V7 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review


Today we’re going to take a look at the atomizer I have been using the absolute hell out of for the last month or two. It’s simple, it looks cool, it doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but it works like a dream – and of course, the price is right.

The V7 that I have was actually discontinued, however they actually came out with a newer model that is even cheaper and has better screws, so my old-school one isn’t nearly as cool as this new one.

What I DIDN’T like about the V7

There are really only 3 things I don’t care for on this model.

First, it uses the shitty hex screws – luckily the model with the hex screws is no longer in production, and the new model has regular old phillips screws.

Second, I have had a difficult time finding a drip tip to fit perfectly on this pice. If you know me, you’ll know that I vastly prefer short, wide-bore drip tips – particularly for RDAs, and a lot of them are actually a tad bit too wide to sit flush on this little guy. What I finally settled on was the Vicious Ant Chaplain clone – which are super cheap, look nice, sit flush and have a perfect bore for dripping through.  These tips are great all-around, so I definitely recommend picking up a couple to keep in your reserves.

Third, there is no drip well. The atty deck is totally flat, so you really don’t want to put a ton of juice in at once, however if you have a good setup and a nice wick, you can still get quite a few hits off of one dripping session.

What I DID like about the V7

First and foremost, I love the design of this piece. It really has quite a bit of embellishment for such a small piece. It reminds me a lot of a Hornet RDA, which costs significantly more and looks VERY similar. Not exactly the same, but in the ballpark.

Staying with the look and feel topic, probably the most important thing to me about this piece is it fits PERFECTLY on a Vaporshark DNA30. I mean perfect. I have quite a few smaller size drippers that I really like, but this is the best match I have found so far by a mile.

The airhole is a little bit higher on this piece than the YK1-KTS – another mini dripper I really like using on the Vaporshark. The problem I was always having with the YK1-KTS was juice would leak out of the airhole fairly easily, which actually resulted in me ruining my Vaporshark DNA20. With the V7 I have had almost no leakage out of the airhole ever, so I believe the positioning is spot on.

The holes in the posts are big enough to fit wider gauge and twisted kanthal through, making it SUPER easy to do just about any kind of build.

The small size means the chamber is naturally quite small, which I feel really helps this piece produce some of the best flavor I have gotten out of any atomizer. This is one of my primary atomizers right now that I use for tasting and evaluating juices.

The top cap fits on very securely. While I mentioned above that there isn’t a juice well, it is at least a nice consolation that the top cap has stayed quite secure on this thing after many weeks of use. I have had basically no leakage problems with this device ever.

Who is it good for?

This is really a great atty if you are into flavor. I think the flavor I get out of this device is some of the best I have gotten from anything. I really prefer small size RDAs for optimal flavor, and this is the best mini I have come across so far.

It helps, of course, if you have a device that this thing will look cool on. On a standard 22mm mech, it might look a little strange. I personally love it on the Vaporshark. I could also see it looking really nice on an MVP.

Where to buy?

Since you can’t get my actual version anymore because it was discontinued, you can now click here to buy the upgraded version for $4.50 with better screws.

Do I use it?

I use this thing constantly. Largely because my Vaporshark is one of my favorite devices for taking on the go, and it just so happens that this little fella is a perfect companion for the shark. Beyond that, I really prefer it for tasting juices, and most of the juices you have seen me review in the last 6-8 weeks have been run through this thing at one point or another.

My ideal setup

When I first started getting heavily into twisted kanthal, I twisted up a batch of 32ga kanthal I had lying around, and whipped up a basic .6 ohm microcoil. That coil has remained on this device the entire time I have been using it and it still looks clean, beautiful and works flawlessly. Sometimes simple is the way to go, and it has worked beautifully with this setup. Here’s a picture of my deck with the same exact coil I have been using almost 2 months:


The Bottom Line

Quality. The overall quality of this piece is really excellent. The cap is made of stainless and it has taken a beating and still looks amazing. The posts are made of chromed brass, which some people don’t prefer, but I don’t personally mind and I haven’t seen any issues with the chrome chipping off or anything like that, so as far as I’m concerned this is a great buy for the money.

Performance. Don’t let the small size fool you – this thing is truly a beast. The only mod I made to this was to bore out the airhole to 1/16th. Really, I didn’t have to do much work because the stock hole was already very close to 1/16 so I just had to run the drill through it to smooth it out. I have been using much more airy setups lately, but this particular device seems to hit like a champion at 1/16 and still produces a beautiful cloud.

Ease of Use. Normally I would go off on the shitty hex screws but luckily that isn’t a problem anymore. Additionally the holes in the posts seem to be really well sized and I had no problem getting a twisted kanthal coil in here. Now if you go any bigger than 28 gauge twisted, it might not fit quite as easy but 28 should give you a pretty solid setup on this device so you might want to save your more crazy builds for a bigger atty anyway.

Appearance. A lot of the mini drippers out there, while functional, really aren’t that great looking. I really think this one is particularly sharp. The staggered bands of stainless steel look nice and actually to me make it look more well built. It has a lot more character than basically any other atty I have used in this size range. Additionally, it is a perfect match for a Vaporshark, which can be a tricky device to pair well.

Price. One of my favorite things about this piece is the crazy low price. At $4.50, this is a really solid piece of stainless that costs just a little more than the junky replacement coil heads you need for an evod or Aspire Nautilus, and while they might give you a couple weeks, this piece will probably last you years. For the overall quality of the piece, this might well be the best atomizer you can get for under $5.

Overall. I couldn’t be more happy with the V7. I use it all the time, it looks great and it hasn’t aged a bit. It has been my go-to piece for tasting juice – an important task for me, and I don’t see myself giving up on this one anytime soon. I spent a long time using my YK1-KTS for tasting, and within a day or two of using this I haven’t given it a second thought.

If you need a smaller sized atty, or want to try a small atty for getting better flavor, this is about as good as it gets for under $5.

Once again, you can get it here for $4.50 shipped.

Highly Recommended.

V7 Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer Review
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