POM Black Wide Bore Drip Tips: $2 Shipped


Here we’ve got the POM wide bore black drip tips for a staggering price of only $2 with free shipping. These are the same tips that come with the CATs RDA. Not only are these short and wide bore for optimal use with drippers, the black POM material should prevent the atomizer from overheating. Plus, with the huge influx of black mods and atomizers lately, you need a few nice quality black drip tips in your stash.

Click here to buy for $2 with free international shipping.

2 comments on “POM Black Wide Bore Drip Tips: $2 Shipped

  1. Kurt says:

    Just a heads up on the potential hazard of POM, here is the MSDS data sheet on it.


    • Paul says:

      Do the people in Korea know about this?! Well, as long as you don’t heat it up, put a flame anywhere near it, have your nose anywhere near it when its’ warm/hot, I just don’t see a problem. On the other hand, this tip should be jerked off the line immediately, and sent back to where it came from. Formaldehyde has been banned in this country for a number of years (when it is contained within another product), and for a good reason. Particle board made using it has been banned, as formaldehyde leaches into the air. As we all know, it’s great for frogs, bugs, calf’s hearts, cancer riddled eyeballs, smokers lungs (mine would work), let’s see…(no pun intended), livers…

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