Mt. Baker Vapor: Thug Juice Review


It’s finally time for me to review possibly one of the most popular ejuices of all time, Thug Juice by Mt. Baker Vapor. Here’s what they say about it:

Try this blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish. Thug Juice is a deliciously balanced cool and fruity vape.

I’ve got this one at 12mg in a 65/35 PG/VG blend.

First Impressions

This juice is electric pink and smells of melon and menthol in the bottle.

I first had a bottle of this juice over a year ago and while I’m not much of a menthol vaper, I quite enjoyed it and a lot of my friends did as well.  This is probably one of the most popular if not the most popular menthol ejuice vape there is right now.

It’s a strong menthol – you get quite a dose of it on both the front and back end. Menthol aside, I also get a quite strong watermelon flavor mixed with other light fruity berry flavor. Overall it’s a very nice vape that is surprisingly complex and performs well even at 12mg.

The Bottom Line

Taste. For me, there is a little more menthol flavor than I normally can tolerate. If you were a menthol smoker and vape mostly menthol vapes, you will probably have no problem with it, but if you don’t vape that much menthol you might find it a little strong. The watermelon is by far the strongest flavor in the vape and it comes through very nicely and mixes well with the milder berry undertones. All around the flavor is very full and stays consistent across the board.

True to Description. They pretty much nailed this one. It is totally as-described.

Throat Hit. Often with MBV in the past I have found their throat hit to be a little below average, so I was quite pleased to find that even at 12mg this juice packs a hell of a kick. I would have absolutely no problem getting it again in this same configuration.

Quality of Vape. Let’s face it, this is one of the most popular juices in existence for a reason – it tastes good, and it vapes good. It’s as simple as that. The flavor is as-described and it is quite full, burns well and stays consistent from start to finish. You want strong menthol? You got it with this vape. In addition it has an excellent throat hit even at lower nic levels and still manages to pump out nice thick clouds.

Overall. This is one of those juices that pretty much everyone should probably try at least once. It’s got a little something for everyone. Even if you’re like me and not a big menthol fan, you will probably appreciate this juice on some level.


Check it out here:

Mt. Baker Vapor: Thug Juice Review
True to Description
Throat Hit
Quality of Vape

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