and in this one it is because the rest of the flavors are so incredibly light.

The Bottom Line

Taste. For a coffee vape, this really doesn’t have any kind of bold flavor whatsoever. The coffee taste is there, but it is very light and not even strong enough to drown out the taste of their base. While it smells sweet in the bottle, I really don’t get much sweetness out of this juice at all, and I don’t taste any toffee. It basically comes off as a very dry, very light coffee flavor with kind of an unusual and unnatural artificial presence from their base creeping in.

True to Description. The coffee is there, but it is very light. There really isn’t any toffee that I could pick up, and I didn’t feel this juice was particularly sweet. In fact it is mostly just pure dryness. So really this one missed the mark for me.

Throat Hit. The bright spot in this juice is the throat hit – it hits great at 16mg. Unfortunately, the trade off here is that it really doesn’t produce a great deal of vapor. High PG juices can really be hit or miss as far as vapor production goes, and this one just does not put out a big cloud.

Quality of Vape. This is basically the only juice I made available to myself all day today, and as a result, I found myself vaping a lot less than I normally would after a day of sitting at my desk working. The throat hit is pretty good, but everything else is downhill from there. The flavor is very light and overly dry. It definitely has an artificial feel to it. The vapor production is sub par. Many of the flavors promised are not present, or very light at best. It’s vapable, but really not very good.

Overall. As awesome as this one sounded to me, it just isn’t good at all. It lacks in basically every category and there simply aren’t a lot of bright spots. I am always happy to see a lower nic juice that has a great throat hit, but the vapor production and overall quality of vape is so low that the throat hit alone isn’t good enough to make this one a winner. There are many better options than this juice from Azure.

Not Recommended.

Check it out here:

Azure Vaping: Frothy Toffee Coffee Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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