Bombies: A Real Nightmare Review


Today I’ve got another one from Bombies, and I promise I won’t say this one tastes just like Nana Cream or Seven Seas! It’s called A Real Nightmare – here’s what they say about it:

After a few months of vaping ‘Bacco B, I began to have vivid dreams of a juice that was only evident in my nightmares.  A juice that fortified deep, dark, unconventional, rich, and extremely unforgiving tobacco.  I started working on this in July 2013, and the ingredients fought me every step of the way.  In the process, I learned to fight against the flavors, to skillfully blend these demons into something more than what every single one of my ADV has to offer.

Even at the lowest level of nicotine, this juice has an intense throat hit and the flavors will bounce around your taste buds as if to control your very own demons.  This can either be the All Day Vape you’ve been craving for, or A Real Nightmare.

Good luck. You’re going to need it.

I’ve got this one at 18mg in a house blend.

First Impressions

This juice has a very dark brown color and smells minty fresh in the bottle.

After getting drilled by my haters for saying the previous two Bombies juices I tried were too similar, I was relieved that this one is CLEARLY much different than the previous two I tried, so hopefully that will lessen the intense hate I receive this week 🙂

This juice is actually really quite good. I didn’t think the previous 2 I tried were anything special, and when I smelled that this one was a mint vape, my heart kind of sank at the prospect of having another Bombies dud for the 3rd week in a row, but I have to say I really like this one.

Basically, to me it tastes just like a grasshopper pie. I’ve heard other comparisons with Andes Mint and other after-dinner-mint type treats, but I really think this is an almost spot on grasshopper pie flavor.

On top of that it vapes great and leaves me with a minty fresh taste in my mouth.

The Bottom Line

Taste. The taste of this juice is simply amazing. I think it’s spot-on grasshopper pie. What really sets it apart, to me, is that it has almost a cookie-like chocolate flavor. Not just your typical chocolate mint flavor that I’ve found in quite a few juices.  The mint mixes in well and is very cooling and refreshing. Neither the chocolate nor the mint overpowers the other, keeping the flavor perfectly balanced from start to finish.

True to Description. Well, as much as I like this juice, I can’t say that the description did anything for me in terms of telling me anything about what this juice actually tastes like. So I am neutral on that.

Throat Hit. The throat hit is solid at 18mg. Not the best I’ve had this week but in the upper tier. Satisfying enough that I should have no problem vaping through this bottle.

Quality of Vape. This is a great quality vape all around. The flavor tastes spot on accurate with a grasshopper pie and it stays full and consistent from start to finish. The throat hit is solid and the vapor production is above average. It has a nice refreshing aspect to it from the mint. It’s not a super offensive menthol-like mint, but rather a much more mild and smooth mint that actually helps accent the flavor nicely.

Overall. All around I really like this juice a lot, and I suspect I may even grow to like it more the longer I vape it. I’ve had a number of chocolate mint flavored juices and while I can’t think of any I’ve ever had that I didn’t like, I am pretty sure this is the new standard by which other chocolate mint juices will be judged. This is a very solid juice, well worth a try if you aren’t afraid of a little mint.


Check it out here:

Bombies: A Real Nightmare Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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